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I have been on T for roughly 7 months and I feel like my voice hasnt changed at all! Ultimately I know that it has, but I still feel like its VERY feminine. To other people I always pass as male when speaking over the phone or in person, but when I hear myself it sounds the same as it did pre t. Does anyone else have this issue? I think its all in my head but it still sucks! How do you cope with this? 

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As been noted many times the sound we make isn't the most important facet of our voice.  It's in how we say what we say.  Male and female inflection points and cadence are so different.   If you are passing on the phone, you must be fine because it is so hard since the other party has no other clues to our gender.  Remember the old proverb "fish discover (or see) water last".   We also are the last to see the changes in our lives because of the intimate relationship we have with self image.  I think I sound the same in my head but I know its different because my voice passes well.  

How to cope?  Stay focused when speaking, keep practicing, and don't get stressed. 


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Sentence building and inflection are much more important. For me,  learning female voiced was helped greatly by reading out loud. Also listening to myself through my phone headset at work.

If I were trying to learn male voice, I might listen to the million YouTube videos of guys fixing their vehicles and then try reading a shop manual out loud. Male voiced is a series of problem solving statements, Sentences ended with finality. Female sentences end much more open ended stimulating more conversation.

But what do I know, I'm just a girl! Giggle. Hug. JodyAnn

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Resonance and intonation/cadence (and yes, word choice, but I find that factors in less when I'm gendering somebody) are something trans men don't usually work on and it makes a MASSIVE difference in how masculine their voice sounds.

For resonance, try talking with a more open throat. Even very low pitches spoken with a constricted throat will sound high and thin. I went for years thinking I was a mezzo-soprano until I learned to sing properly and loosen up--turns out I'm a contralto with a wicked Morrissey impression.

Intonation/cadence/etc are harder and you'll likely need someone to guide you with that. There's a voice practice group on Second Life for trans people and they're FTM inclusive.

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I have been on T 7 months also and it sounds the same to me. I know it has changed because when I speak not everyone changes their mind on me being male. I did record myself pre-t but have not rerecorded myself to compare. I have noticed that it harder to be loud when speaking. I don't think I could actually yell or scream, though I didn't really do that pre-T.

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I've been on T for a little over a year now and have found that my voice continued to fluctuate from higher pitched to lower until just recently.  I now am gendered male every time I'm on the phone with someone and I'm gendered male out in the world more often than not as soon as I speak.  Tone, flexion, and resonance are definitely important to learn.  One thing I discovered is to always speak like you are not exited about anything...ever, as a way of practicing.  Eventually you can allow excitement in your voice about something, but it is very different from a female reaction.  It is still lower, slower, and non-nonchalant. Men do speak less in general, but I find that it is primarily because they have less to say.  In other words, express what you feel and think as the person you've always been, but try to always be mindful of your maleness. 

Tip: Watch documentaries with male narrators.  You will be listening to the best spoken males.  Neil degrasse Tyson, Morgan Freeman, David Attenborough, are but a few well known narrators.

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