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Ok, so I have not actually done anything towards actually transitioning, but today I finally did something I've been itching to for a while...

I fully shaved my legs!!! I now know why woman say it is such a good feeling. The smoothness feels great and it gives me that girly feeling that I'm not able to feel as much as I would like.

P.S. I did it first time without any razor burns or nicks and I can say that I'm proud of myself.

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Good for you, Ariana!

There's nothing like moving past something you've considered taboo to give you a feeling of progress and adventure. May your leg shaving always be nick and burn free! ?


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Arianna, it is great to hear you finally took the leap. I remember my first time and the feeling. Isn't it good to see everything so neat, clean and smooth. The next step will likely be lazer hair removal. 

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Well done Ariana :)

I hope you have no problems with ingrowing hair like I have. There are ways around it so do not hesitate to ask if you do get any issues.

Carry on the good work, and enjoy the lovely feeling (work in some body cream to really feel your soft skin).



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Guest ZombieDracula

I am AFAB and hardly shave but my favorite razor is the Intuition that has built in shaving soap around the blades. It has helped me with not getting any nicks or cuts.

Also - Nice with taking a step forward :) Even something so small can be so big!

- ZD

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