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HRT requirements

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Sorry, this could fit in several places and I wasn't sure which was best so I just picked here. I"m really confused and looking for advice.

So this is where I am. I see myself as non-binary/trans-masc - essentially, masculine of centre but not fully male (I'm AFAB). In Feb this year, after a very long process of acceptance (years long) I saw a GP at a Trans and Gender Diverse GP Clinic who said I could absolutely access low-dose T, and we could make it flexible - so taper it if/when I started experiencing symptoms I wasn't comfortable with. Great, right? But you can only get T with a psychologist's consent so he referred me to a psychologist who specialises in gender assessments. After three sessions with the psych where gender was discussed for a total maximum of 5 mins, he says I'm not trans (which I never claimed to be) and he's not willing to do a full gender assessment. He said I could go somewhere else and they may approve me for T and it may help, but in his view I'm very dissociative.. which means T may not help. He says to address my dissociation will require therapy for "a long time and maybe a very long time". 

I'm confused because some of what he says makes sense. And I guess I can live with waiting longer for T if necessary - I've made it this long, after all. But I really don't know whether // how much to trust him. He's very expensive. How can I know he's not just stringing it along for his own reasons? (I should say I've googled him and asked all the queer people I know and not heard anything negative about him but.. ?)

Has anyone else been told they're too dissociative for T? 


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I'd get a second opinion and maybe a third.  I'm not saying the guy you talked to doesn't know what he's talking about,  just that he doesn't have to be the end of the line.  Maybe T is right for you, maybe it's not.  It's always a good idea to get another opinion.  You'll know when the therapist you're talking to "gets it" and their council will feel right to you or at least provoke the questions in you that need answers.  Then you'll know you're in the right place.  Keep looking & searching.  Best wishes for your journey.

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You are not the first person here to have run into this problem, and it does apply to both genders.  Dissociation does come in a little more in AFAB to male / masculine situations than in AMAB to female / femme ones and we do have things here on the forums that talk about it.  You say that you spent much more time on things other than actual Gender Dysphoria and it is in those things that you did give the evidence of the psychological phenomena.  Hormones, especially T can be dangerous and could also interfere with dealing with the dissociation issues.  The doctor's first line is to be sure you are not harmed if there could be other roads to the meeting of your real needs. 

I do agree that you may want to find another therapist at least for verification of this doctor's findings and decisions, and this doctor did say others may not share their concerns.  Dissociation does cover a very wide range of things, including issues that I have dealt with long after I was diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria where HRT was appropriate.  Even without the hormones you can still present in the ways you feel most comfortable without the doctor's permission. 

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Thanks for the replies here. I read them at the time but didn't really have anything to say back. The update is that I saw my GP this week and told him what the therapist said and asked what other options I had (thinking maybe another referral even though I didn't know how I would afford it) and he wrote me a script for T :) Pretty damn stoked! I keep grinning for no reason LOL

Now the issue which has driven me back here in an attempt to extract more wisdom, is -what the heck- do I tell my therapist on Tuesday? I could stop seeing him but in spite of all that's happened, I do think he gets some things (MH related, not gender related) and could probably help me with certain things. But is it feasible to keep from him for the next whatever, that I'm on T? He's talking about long term therapy and I feel like T is going to be a pretty big thing in my life for the next little while so I don't know how practical it is to think I can just not tell him. But also on the other hand, I can't just rock up on Tuesday and when he asks how I am, answer (truthfully) that I've had a f-n awesome week because I finally got T after a year of trying. It would feel weird - like I undermined him - and I'm also worried he'll speak to the GP and persuade him to discontinue it. So either way, that's a bad thing. 

I don't know. Any thoughts?

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I'm glad to hear your happy.  This certainly makes for a good week.  

About telling your therapist, I don't know, apparently your doctor feels the T would be of value otherwise they wouldn't have prescribed it.  Not mentioning it to your therapist right away would be an option if it doesn't come up in the conversation.  But eventually you will need to disclose all that's happening in your life as truthfulness is important to get the most of therapy.   As suggested earlier, have you looking into another therapist to get their opinion and to see if you "fit" in better with their counseling philosophy? 


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I would certainly be open and honest with your therapist  The fact that you are so happy is important.  Hopefully he can see how relevant and important gender issues are to you.  At the same time all the other issues we have simply don't disappear post transition so his help may certainly be relevant for other issues.  Being honest about myself with others was one of the biggest gifts of transition.   





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I would echo the advice given above.  It is really important for you to be completely open and honest with your therapist especially regarding the mixed actions/advice of the professionals you saw.  The therapist needs to be made aware of the contradictions.  I hope things work out well for you.

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Thanks all, 

The honesty thing is a good point. I think I'll try to tell him tomorrow. If I can't - because I also don't trust him a whole lot at this point - then I'll drop out and try again with somebody else next year when the funding resets. 

I haven't tried anyone else yet Jani because of the way funding works and how long everything takes. I could see someone else next year but not before then. 

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    • Carolyn Marie
      If this policy is not blocked by the courts, the result will be more trans women murdered and assaulted.  If homeless trans folk cannot find shelter in an appropriate place, they will either live on the street, or seek housing in men's shelters, where they will be preyed upon.  But hey, trans folk are unimportant to this administration, so if more of us die, its no sweat off their backs.     Carolyn Marie  
    • Ellora
      TOns of nostalgia for sure! It’s funny how I can remember back to those days and what I was doing back then, who I was hanging with while I was playing. I started out PvP, but that’s cause the girl I was seeing at the time, played wow, and she is the one that got me to start. I don’t like pvp that much, cause I don’t enjoy getting ganked while I’m questing. It was kinda fun at Wintergrasp, and some battlegrounds. But it sucks questing alone. As for PvE, I don’t mind questing alone, but I do miss the Raids. My guild doesn’t have as many people as we used to, and I haven’t Raided with my old group forever. The new Characters are fun tho. Allied Races are a bit op at times, but I love it. Tell me if you ever start up again! We could quest together, and I could run you though some dungeons. 😊 
    • Alex C
      Hugs K 
    • Alex C
      thanks girls...very interesting observation 
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      Hahah indeed ^ . ^ Cool though! Glad to have started when it came out as I really liked BC...though that could just be nostalgia talking 😄 Had a pretty cool soundtrack though that is for sure.
    • Josie Beth
      What really irritated me in a companion article was that he endorsed people with very slanderous views about lgbtq people. Including the one who compared the community to isis! Really? I’m sorry but I don’t see any lgbtq people driving around in US supplied tanks and armored vehicles going town to town and beheading people for disagreeing with them, or just for kicks. I don’t see any of us strapping bombs to ourselves and blowing up outdoor markets. I don’t see any of us demanding shariah law (well maybe a few odd cases but those are individuals) so it’s not a community platform. Maybe we can be seen as subversive to some who really think that we are a threat to how they choose to live but it’s really a delusion. The only thing I’ve seen at the core of the issue is the desire to be free and those who choose to impede that freedom. I really don’t think isis shares that point of view. To them freedom is one sided. Perhaps these idiots should look in the mirror and see how close they are in ideology to the middle eastern boogie man?
    • VickySGV
      The problem with impeachment is that the Senate is the jury that needs to convict him of the offenses, and we know that with McConnell in there, that will not happen, in fact McConnell can even refuse to have the matter heard there so impeachment will be hollow and ineffective.  Presenting the evidence during the campaign next year will hopefully make even Trumps devotees wake up and at least not vote for him. 
    • Astrid
      As Kirsten mentioned, a name of She will create attention toward you...for a variety of reasons.  Even non-judgmental folks may react with a bit of confusion.  And most folks, I suspect, would require an explanation first that you're using She as a proper name and not just a pronoun, before adjusting thereafter.  In other words, if you have a desire to "stop all the questions," an unusual name like that will not stop them.   Best of luck!   Astrid
    • Jani
      Great news Kirsten!  Did you think you'd be here one year ago???   Jani
    • CharlotteVictoria
      Weights? Like Dumbells and such :o? If so, what size (i have access to i think..they're 10lbs at the moment. Will those suffice?)?? I've done forward lunges before, but i tend to lose my balance and feel a strain in my feet, so i was never sure if i was doing them right, do you have any tips ;^_^? Don't want to get half way down and then go ALL the way down flat on my ass, you know xD? Resistance bands i do have. I have the "Spri" ones that are kinda like...wide and rectangular, do those work? 2 tbsp, got it! Thank you!!!! Ah, i did forget that. I heard about and witnessed the risk of mental instability when it came to hrt...which scares me....a lot...it wouldn't be an over-exaggeration to say i'm petrified of the idea...anything that can be done in that department? Classic saying, that. Which you're very right about xD! ? Off topic: Any idea how to edit posts? wanted to change something in my original one ;^_^...
    • Ellora
      I started around BC too. it isssss really addicting 😝
    • Carolyn Marie
      Welcome to Trans Pulse, hon, and thank you for sharing how you feel and what's going on in your life.  Keeping things inside is never a good thing, and you recognize that, which helps.  Opening up to us here, even if we're all relatively anonymous, is a step in the right direction.  I hope you continue to let us into your life, if even just a little, so we can offer whatever help that we can.  That's what we do around here; offer support, information, and a place to vent.  Anything you need from us, any time of day or night, someone will be here for you.   It gets better, hon.  It does.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Josie Beth
      It’s just another example of politicians bait and switch. And yes there’s too much petty “change things back” politics that have absolutely no bearing on the real issues he ran on. What about balancing the budget? Creating more jobs? Improving the quality of life for all Americans? For someone so persuasive about that it sure seems like he wants to exclude a growing segment of the population from those benefits. Isn’t personal bias supposed to have no place in executive decision? Shouldn’t it be impeachable to lie during campaign speeches or when bringing personal bias into the office of president?
    • Kirsten
      Add weights to your squats, and add in lunges. Forward and backwards. Also adding weights to those will help. Or resistance bands.  Be careful with peanut butter. It may be high in protein, but it’s also very high in fats. It’ll make you chunky before it makes you thick. I go by the rule of 2 tbsp of pb a day max.    I didnt notice anything mentioned about hrt either. That will do a good job of shaping yourself as well but it is all limited due to your genes too. Like the old adage goes.... You get what you get and don’t get upset. Cause it’s better than what you had rite?! 😜
    • Kirsten
      Like your actual first name will be She? That’s very interesting I guess. But it’ll create a lot of questions I’m sure.  I have a friend who changed her name to Mädchen when she transitioned. It means girl in German. We call her Maddie though. Maybe something like that could be an option as well. 
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