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Cindy Truheart

Is this self harm?

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Cindy Truheart

Late last week I had lost it again for a while. Depression, doubt, anxiety, guilt, you know, that cocktail of bad thoughts and emotions. I have time during the day where nothing much is going on and I can essentially be on autopilot for my job. This frees up my mind to rehash things as well as dwell on the negative aspects of my life. My therapist tried to help me with it, but was more concerned with keeping me on an even keel in regards to not causing my life to implode after I popped my cap. I'm not seeing her anymore because we are about to move, but I do plan to find a new therapist once we are settled in to the new place.

I've been trying to work on it on my own, but sometimes things just go too far and I start to get overwhelmed. If I can't reign myself in, if I can't pull myself out of the downward spiral, I have to physically punch something. I used to think it was an anger thing, and there is anger there, but its more that I'm angry at myself for being this way. I can't just punch something soft or something that won't cause me damage either. I tried that, it doesn't work at all. It has to be something hard like a brick wall, a wooden door, a metal door, or the roof of the car if I'm driving. I usually don't just hit it once either, three or four times is the average and I'm usually putting everything I have into it as well. Afterward, my knuckles and hand are on fire with pain, but I can also think more clearly. It's as if the pain knocks me out of my depression. I'm able to function like normal again, I'm able to smile and things don't seem as bad anymore for some reason. It's like my depression is cut off in that instant and suddenly the sun is shining again. I don't fall back into it, because all I have to do is move my hand, feel that pain, and I'm good again.

As I write this I'm looking at the knuckles of one hand which are black, purple, and yellow. I have scars across the knuckles, the backs of my hands, and up my forearms from the splintered edges of wood, glass, and even metal that I've managed to go through. I can't help but think that this is a kind of self harm thing. I used to cut when I was young, but got found out and told I couldn't do that anymore. I even got weekly inspections from my Dad to make sure I didn't start back up. It was around this time that I started punching and head butting lockers at school. People just thought I was an angry kid so nobody tried to stop me. Maybe I switched one form of self harm for another?

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While not a professional in behavioral health by any means, I do see where this is at least in the ballpark of self harm based on my own experience with drug and alcohol addiction and why we do the garbage that we do.  Your description of what triggers the  punching, and what the pain does for you also mirror my experience with cutter's and other types of SH, and yes, even my former desires for a brief gut wrenching and burning of high percentage alcohol as it went "down the hatch".  The pain from that did get my mind off the stress that had been affecting me on those occasions and "reset my programming".  Please get back in touch with your therapist, or see if there is some type of support group you can get in  touch with to help deal with the stresses behind this. 

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       So I know for myself separating at 7 1/2 years, that yes some VA centers provide some basic care and treatment. But for those who made the long stretch to 20+ I was under the impression ya'll get Tricare still correct? I'm not sure how the VA's basic services are compared to still remaining on Tricare. As for current service treatment, still Tricare but obviously on post, I've not stopped receiving care up to this point. The army still continues to refine, but March is still slated to be the termination for surgeries covered, but I don't believe that affects HRT or BHH. Assuming Tricare's on post and retirement plans or similar perhaps expect something along those lines? But of course your best bet is to probably start calling and asking about it now.   ~Sara J  
    • Jani423
      Erin, welcome and back to your point.  The VA will treat you regardless.  You can ask for a referral to therapist and even obtain hormones after normal protocols are done, just like in civilian life.     What branch of service? Jani
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      It's worth noting that the rules, to which you agreed on signing up, advise against evading the profanity filter.  Offensive terms are not allowed to be used here; that's not censorship, it's common sense.
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      We do have an auto word filter that will change offensive words to something that is less offensive. Looking at it now, I can see that the term, dimwitted, is probably just as offensive as the word it replaced. We'll have to see about fixing that. Please accept our apologies for the stress this has caused you.
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      Lovely picture. I like your new name too!
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      Good morning Everyone!👀   Happy Birthday jalexandre!🎂 Hope your birthday wish comes true!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
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      You are all so wonderful with your kind words. I'm so grateful for the love and family I have here. I don't post all that much, but when I do, you all make me feel so good about myself. Thank you so much! I love you all ❤️❤️❤️
    • SunnyKay
      I think you have to have a intuition about it. It is super personal and other people might not think much of it like some others have said, but it's something you need to be comfortable with I think.  By taking your time and thinking about it, I'm sure you'll make the right choice for yourself!   Hugs,   Sunny Kay
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      Nice pic! You're beautiful!!!
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      I did not write "dimwitted!" in my original post. I wrote that I was *filter evasion*  Are we being auto-censored here? Censoring is not what my military service was about.
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