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Bathroom Horrors oh my!

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Carolyn Marie

That's very cute, Marcie. Thanks for sharing that.

Carolyn Marie

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Guest LesleyAnne

Very Good!

And one more thing to worry about more than transphobia.......no paper towels to pull the bathroom door handle after you've washed your hands! eww!

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Brings back a few memories :D - the most irritating to me being the tedium of checking from stall to stall until finding one that has not run out of paper!

Thank you Marcie :)


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This thread is a bit old, but I just happened to open it and watch the video. Yes, very funny. I can certainly relate to the toilet paper issue (or absence, thereof :)), an issue which has become more greatly paramount to my life.

While I don't care to dwell on things past, the video and the thread title elicited a past memory. True story....

I had just arrived at work and the ladies room was closed for cleaning. I had to go really, really bad...'twas a great emergency , so I ran into the men's restroom, and into the first stall. [Going in wasn't really that big of a deal, after all I've been going into men's rooms most of my life. Plus myi outfit was a trench coat over my usual work dress (Eddie Bauer slacks & a tailored button-front top). I lowered all the necessary garments and sat down to an unpleasantly damp experience. Reflexively, I cried out in my shock, "Who left the d*****d seat up!" Immediately, after my outcry, I remembered my location. Fortunately for my state of embarrassment, at that moment I was the sole occupant of the men's room.

BUT....The really funny part is when I came out of the restroom. A very agitated Hispanic housekeeper, who obviously spoke little to no English, was practically jumping up and down scolding me with the words, "Mujeres! Mujeres!", while gesticulating furiously at the Ladies room that she had just finished cleaning. [i assume the belted trench-coat and long blonde hair persuaded her that I had lost my way. :blush:]

Anyway, I I apologized, "Perdoneme senora, que era una emergencia.", and quickly took an elevator up to my office.

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      Hi,   I went for a makeover day and photoshoot recently. Is it okay if I share some photos from it and get your opinions on some things?
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      I just feel like i am crazy... i keep doubting myself constently. I think i am trans, but everyone says no.  Maybe i am just confused and lost in a sea of raw emotions.  I keep feeling like i am trans, but i dont honestly know anymore. Maybe i am just confused myself, or just delusional.   Maybe i should just stop and expect me beginning so uncomfortable in my own skin.    Sorry for the vent. I just feel like it the only place i can express myself, i guess.   Thanks for reading. Sorry for the vent.  
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      Thanks Vicky,  I know I have a long way to go, just started this a few weeks ago. I am just so damn happy that it came together as well as it did. Far from perfect, but that’s just me. It’s amazing the amount of relief and happiness I’m feeling right now. And the wife seems to approve so that helps. 😁😁😁
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      Hi! and Welcome!
    • VickySGV
      A word of hope and dread, I began my Transition 20 years ago as a CD, which lasted 12 years, and FULL TIME with all the the work 8 years ago, and I am still not finished.  Don't worry about it though, you are living your truth and that is the most important.  A happy, friendly attitude with people will more than offset any little defects we have, but that is the same for all our life. 
    • JustineM
      For the first time I actually put everything together. From the gaff and false boobies 😁 to all the makeup. I’ve got to be honest I saw  my body profile and almost cried. Still need more practice with the makeup but it wasn’t to bad for my first attempt. Also need to grow my hair more or get a wig. 
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      Hello and welcome.
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      Gooseberries grow best up north.  In fact, a bush won't grow berries, if it there wasn't at least one hard freeze over the winter time.
    • Ellora
      Ive never heard of Gooseberries, I must try them now.
    • Ellora
      Eeeek, Nettle in the nethers! No bueno!   One thing men and women have in common, is they both have need to squat then #2 is involved. 
    • Ellora
      We have heat, and a wide variation. all within a 20min drive. =). In the winter, you can play at the beach, drive 20-30 mins inland and play in the snow =).
    • Ellora
      Eeeek! too hot! AC all the way! 
    • Ellora
      Ace of Base did a cover of Bananarama's song "Cruel Summer." in 1998. The Original song from Bananarama came out in 1984, which dates me back to 18yrs old when it was in the "Karate Kid." Lots of nostalgia for me .
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      That sounds so perfect I bet you could make a lot of nice desserts with all the fresh fruit!
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