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Name & Gender marker change made fairly easy in the Big Red state of TX

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If it can be done in Texas you should be able to find some where in any state?

I just had a friend who had his name & gender marker changed with no surgery, just a completed petition & letter from Dr. stating (she) he had been under her care for 2 yrs. and has trans to male. My Dr. had a standard form she just popped in my info. & gave me 2 copies. I have the petition on paper & have the link to efile.

There is only one county that will do it & it is in judges chambers so not to be called out in court. No attorney needed. Court cost $300.00

I know of several people who have gone through an attorney's & paid thousands, so I feel $300.00 is not bad & the way things are going I want to get this done soon.

Again this is for the Big RED state of Texas, but if it can be done in TX you might find a place in your state it is worth doing a search on.

message me if you would like info & copies.

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Very good.  Thanks for sharing.


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Hhhmmm....Well, that is very interesting.

I wonder if things have changed that much, but right now I kinda have some doubts it.:thinking:.  Used to be, not so many years ago, that it was all up to the judge to whom the petition was submitted.  Some judges would pretty much sign-off on such petitions if all the paperwork was in order, especially when the business was conducted in private chambers (i.e., not in the public court).  Some judges would decry their intention of never approving such a petition, regardless whether the petitioner had grs/srs or not.  [I personally knew of on such petitioner & judge.]

Certainly, an attorney is/was not necessary for  a petition then.  However, it was generally a good idea as their knowledge of judges & their usual operating habits, et. al gave better chance of getting the petition approved.  Also, when any chance of getting a petition approved in a given county was exhausted, an attorney could be helpful in finding attorneys in a county w/ judges known to be more "sympathetic' to the peititioner's case.  [Generally, county residency could be established w/ a few days stay in a hotel/motel (I forget exactly how long...I haven't kept up w/ this stuff.).]

Maybe things have changed. If not success is still the luck of the draw (i.e, to which case the petitioner's case is assigned).   As stated, I haven't kept up.

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Having just done this a couple months ago, it really does depend on the judge (for the gender change, names should have no issue anywhere) Places like San Antonio and Austin are more liberal and also allow lawyers to choose which judge they are going in front of, to ensure a sympathetic judge. Be warned though that Houston is not as friendly.

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My friend who just had this done about a month ago did it in Austin.

He has sent me exactly who to talk to for the right judge. he has helped several people slide right through the process.

He did a 45 min. video on how to fill out the petition & even made up a step by step on who & how to get it done easily & with

out hassle, no lawyer, no surgery.

I can email info. for anyone who would like it.

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