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Guest bobbiw

Suggestions on Makeup Routine

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Guest bobbiw

Hi All,

My name is Bobbi and I am a mostly closeted cross dresser. I have been a closet CD for many years now, however, during the past few years, I have built a collection of clothes, wigs and makeup. I am trying to become more passable on those few occasions when I can go out, but I need to get better at doing my makeup.

I have a heavy beard and have tried a number of concealers and techniques for cover all with limited success. I've tried both Glamoflage by Hard Candy, Kamaflage soft pecan with red or orange lipstick and most recently Mehron orange beard cover with setting powder. None of which have consistently given me the result I want.

My current routine, which is the best so far, is to start by shaving using a multi blade razor first with, then against the grain of my beard. Next I use a foundation primer followed by sponge stippling either the Kamaflage or Mehron followed by a heavy cover of a setting powder pressed on by sponge with the excess brushed off. After the setting powder, I apply highlights and contour before applying my foundation, which is either Maybelline Age Rewind or Mehron. After I blend the foundation to get as even a skin tone as I can, I spray my face and neck with setting spray. Once the setting spray has dried, I use a tinted finishing powder all over my face and neck.

I don't always get the beard coverage I'm looking for and often get caking on the upper lip, chin and cheek areas. In hopes of getting better coverage and no caking, I have been doing some reading of reviews for full coverage foundations and have read good things about Clinique Beyond Perfect foundation and concealer, Dermablend Liquid Camo, Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover and MAC Full Coverage foundation. All of these are expensive, but I would be willing to invest in a more expensive foundation if I could be sure of a better result.

I'm not sure if my problem is my application technique, the products I am using or a combination of both. I would appreciate any advice on foundation product lines, the products in my routine and my application technique. I know what works for you may not work for me, but I feel like the more information and opinions I get, the better I can become at doing my makeup in order to achieve becoming more passable.



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In my pre-hormone and pre-white/gray beard days I used the Derma Blend Crème foundation which was good for 18 hours of wear. Get it from an actual store though. Ulta, which is VERY Trans* friendly (as in employees too) carries it, and the sales assistant will help you get the right shade of it. Word of cautious wisdom though, even with it on YOU will see the beard shadow, NOT SO for others. I also hit the area with a coral blush even with the Derma Blend. I still use the stuff even though for me, there are days I do not wear make-up. A couple of female friends point out that natal women my age have more noticeable face hair than I do!! LOL>

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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

Back in my pre-everything days, my makeup routine rivaled that of Tammy Faye Bakker (who looked like she wore a lot of caked on makeup) and after a few hours, I would get noticeable lines in creases like between my eyebrows and around my mouth.

With that in mind, here's what I did:

shave really really good.

spray an oil-controlling spray all over the face

put covergirl liquid concealer over the beard/mustache area

next apply covergirl liquid foundation on the entire face

next apply maybelline powder foundation on the entire face

(told you it was a lot, lol)


a light dusting of loose translucent powder over my face with a big fluffy brush (note: not pressed powder)



setting spray or hairspray if I ran out

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Guest bobbiw

Vicky & Lizzie,

Thank you both for your replies. I found them very helpful. I did not realize others might not see my beard shadow, even if I can and the Tammy Faye comment helped lighten this very frustrating subject for me.



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Guest Lizzie McTrucker

Vicky & Lizzie,

Thank you both for your replies. I found them very helpful. I did not realize others might not see my beard shadow, even if I can and the Tammy Faye comment helped lighten this very frustrating subject for me.

We are our own worst critic and of course we're going to notice our own beard shadow because we know where to look and we're going to be looking at it for any even slightly visible spots. Following my old makeup routine mentioned above, I just kept piling on product after product until I couldn't even see my beard shadow. I'm very thankful for finally doing laser so I didn't have to use as much makeup (and thus my makeup routine now only takes about a quarter of time compared to what it used to)

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Thank you all for discussing this! It is my greatest weakness,.....make up,.....and I am too scared to go to a make up counter like so many girls do! I read everything that I can find on make up, and then practice! These practical discussions, mentioning specific products, is so great! Thanks again!

Bobbi Elizabeth

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    • BrandenLeon
      i just got my packer in the mail today and i put it on with my binder. and this feeling i am feeling right now is amazing. i am starting to cry form it. it feels like i am safe.   when i was young i always knew there was something missing in my life, but i never knew what it was. i always felt empty on the inside form it. and now i know what was missing form me so long ago. i am crying with how happy i am form this feeling i have found now. it feel so good. i feel so happy right now i can't even explain it.
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      My eyes look so old. I’ve got to do something about that. I have to get a cucumber. 
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      Yay Josie! Looking good! 🤗
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      Hi, due to my weight and being overly hairy at the moment in all the wrong places I suffer regularly from Jock itch during the summer months. (I feel like I am permanently on creams for it) I am just wondering if there is any practical underwear that is for everyday use out there that helps avoid this issue. 😳😳😳
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      Pardon the stubble and no makeup but I was so excited to put this outfit on that I had to share the picture. It’s really doing a lot to boost my confidence about going full time in the future. Maybe not in outfits like this all the time but I like most of what I see in the mirror. 
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      Wise words! I feel like im finding who I truly am finally! Ill start trying to use more masculine clothing maybe and see how it feels probably... Letting my masculine side free!   It's strange to look back and see my denial of my feelings 
    • SugarMagnolia
      That's really good! It definitely makes an emotional connection with me. Well done ❤️
    • SugarMagnolia
      What great updates, Michelle. Thank you for sharing! It's always good to take those scary first steps and have them turn out well ❤️

    • Jani
      This is great.  I love the imagery of the Ravens and Butterflies.   Your choice of colors are beautiful.  Jani
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    • Jani
      Yes we all have our unique stories yet we are very similar.  No aliens here!   You can be the person you wish to be.  Life isn't always easy, even for cis people, so jump in and be you, be happy.    Jani
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      You are certainly not alone.  There are many of us that have similar experiences and we are happy.  You can be too.  Be you!
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      I've been checking the forums lately - it's interesting how many of us have different experiences ! And how others feel like this, I always thought I was an alien! I identified with a lot of stories here and it's nice knowing I'm not alone in this I have some thinking to do yet but being like this forever feels like hell Thanks y'all for the kind answers! Kudos! 😄
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      Hello Kylara and welcome!  Thank you for sharing.  You are correct that you can go as far as you wish and be comfortable with your choice.  Bravo for you.  It sounds like you and your wife have a great life.  See you around!     Jani
    • Jani
      This is exciting!  I got simple stainless studs as well when I got mine done.  I still wear them when I go to electrolysis or work in my shop.  Brings back fond memories!     Hugs, Jani
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