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Hello All,

I've recently met a wonderful man who I absolutely adore.  We've been on several dates and we talk for hours a day when we're apart. You could say the connection between us is close to being perfect.  He is fully aware and accepts that I am a transgender female, however, he has no prior experience with a pre-op transgender female.  He mentioned that he is committed 100% in making us work…  With all of that said, deep down I’m terrified of intimacy with him.  He said he is open to trying new things, but I have no idea how things will work out with him not having any prior experience.  Emotionally/Mentally and Physically (to a certain extent) have a wonderful connection… 

Has anyone ever been in this situation before?  Am I stressing over nothing?


Thank you,


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From my friends in relationships like that, communicating what you want him to do or not do in intimate settings should work. He will also have to be comfortable, so listen to his needs as well.

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20 minutes ago, MarcieMarie12 said:

From my friends in relationships like that, communicating what you want him to do or not do in intimate settings should work. He will also have to be comfortable, so listen to his needs as well.

Thank you Marcie Marie. 

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Don't overthink intimacy before it starts on a case by case basis.  As @MarcieMarie12 has said, verbal communication is absolutely essential.  First line is to set boundaries, but leave a little room to push them.  As you grow in the relationship and develop trust for one another, you will probably find that even touch in areas you once would not have allowed will become a wonderful part of intimacy.  There will be some boundaries that are set  in stone, but for everyone of those, there is freedom to explore each other in many many other ways.

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    • Hey, it's Alex!
      Thank you all. It really means alot to get actual feedback and advice from people that either are having similar issues or have already gone through something similar. Everyone's advice i very helpful and like I said, it truly means a lot.
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      Yes, this was an uplifting video.   Jani
    • Jani423
        This is something that is most disturbing to me that the GOP would contravene this "contract" we have had for over 200 years.  No good will come of this.     Jani
    • jae bear
      Hi Alex,  I only just got here myself, but the help and love here is amazing... squishy hug, Jae
    • VickySGV
      https://www.today.com/parents/transgender-kids-t123436   This is a wonderful mini series of The Today Show and shows parents dealing with their Trans kids in positive ways.  I several families of Trans children that I have met IRL and would love to meet the parents and children in these vignettes as well.
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      Hey Alex, welcome.  There are lots of good comments here.  Most important, be you.  You will be much happier.   Jani
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      Hi Timber Wolf and Charlize,  Thank you for your hugs, I needed on bad this morning, felt like I woke up under the floor- squishy hugs to you both, Jae   PS;   I honestly hope I can change my name to Jae Bunny some day, this road is so long I can't see where it ends...
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      Funny you should mention that, @Shiratori.  We put Discord through its paces and found that it doesn't have a couple of key features we really need.
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      Thank you Cynthia! The time in between will be spent saving money so I can have more then 2 days off work. The summer on Granville island for buskers should prove quite rewarding and my day job shows no signs of slowing down cash wise. i will just put my trust in the process and kee connecting on this forum and at the AA meetings I attend. i guess the big one will be when I am approved for cosmetic vulvaplasty and whether or not I will be able to go thru with that.  Regardless I have been moving along with the approval requirements of that and regardless it has been most liberating.  cheers Rachel
    • CyndiRae
      The road to surgery is a long and complicated matter, so personal.   I hope your outcome is pleasing Rachel.   Best   Cynthia -
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