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Dyshporia... and alone with it

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Hey ho!

Sorry if this topic is already here. Hope it's not that bad or stuff like that.

Yeah the title describes my problem pretty well. I suffer from dysphoria (I hate my breasts so so much) and I feel pretty lonely with it. I know I can talk to my friends but... I don't know... it's just... I don't them to know that I don't feel well right now. I mean... they shouldn't be worried about me, I can deal with it... somehow. But on the other side I know that I can deal with my problems better if I talk to them. Complicated I know. Maybe that's why I writing this here right now... or whatever.

But enough of talking about that sad stuff. Here's my question: how do you deal with dysphoria when you have "a bad day"? Do you talk about it or just go to sleep and try to forget about it? Do you have some tips for a lil person like me or do you think I should do this on my own?


Love and hugs :alien:

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Welcome Elliot :)

I think you should not have to try and forget anything. You should accept and be able to talk about it. You are not on your own!

Here, at least, you can talk about things and share ideas with others. People here are aware of problems and feelings people have. Don't be afraid to talk. If you wish a more direct response please log onto chat.

Everyone is here for each other, and we all have questions and answers.

For one answer to your question - I think about things and try to workout what would have been a better approach to the day, or even dream about living it how I feel I should have. Then, although it is often practical to do so totally, at least work toward it.


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Be thankful for what you were able to do each day, and there is much in each day that was actually done.  Spend the time looking for that. 

We can let our "real self" out even in our less happy clothing in small ways that we notice but others may not.  Maybe it is just seeing how pretty a dress in a store looks and we do not have to hide the fact that we would love to get it from our deepest self.  Imagine how nice it will be to receive flowers some day.  As a male you would grunt and make a noise about how they "smell OK", but to  yourself they smell wonderful and look so pretty and you can smile.  Let your girl self look at the day and let that self tell you happy stories each night. 

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Aw thank you for your kind words. It's so nice to read that, really. It means a lot to me. Thanks to you I feel better now, really I do.

I'll think about what you said and try to look forward. And I'll accept myself as I am, even sometimes it's just me who accept it. But I guess, as long as I do it, someday my closest people will it too :) Again, thank you. It's nice to know that I've a place where I'm not alone. Where I can be just the person I am.


Love and hugs :alien:

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