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Guest Sable Dove



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  1. 1. What do you want to wear to the beach/pool this summer?

    • One-piece
    • Board Shorts
    • Bikini
    • Shortshorts
    • Monokini
    • Thong
    • Other (please post what)

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Changed my mind on this TOPIC


hee hee

In a closed pool, in the dark, at night, no full moon - only me and my 61 year ole naked androgynous body!

LOL - Haven't done that since the 70's in San Diego. :)

Black's Beach perhaps? My wife (before we got married) and I used to swim naked by that huge pile of lined up rocks on Ocean Beach. But not during the daytime.

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Guest erica970

I would like to go out in a one piece with a skirt as well, but we will see...need to loose a few pounds before this happens...lol

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Guest jeri1973

I just bought my first swimsuit the other day and I can't wait to get to the lake and or beach real soon. I bought a halter tankini top with swim skirt. I really like the way it looks on me and covers what shouldn't be seen at this time. As I continue to loose weight I'm going to move toward the Bikini and I hope that is by the end of this summer.

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Guest amanda_s

Lol love the topic for me have to wait alitle wouldn't know what would work best have a blue one peice looks ok but like the look of a tankini but not sure if it would work. and love swin naked watch out for the fish

wish i have found this site earlyer just a nice place to go


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Guest amanda_s

For Elizabeth i forgot about ten years ago in ontario,canada women can go topless so its if you want to swin half way this is the place to be.


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Guest Janice Lynn

I can't make this up.

We live in Oregon and although the coast is close to us the ocean and

weather are less than inviting, but we vacationed in Mexico for a couple

of weeks every year.

One year just after New Year's Day I was coming up empty on what to buy

my wife for her birthday. After shopping the mall I stumbled into the ladies

section of a really nice department store and was drawn to a rack of ladies

swimsuits for 75% off. No joke.

My wife has always been a little sensitive about her tummy so after going

thru the rack I found an absolutely beautiful one piece, a bright cheerful

floral pattern that reminded me of our vacations in Hawaii. I bought it for

her and she loved it, except we haven't been back to those sunny beaches

of Hawaii or Mexico since, so she just stuffed it in the back of a drawer.

We still don't do the beach, but I can't tell you what a thrill it was to have

her give me the very same swimsuit I had given her for her birthday for our

private time together in our spa. I forgot to mention that it was a skirted

one piece, so when I slipped into it (a perfect fit) the skirt helped create an

image of having more hips and buttocks than I actually own. I loved it!!!

My wife used to complain that we went thru all the time and expense to

get a spa and put a gazebo around it that overlooks the the valley and

then didn't use it enough.

Now we are good for a nice glass of wine in the spa after a long day almost


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      Mine were painful for about eighteen months. Three years on hrt I can still function and have no pain at all. The fact you are in pain for a few days after is a red flag for me. Also, I have never read that estrogen or progesterone drops T levels. I'm so sorry you're experiencing this but I think you need to do some serious research. Best of luck....
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      I'm almost embarrassed to report that my favorite trucks have been Toyota Tacoma pickups - I've owned two, both white! Although I did own a 67' Chevy Carryall once that was a gas guzzler but lots of fun to drive.  I bought it from a school system and it was school-bus yellow I'm surrounded by farmers who all have the latest pickups. I envy them all!   Gwen
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      That's great news Gwen   Tracy
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      Good luck Amanda.   I had a friend for many years. As I changed he became very touchy and, particuarly,  toward the middle of last year, very trans and homo phobic. I think it was his other friends. He had worried about how other people would react with him from the very beginning (in fact has always been concerned at anything which could taint him as unusual). To me it seems like insecurety, but the break came when his other friends started winding him up, saying that we were an item. He finally snapped and lost his temper ridiculing the clothes I wore.   At that point I decided I had had enough and could not put up with the abuse any longer. I walked and have heard nothing from him since.   Tracy
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      The little cars I have had had would be almost invisible next to these   I did like the look of a Dodge some time back, but totally impractical for me. Even the garage is too small for anything other than a car.   Lovely photo Charlize x  
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      i just got a chevy 3500  6.5 diesel. I some times randomly bring cars home, opps lol  Least now i can tow them.
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      https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/01/15/dozens-transgender-volunteers-seek-join-military-since-jan-1/1030185001/   Carolyn Marie
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      It's always wonderful when things go better than expected. Happy for you   ~ ZD/Rikki ~
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      My current truck is a 14 Chevy Silverado crewcab 4wd that I love. Many adventures ahead!
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      Great news. It's nice to have things turn out better than you expected. 
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