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Hi everyone

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Hi everyone. I'm Kerri. My husband cane out to me a week ago as MtF and I'm having some trouble getting used to things.


The first 2 days I sobbed uncontrollably. I felt hurt and betrayed. 

A day or two after he came out to me, I felt more confident that I could deal with the situation. I stopped crying for the most part  (I still get emotional now and then) and I even gave him a bra that no longer fits me properly.

But, I understand that he needs to go through this process to find out who he truly is inside. It's the not knowing the end result that scares me the most. What I do know is, I will do anything and everything I can to make this easier on the both of us.


Thank you for reading and I'm hoping to interact with you all soon. It's nice to know that I'm not alone.  

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Hi Kerri. Welcome :) . You are not alone!

It is good that you are here as you can learn a lot about how your partner may be feeling, and the possible course of life.

It is good that you trying to understand things. Together you can move forward with minimal upset. Things can be tricky but things can and often do workout as many here can testify. Try not to worry about end results.

Please don't be afraid to ask anything you are unsure of, and join in as you feel. As you begin to understand it is likely many of your fears will diminish.

Tracy x

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*waves* Hi Kerry. Hope you join us in some of the conversations.

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Hi Kerri! Welcome to Laura's! As Tracy said, questions are welcome. 

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Cindy Truheart

Hi Kerri! Welcome to Laura's!

My wife also cried a lot when I first came out to her. She went to the store and bought me bras and pink pajamas so that I could be comfortable at home. That meant a lot to me! It showed me that she accepted me, that she still loved me, and that we had a chance to stay together! We had twelve years of marriage when I 'popped my cap' as I like to call it. We are going on eight months now after I came out to her.

I won't say that it's for everyone, but it is possible to stay together if that is what you both want, it's just really difficult! No matter what, we are here to talk and to give support or advice.

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I was debating if I should comment here or not... but decided what the heck....  Kat, I am so extremely proud of you for being here and reaching out for support. It means the world to me that you are trying, and I love you with all the madness in my soul.

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Hi Kerri! It's good to meet you! :)

I came out to my wife 7 months ago. It was up and down for her at first. We kept the communication going and things went well. We had our ups and downs over my desire to transition, but neither of us wanted our marriage to end. It still comes up now and then, and she'll come to me if she has any worries.

The first thing she did was buy me a set of forms a couple of days after I told her. That meant so much, telling me she still loved me, wanted to help me through all the changes, and most importantly she wasn't running away. Since then, she's bought me clothes, pajamas and some shoes. She gives me makeup tips now and then, and just yesterday I went to her for advice on whether or not a scarf would work with the outfit I picked out for work. Hell, when I told her about a bad experience I had trying to use the women's restroom, the next time I went she stopped what she was doing and came along to have my back. But having said all that, she will still occasionally slip on my name and pronouns. Sometimes she catches it and corrects herself right away, other times she doesn't. Either way, I don't mind. I know my transition is a huge change for her as well and she's there for me.

She's been supportive of my transition, as I suspect you are for your wife. There will be ups and downs on both sides while your wife discovers who she is and you adjust to her transition. But as long as you two keep the communication going, I'm sure both of you will pull through and become stronger.

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    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/21/us/transgender-ban-military.html   The Defense Secretary might as well tell Trump to forget it, because the ban will never go into effect.  Count on it.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2017/11/21/564817975/health-care-system-fails-many-transgender-americans   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
        Wow, that sounds so much like what I went through, Clara Bell.  I, too, thought maybe I was just pretending, and my GT talked to me a lot about it.  Please do be honest with your therapist about how you feel, and they will help you work through it, if they are any good at all.   Your therapist should let you do most of the talking, hon.  Be sure they have some experience with trans issues, and have some resources at hand to help you if and when you need them, such as endos and trans-friendly service providers such as electrologist and surgeons.   Carolyn Marie
    • Charlize
      My therapist offered me a place where i could open up and explain feelings, actions, fears and eventually hopes without being judged.  From my experience the doubts you feel are not unusual.  I know i had them and despite years of being out as myself i still can get hit by doubts on occasion.  It's rare now but perhaps can be felt by many of us.  Finding a level of comfort was certainly helped by my therapist but as much as anything that was because i was as honest and open as possible for the first time in my life.  It was certainly emotional, filled with elation and sadness.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Rowan
      Make sure you tell your therapist about these doubts and thoughts of being a "pretender". That's exactly what they are there for. To help you understand yourself, and those thoughts. I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for my therapist.
    • Jani423
      Well, they should mention Gender or Transgender in their list of services provided.  Marcie is spot on with her assessment.  Mine guided me on my journey.   Jani
    • MarcieMarie12
      My criteria: One that helps you figure things out for yourself and not one that tells you what you are.
    • Clara Bell
      Extraction of the internal, see what comes out. I do have a sense of "ridiculousness" about seeing a GT, as if this couldn't be my reality, and I am going to laugh or frown at that time I saw a Gender therapist. There is this fear that I am a pretender that is just trying to avoid something, though if that is true and it could be revealed, well then good. What is to remember is that I am doing the best I can at learning, weighing doubts, and accepting myself no matter what lies ahead. I dont have anybody to talk to about this stuff(an old thought, if i talk about it, it becomes real, so i must not talk about it), so it is good this forum exists, and that I have a therapist now(hopefully a competent one). It gets emotional, and i dont understand why, i dont understand the elation, and the sadness. Does anybody have ways of qualifying a potential Gender Therapist?
    • JBfox
       So I know for myself separating at 7 1/2 years, that yes some VA centers provide some basic care and treatment. But for those who made the long stretch to 20+ I was under the impression ya'll get Tricare still correct? I'm not sure how the VA's basic services are compared to still remaining on Tricare. As for current service treatment, still Tricare but obviously on post, I've not stopped receiving care up to this point. The army still continues to refine, but March is still slated to be the termination for surgeries covered, but I don't believe that affects HRT or BHH. Assuming Tricare's on post and retirement plans or similar perhaps expect something along those lines? But of course your best bet is to probably start calling and asking about it now.   ~Sara J  
    • Jani423
      Erin, welcome and back to your point.  The VA will treat you regardless.  You can ask for a referral to therapist and even obtain hormones after normal protocols are done, just like in civilian life.     What branch of service? Jani
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