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Being trans and mormon in 2017

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This board has seen slower times, but not many, so let's keep it alive!

About me: I'm an active mormon, I have several callings in my ward, my wife and I were married in the temple and have kids, but...I'm transgender.

It took me years to discover and realize I was trans--for a long time I just thought I was weird, then thought I was just a crossdresser, but looking back all those times I knew I was lying to myself.  I didn't want to be trans because I didn't want that to be me.  I didn't even know being transgender was an option until about age 15 when a friend of mine pointed out a woman and said "see that chick! she used to teach at our school--when she used to be a man. Now she's a woman!" I feigned disgust with my group of friends but deep down, something clicked inside me as I saw the possibility.

Even on my mission, I daydreamed of what it would have been like to report to the MTC in girl mode and be a "sister" for the duration of my calling.  I thought I could make this go away but it never did for all 2 years of my mission, and never has in all 10 years of my marriage.

So what do I do now? I don't know.  I'd love to know what others are doing who don't want to leave the church but don't want to live as their assigned at birth gender anymore.

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Hi Katie

Welcome :)

I presume from what you say that you have been around for a while without joining in so you will know people are friendly here.

Personally I have  no experience of the mormon faith and very little of the likely situation you are in, but I know there are others here who have far more knowledge, so will leave things to them. I know things do depend a lot on your local situation though as things vary a lot state by state and even locally.

You also do not mention your family situation. Are they aware to any degree? This can make a lot of difference.

Anyway, it is nice to meet you. Please join in and ask questions as you feel. You will soon get a feel of things!

Tracy x


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15 minutes ago, tracy_j said:

Are they aware to any degree?

I have talked with my wife about this a few times but she is very anti to the whole crossdressing/transgender thing, so I don't expect to get a lot of support from her if I ever were to take any aspect of being a girl out of the closet.

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Guest April63

Hi Katie,

I'd love to be of more help, but unfortunately our experiences are quite a bit different. I was raised Mormon, and I loved it. Like you, I was active and temple-going, but I was never quite a missionary. I always struggled with my gender identity and Mormonism's expectations for me. Finally, for reasons completely unrelated to my gender, I stopped believing. 

That was a rough trip. In a lot of ways, it was like the end of a serious relationship. I mean, it was. My relationship with the organization that I loved and had around me since I was a child was suddenly over. However, this allowed me to explore my gender, identity, and future in ways I couldn't before. So now, it's been almost two years since I started hormones. I live full-time as a woman, and most people would never expect that I was born male (at least that's what they say). 

Let me know if there's anyway I can help.

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      See I am not ready for this. But I did it anyways. And now here it is. And what now?! I went outside of my ok circle. 🤢🤮
    • Kirsten
      Ok so I don’t know if this is good or bad but I just came clean with one of my friends. He was not prepared. Neither was I. But there it was. Vomit. All over the place. I couldn’t help it. He is a very close friend and one that I hoped would last thru this journey. But his wife and my wife are friends. Good friends. And now I may have crossed lines. Not intentionally. Ugh. Didn’t think that till just now. What did I do. Ugh. Well I was happy like 10 minutes ago. This stinks. It’s so hard to think of my wife right now. Should’ve like an hour ago. I suck.  You know I thought about erasing this like every second I bet till I post it. But gees this was stupid. I may be beyond excited about this but my love isn’t. And I just threw her under the bus. Omg. I suck. Well at least I know I suck. This took 2 hours to write too. 😔
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      So this was about 9 years ago now. I used the tri top binder from underworks (no idea if that is still one they sell) and I used another pullover one from another site I can't recall the name of a couple years later. I liked both. I'm non binary (though I was FTM back then though). It felt correct to be flat. I actually may even buy a new binder soon.    Have you read up on safety precautions with binders?    ~Rikki
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      Kayden is a nice name.   ~Rikki
    • RikkiWilson
      You have to do what's best for you ultimately. My suggestion would be to bring up the topic of trans people without having the focus be on you to test the waters. To see what her thoughts are on trans people. Depending on her response, then talk to her about your own personal feelings about trying to figure out what your own gender is. It can take a long time to figure everything out if you're not able to explore. So I hope things go well for you.    ~Rikki 
    • VickySGV
      Better to be an influence, than "under the influence" to be sure.  Both are good choices because of their work in the public eye.  
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      Welcome to Trans Pulse Hendrix   ~Rikki
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      Hello Gwen. Welcome to Trans Pulse.    ~Rikki
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      I realized that I hadn't posted in here yet. I'm Gwen, a 21 year old Trans-female from NY. I am not very good at introductions.
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      Welcome to Trans Pulse, Hendrix.  It's nice to meet you.  I like collecting rocks (and fossils) when I can, too.  Please look around the forums, ask questions, comment in threads, and have fun!   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
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