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Shaving legs and razor bumps

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Hello. This is my first ever post. So can anyone give me advice about preventing razor bumps and ingrown hair??

I seem to have less problems when I nair as opposed to shaving but I don't want to spend money on Nair once or twice a week.

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I used Nair the very first time I tried hair removal on my legs. It turned out alright, but I didn't want to do it again...mainly because I wasn't a fan of the price tag...or the odor. :)

I started using a sensitive skin shave gel after the first couple of times using a razor and ended up with razor burn and bumps like crazy. It's helped a lot for me. I'll still get burn and bumps, especially if I go two weeks between shaving instead of one like I usually do, but it isn't as bad as before I used it. :)

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I used to get major problems with ingrowing hairs but I have minimised them well.

I use an electric shaver for my legs so the immediate problems are not present. I have two approaches to ingrown hair and bumbs. I set my shave so it cuts to 0.4 mm (it's minimum) rather than flush with the skin so ingrown hair is minimised. I then use a tea tree and witch hazel foaming wash for wahing. I use the tea tree and witch hazel night treatment gel if I get a problem area.

Here in Uk:


I should add that I don't use this on my face, but it is for the face so should be Ok, and I do moisturise after use.


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Thank you ladies! I will use some of these techniques you've suggested! I have shaved some over the years but I have only recently started to dress and that's making me want to keep up with shaving even more. I hate body hair! 

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Or I guess I should say I hate MY OWN body hair. 

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Hi KatieG,


I have been shaving my body for nearly 20 years now.  I use a woman’s sensitive skin shave gel and Venus razor.  I can’t remember the last time I had an ingrown hair.  I only have skin irritation occasionally in the area where my leg meets my upper body.


I shave every two or three days depending on my activity.  I always use body lotion after I shave.  This seems to be working for me.  Good luck and enjoy the smoothness.





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IMHO, it's a phase you have to get through.  For me at least, I had severe problems when I first started shaving but as I gradually increased my shaving frequency, the problem got less and less.  Today, it's never an issue. I shave my legs once per week and other areas less frequently as needed. I think your skin somehow gets used to it and stops reacting but that's just my theory.

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    • VickySGV
      Friday and Saturday I was involved with helping a Trans Friend who is a somewhat known DJ setting up and running his audio at a Wedding of a Trans Woman to her cis-male partner of several years.    I own a fair amount of audio gear that I am happy to use for parties and get-togethers for our Trans community here in So. Calif. but it is hard work both in the set-up and the strike-down.  The Bride is also a friend of mine so using my stuff for her was a gift.   The wedding was the first Trans involved wedding at the Episcopal Church Cathedral in Los Angeles which is actually a very beautiful site for a wedding, and the cathedral no longer has pews that are bolted to the floor, and has chair seats that can be moved out of the way so that the main part of the church can be used for parties and dinners with just a few shifts of furniture.  I got the audio gear in place in time for the Rehearsal, and my DJ friend only had to go through the entrance march of the bridesmaids and Bride only about six times.  A little different from the normal run of the mill weddings, was that this one was being part of a documentary film about the bride who is a high visibility activist in the Latinx and Afro American Trans communities, and so I was plugging the film crew into my gear, and having to stay out of filming shots (which I am happy to do most of the time).    The next day before the wedding, I had to set up a separate sound system in a garden beside the cathedral and was doing tech work in and outside, thus I had opted for the T-shirt of the Church's LGBT ministry that  I am part of, and my normal black slacks and black work shoes that I wear for any stage work I do.  This made me the only Trans Community member there not in their most feminine (or masculine")  "wedding guest" clothing which was extremely fabulous.  I found myself almost laughing about the contrast I made to many of them, but for what I was doing my clothing was just fine and I did not even WISH I could have been wearing that type of wear.    The bride was beautiful as should be, and had the wonderful support of her mother who was in a very stunning dress herself.  The support for all of them was astounding and it was also a celebration of what being Trans is all about, being who you are in a safe place having just good fun.    
    • VickySGV
      You are both so new to this that my beginning advice here is to take the situation one, day, or less, at a time to see what is on the way.  Sexual orientation does  not as a rule change, and even after surgery (the extreme) your orientation toward women or men is the same as before.  I consider that to be the sexual lust factor, but as to love relations it is only a single feature of the relationship.  Sex is not the ONLY, or even the best ingredient, for life long caring and loving relationships.  It will be quite a ride for a while, and while the things you worry about COULD happen, it is far from a sure thing. 
    • DeeDee
      That's awesome dude, glad it was such a good experience for you  
    • Jani
      Hello Claire and welcome!  The thing I can offer is to be open to discussion and be supportive as you seem to be.  You both are going through changes in life and its nice to have someone to journey with.     Jani 
    • Jani
      Greetings Tayte!  Take some time to read older posts.  You'll see you are not alone in your thoughts.  Ask your questions and we'll do our best to address them.   Cheers, Jani
    • Jani
      Yes stay safe.  This is important.  Protect your job also.  As you become more financial stable you will be able to better deal with the changes you want and afford them.  I know it is difficult since you want to move forward now but you are young and have time on your side.  When you go on T, you will see it is very powerful and changes you desire will come, even if it is a year or so from now.  Have faith.   You can change up your appearance and demeanor without directly coming out to others.  This would be safer for you.    
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Yesterday I had a good support group.  It helped me out alot and also gave me some helpful ideas about my body dysphoria for when I am in the shower.  Then after group a few of us went out to lunch together and it was pretty fun and I enjoyed it.   Then later at night myself and one of my friends went out to C7 a local Trans bar with drag shows.  When I was out with one of my friends, I had a guy offer to buy my drink.  Now I have already ordered my drink and then I had a guy buy it for me.  My friend told me that I am at the point where I cannot do boy mode anymore.  I am at that threshold of I am more female then male and if I would try to go out as male I would probably most likely get looks.  I believe that cause when I went to Home Depot to get some stuff to finish up painting my hallway, I was looking like a male due to my painting clothes and got looks of what am I.  Am I a gay male or am I a butch dike.  So I guess that I am at the androgynous look but leaning more towards the female side now.   Also at C7 when I was watching the show, I was getting into it and dancing and having fun and I had a girl that appeared to be lesbian started dancing with me and holding my hand and playing with my hair and kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear.  It got me thinking on what is my sexuality. I had a guy buy my drink I was dancing with a girl and yet I dont know what my sexuality is.  Right now, it is not a big deal cause I am more focused on my transition than sexuality.  But I guess for now till I figure it out, I guess that I could be Pansexual.   Wanted to share a picture of me at C7 and how much fun I had.
    • Jani
      Matty, reach out to others in your area.  There are groups nearby I'm sure.  Mary's advice is very good.  Also there are good treatments for depression that you may speak to a doctor about.  
    • Jani
      Very nice Aiden! 
    • KymmieL
      Well the thermometer on the back fence (in the sun) shows about 68. Yeah,right. Blues skys and sunshine. Another day lounging around the house. With the stress of my upcoming start on HRT, along with other stresses of transition. I can use this time off work. Just wish it wasn't for a broken finger. OH, well.   Coffee is good this morning. Nice and warming. probably heading to the hobby desk later. See if I can get one entry done for the Model car show we are attending next month.   But not only going for the show. It is in Salina, KS. So also going to see our grand babies. Our almost 4 year old Grandson and Our 6mo old granddaughter.   Kymmie
    • killjoyaiden
      Hey, Claire! Welcome to the forums. The most important thing you can do while your partner is trying to figure out who they are is to just be there for them. You're engaged, and part of your vows is to be there for each other through hard and good times. If they say "Hey, I wanna be referred to by this name" then say okay and do it. If they come to you and ask you if a piece of clothing makes them looks feminine or masculine or androgynous, then tell them. While they're figuring themselves out, the way they want to be referred to as will change. Just be prepared for that and be prepared to make the switch. Overall, support them! They're your partner and that's what you guys are supposed to do for each other!   My messages are ALWAYS open!!   Stay safe and stay alive, Aiden
    • killjoyaiden
      Congrats, Branden. The grass is always greener on the other side  
    • FitToFly801
      So my story and the main reason I'm here is that my boyfriend of little over seven months recently came out and told me he thinks he may be Trans. He hasn't asked me to change his pronouns yet, so for the sake of this post I'll be using mainly masculine pronouns.   I love him a lot. We're long distance, and he makes me happy and pushes me to be my best. I trust him more than I've trusted anyone else. We have things we want to do together in the future and right now I don't see my life without him in it. He isn't sure yet what being Trans means for him. I'm completely on board with whatever he wants to do, because his happiness comes first and I would be glad for him to start loving himself more. But I've seen some frightening stories, which is why I'm here for support.   I've read that with hormone therapy, sometimes, romantic attraction can change. My biggest fear right now is that if he does go through with hormone therapy at some point, his romantic attraction to me could disappear. He may no longer love me. And of course his happiness is way more important- I'd rather him love himself so he can have a full life. He says he still loves me, and that he wants to try this. I also know he doesn't want to put me through this because he doesn't want to hurt me.    I'll be more than happy to call him my girlfriend. But right now my biggest fear is that she won't love me anymore, that she'll find she wants to date guys instead, and I'll have to let her go. I try to hold on to the hope that he's dated me twice as long as anyone else he's been with, though that may not mean much. He's never dated guys, even when he questioned if maybe he was homosexual a few years ago. But that could change anyway. Though it's silly to worry about it right now I suppose.   I want him to be happy. I just wish that happiness can include me, and I feel helpless because it might not. I'm sure we'd be able to stay friends but I really felt like maybe I've found someone I could look for a future with. Still, I want to stay and see if things work out. I'm afraid of getting hurt, but I guess that's the risk you take no matter what relationship you're in, so in a way this is really no different than when we first started dating. And I want to hold on to the hope that maybe the biggest change we'll see is just that she'll be happier and take care of her body better.   Perhaps instead of worrying about the worst case scenario, I should also imagine the best scenario, and in the least I need to enjoy this time we have while we have it.   
    • MaryMary
      hi :D, a first good step is to see a gender therapist.
    • Matty
      thanks guys for supporting me. Accepting all this has changed my life and who i am. I'm still struggling coming to terms with ftm. I know i want to transition. I already have depression issues. I really need support. idk what to do.
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