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Bay Area Wig Shop

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As some of you know I've been struggling with wigs, what style, quality, caps etc. I think I mentioned this particular wig shop in other posts but thought I'd help out others that live in or around the California Bay Area by making a dedicated thread.

My wife has bought a couple hair pieces and I've now bought a couple wigs from a shop in Campbell (San Jose Area) called Wig 'N Out. It's a professional wig shop, not one of those stores that carries wigs, they do nothing but wigs. The owner is a lovely woman that used to be a nurse that worked with Cancer patients and decided to help in another way.

To date, the only people tat know of my trans status (outside online) is my wife, therapist and the owner of this shop (kinda hard to keep that a secret when purchasing wigs hehehe). She was wonderful about it and my wife actually sat there having a great conversation with her which we all enjoyed.

I also wrote a yelp review (http://www.yelp.com/biz/wig-n-out-campbell-2)

She carries both human-hair and synthetic wigs and also recommends a particular hair stylist that works with men/women/trans to trim and style. The wig I already had doesn't require styling or trimming but the wig on order will require some work. My wife spoke to the stylist about this during her appt and while he stated that no one would care if I sat there in the general area having my hair 'done', they do have a small private room that can be reserved if the client is self conscious, which sadly, I still am, in public.

In any case, I recommend this shop to anyone that wants a wig.

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    • SaraAW
      I have also heard, anecdotally, that it can help move people further through the Tanner breast development stages and result in a more fuller and rounded breast. Science is very limited on trans applications right now. Lots of trans woman I come across swear by it. As Mary said, something to discuss with your endo.
    • SaraAW
      I understand your feelings towards your birthday. I share similar sentiments with mine. I turned 40 last month, I didn't really mark the day other than to take mental note that this is the last birthday that goes by in hiding. I took the day off work to lay in bedroom, listen to music and wait for the day to pass. I am already looking forward to celebrate my next birthday as myself. I hope you can start celebrating your birthdays as yourself. Hugs!
    • Jackie C.
      No, you're right. I was on Finesteride in the beginning, but we swapped it out because of my... liver or maybe kidney numbers after about four months.   Hugs!
    • Susan R
      I too suffered from the denial defense far too many times.  For me, it was much quicker and easier and didn’t seem to disrupt the current facade I was living at the time.  On occasion, I wonder if my life would be in a better place if I had not used that defense at different points in time. I go back and forth on whether life would’ve been better or not but it’s all in the past. We do the best we can. Reflection on these things is expected but don’t beat yourself up. The good news is that you’re finally looking at it straight on and doing the best you can to move forward.   Susan R🌷
    • SaraAW
      Jackie, I think you are of thinking of Spironolactone (Spiro), which is a diuretic, I do not believe Finasteride has diuretic properties. 
    • Courtney
      I haven't liked my birthday for several years now (so it's not just because we're in the middle of a global pandemic), but yesterday was especially rough.  A quick recap for those who haven't read my intro. post, I've been living invisibly for the past 13 years and became visible to my spouse 8 years ago.  She is extremely unaccepting of me being transgender.    But I digress, she decided to take the day off of work yesterday, even though she knows that I didn't want to recognize or acknowledge the day in any form or fashion.   I got sick yesterday from a weekend cookout, so that didn't help my mood.  During some of my complaining about an unwanted social media post that she made earlier in the day I said to her, "you know I hate my birthday."  At that point she got completely into my personal space (which isn't something you do to someone feeling under the weather) and asked, "why do you hate your birthday? I want more..."     That got me thinking.  She should know why, but then this is just her denial surfacing again.  If I really told her why I hate my birthday, would she accept it and respect my wishes.  Probably not...  The answer is, I hate my birthday because right now it recognizes someone who I am not.  It doesn't celebrate my authentic being.  When I become visible to my beloved family and friends who support and accept me for who I am, then I will look forward to my birthday every year.  Until then, mum's the word.   Thanks for listening, Courtney
    • SaraAW
      Hi Alayna, beautiful name. I thought my family would initial reject me, they surprised the heck out of me and are fully accepting. I too have not come out at work. I work in safety & security for a private company and while I think my employer and most of my colleagues would be accepting, I worry what it could do to my ability for employment outside of my current company. I now permanently work from home, instead of our corporate offices, so it has bought me quite a bit of time before I need to come out to them. I wish you the best of luck in your journey and hope you don't have to wait too much longer.
    • gender-dysphoric
      @Tori M and @Chrysalis thanks! i've definitely been feeling better even since yesterday though when i started to realize that i really have very few of the same experiences of detransitioners and that i don't need to have all the answers—honetsly, now i'm happy enough with my transition for the moment, so i'll let myself live a little more.
    • Jackie C.
      It's also a water pill. I don't really MISS being on it, but I lost twenty pounds of water weight while I was on it. I do miss being 178 pounds. 😋   Also, I don't miss the extra "up to pee" moments in the dead of night.   Hugs!
    • Astrid
      That's Finasteride.  My doctor made the same recommendation    Hugs,   Astrid 
    • MaryMary
      It's something to discuss with your endo. Mine said that sometimes (probably rarely?) it increase libido a little when you are a transgender woman post op. So, I took it for a couple of months but in my opinion it did nothing noticeable. I'm always in the clan of people who like to take the less medications  possible so I no longer take it.
    • Tessa
      I will soon start working at my retail job. I’m already Tessa at my bank job. I told my retail manager I also want to be Tessa. Now I’m out at both jobs plus my apt complex managers know. I got a hair cut more shaped like a girls. The man who did my hair cut now knows to. I hate wearing shorts because of my skinny hairless legs. I shave them but very little hair grows anyway. I have been brave wearing my mini skirts in my car and on my patio. Why is being authentic so important? Why can’t I just not worry and let people think what they want. If I was in my dream world I would wear mini skirts and dresses and all woman’s apparel all the time. Doing my nails was huge for me!    Tessa
    • ElizabethStar
      Thank you Willow. It’s sad but very true. I love it. 💕
    • Erikka
      I am on Estradiol Valerate and Spironolactone. Is there any advantage to also taking progesterone
    • Dinaki
      Follow me   Amanda Lear was born with a name Alain and became a muse of Salvador Dali. She was a very good friend of April Ashley until Ashley came out to the world before her surgery. Amanda then decided to go separe ways with April afraid that she may tell the press that her friend had some dirty laundry.   Even today, Amanda Lear refuses to tell the world that she had a sex change in Casablanca and that she was born as Alain.   Here it is little about Amanda Lear always hiding herself behind her finger.
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