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His Story

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His Story


By Bob




I’d defeated my demons

Alcohol and abuse

I could live again

There was no excuse



My life was back on track

Everything looked good

Family and work

Were shaping up as they should



And then it started

At first I just dreamed

In them I wasn’t me

I was a woman it seemed



Confusing and disturbing

I have to admit

But much less so

Than the nightmares I’d quit



The dreams continued

Increasing in frequency

Disturbing enough

That I kept them in secrecy



Then gradually when awake

Thoughts and feelings would arrive

Recognizably female

As though my sanity to deprive



I spent much time pondering

Trying to make sense

But always seemed to arrive

At an impenetrable fence



I was a man wasn’t I?

That was plain to see

So why did I feel

Like a woman inside of me?



The memories of the abuse

Hadn’t surfaced til I was ready

But I hadn’t expected this

I felt anything but steady



The more I explored these feelings

And let them into the light

The more they made sense

And somehow felt right


Could it be

Was it even possible

To be a female in a man’s body

The thought seemed irresponsible



But these thoughts and feelings

Wouldn’t go away

They kept coming back

And started to stay



There were a lot of things

That this could explain

Occurrences and feelings

That had caused me much pain



I talked with my spouse

And professionals too

All the while

Her presence grew



I knew she was real

Before the specialist confirmed

Though it was nice

To have my sanity affirmed



I gave her her name

And knew she agreed

It’s symbolic of honor and victory

Towards which she’ll proceed



But I stand in her way

No, that’s not right

Because she is me

It’s an internal fight



I’d fought my whole life

For relationships and success

To throw it all away now

Would cause such a mess



I have responsibilities and duties

To children and wife

To walk away now

Would cut like a knife



I love my wife

And owe her so much

She’s always been there

When I needed a crutch



But the woman inside me

I cannot deny

To try to suppress her

Would be to live a lie

When I can be her

I am complete, whole

The missing piece is filled

That’s lacking from my life’s role



I know who I am

And I am her

I walk a knife edge

While decisions I defer



Any actions must wait

For reasons untold

Til future events

Have time to unfold



Then the time will come

For a decision I dread

I’m fearful of that day

To unsure to look ahead



I can become completely her

walking away from my old life

Though that path

Would cost much grief and strife



I can go back to just him

Putting her back to sleep

Though I doubt that would work

She is in me much too deep



Or I can compromise

Walking the edge of a knife

And keep going on

Leading a double life



Two delicate hearts

I hold in my hands

Not sure I can save both

From conflicting demands



One needs the woman

The other the man

Should I be selfish

Or surrender who I am



I am lost, adrift

Knowing only for sure

Though in pain and alone

That I am her

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Beautiful.  It brought back the quandary so many of us face when we need to be true to ourselves but feel selfish because it might hurt the ones we love.





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    • MaryMary
      I remember when I was a teenager the first years when I felt more intense dysphoria. I was starting my puberty (the wrong one). It felt like a mix of panic and depression. It was like a cloud that was setting in on top of my emotions and feelings. Without really realizing it I went from being relatively happy, listening to pop music and all that to being a trainwreck and just unable to deploy any effort on any projects and listening to very very dark music, suicidal etc etc lol I also remember when my voice changed because I remember the trauma and the panic. In fact I reacted so strongly that my voice didn't actually deepened. Later, doctors said it was because of stress...   Then as an adult, before my coming out it was like a general numbness and felt like I was turned off (like a computer that is turned off). I like the expression "crushing depression" that someone used, that's pretty much it.   Now I relatively don't have a lot but when I feel it it's no longer general numbness and depression. It's more like a knife stab, that sudden feeling you have the first second when you learn a really bad news.   Anyway, that's my way of describing    
    • Susan R
      I can relate to this exact feeling although I never smoked, I have seen the affects on others.  After purging my entire wardrobe, the powerful feeling of ‘accomplishment’ would eventually wear off.  Then, during this state of suppression, the dysphoria would start to kick in, often triggered by singular events...seeing a beautiful woman, seeing a man act chivalrous to a woman, or some similar event. My mind would not relent on those images and the need to dress as myself would increase as it always had. Within a week, I found myself thinking about nothing else but dressing as myself.  Eventually, to calm my mind, I would break down and go shopping.   Acceptance of yourself and who you are seems to be a good way to stop this unproductive, painful and costly cycle...at least this is true in my case.   Susan R🌷
    • Suiraa
      As previously stated, everyone experiences dysphoria differently. I've tried to study mine some to try and understand how it functions. It is like an internal mechanism that is uncomfortable and knows exactly what is causing the discomfort. This discomfort is then translated into impulses that feel very similar to craving something like nicotine (but not quite). One of the things for me is that I will feel discomfort in my body hair and I will have to shave and make myself look pretty. Otherwise I will start to become distracted and irritable. I need to study it way more and I currently consider my understanding of these mental processes to be rather limited.
    • Tori M
      What's all the fuss?  Is that not your natural color?  It's you, girl!  Hottie, gonna have all the guys' heads turnin'.
    • Susan R
      Didn’t disappoint...absolutely love it! Watched the video. Thanks Sally!😃  
    • Carolyn Marie
      Thanks for your inspirational and helpful post, Mary Jane.  We've all had to build armor to one extent or another.  All armor has weak points, and if we learn where those are and how to survive with those weaknesses, we'll become strong enough to survive, like you have.   Carolyn Marie
    • A. Dillon
      Oh yeah, that short on the sides, long on top style, repping the squad!!
    • Mx.Drago
      Great you can felt yourself a new teddy bear with all that. 🐻 Must be so stress relieving, if not breezy.
    • Just Lee
      Personally, I think the style and color strongly emphasize your eyes and forehead, giving a more youthful appearance. Can we see this blonde with makeup for the full picture? 
    • Just Lee
      Way to go!!! You did it!
    • Susan R
      I think you look good as a blonde. Show us this same look with your everyday makeup on and I think almost everyone would agree that it’s a very nice look. I want to also mention...to me, it looks just slightly more natural too. Maybe that has more to do with the way it shapes your face.🙂   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • Mx.Drago
      It's very nice and suits you well.👍
    • RachelQ
      I think that human beings, families, communities, etc. (probably since our beginning) are comfortable with “sameness”. Being trans or anything else that breaks that sameness (small and large) can cause fear in our family members but also, of course, with people outside our families – and sadly that can lead to hurtful things said and done by them. I wish too that people were more accepting and kind.
    • Susan R
      Congrats on the haircut and incoming binder.  I hope you tipped the hairdresser well😉.  There’s enough hair there to make yourself a sweater. You probably dropped a few pounds too.   My Best, Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      I’m not one for sugary things but right now that sounds so good. Tell me it was as good as it sounds.  Seriously though, I’m happy you were able to have family over on your birthday...people who care enough to do things for you and affirm you like they did!   Save me some cake, Susan R🌷
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