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Guest ZombieDracula

I am non binary (genderqueer I guess is the closest term for my identity but genderfluid also fits, so I just stick with non binary). Lately I have been thinking of surgery which is a complete removal of my reproductive organs and getting closed up (I am AFAB). I do want kids with my boyfriend (we're sure we're going to be together a long time) but after that, I want it all gone. I don't like having the organs and I know I'd feel better without it. But then I don't know how my boyfriend would take it though. I have not yet talked to him about this and I don't plan to just yet because there's lots of other things going on (like me working a fairly new job and such). I just needed a place to put this down and what other greater place than Trans Pulse to do that with people that get it

~ ZD ~

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Your thoughts on this one do fit very well here.  The old adage on this is "Make Haste Slowly!!".  My 3 kids were in their late 30's before my surgery even came around for consideration.  Having children does not make you a better person as I have found out the hard way.  When the time is right, share your needs and goals with your partner, and make it a dialogue along with how you will parent any children you want to have because parenting is difficult and all too many parents do not have a clue on how to do it, but do not understand that.  The result is children literally thrown away by incompetent parents.  Good luck and good planning.

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Hello ZD.  This is something to surely have a deep discussion about with your boyfriend.  Beyond the desire to have children, do you consider yourself asexual?  I ask because of your comment "getting closed up".  Removing the reproductive bits is common from my understanding but I'm not sure about removal or closure of the vaginal canal.  Erogenous bits may or may be not affected.  Something else to think of.  

Also, like with GRS for MtF's your surgeon may require letters recommending you for the surgery.  I found these requirements at an insurance company site, which sound like they mirror WPATH recommendations.  

Requirements for gonadectomy (hysterectomy and oophorectomy):

  1. Two referral letters from qualified mental health professionals, one in a purely evaluative role (see appendix); and
  2. Persistent, well-documented gender dysphoria; and
  3. Capacity to make a fully informed decision and to consent for treatment; and
  4. Age of majority (18 years or older); and
  5. If significant medical or mental health concerns are present, they must be reasonably well controlled.

Sounds like you have a lot to think and talk about, but you do have time.  I wish you well.  


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I am back on site now and just want to state that I'll be replying soon! Sometime in August I tried logging in and my account wasn't  active anymore and when I tried signing up again I never got an email and tonight decided to try logging on with my new phone and it worked. So hello again and I'll post a response within a week. 💙💜 Glad to be back. 



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I am sorry you have had problems. There have been a few adjustments and in the process a few accounts accidently got deleted. It is all sorted now, but has resulted in a few members having to sign in again.


Glad you are back :)




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I'm glad you made it back.  Yes we had an issue, but it's fixed now.  We'd love to hear how life is going,



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It is perfectly reasonable to both put off such changes in order to make your family happen, and to have that surgery once you are done with the usefulness of those organs.


My son (the younger of my 2 kids) was an infant when I figured out my trans stuff, and I feel pretty strongly that part of why the realization came together for me when it did was because I also knew I was done having biological children after my son was born. I timed my medical transition in part to accommodate his needs--I waited until he was over 3 years old to start HRT so that it didn't interfere with lactation. I had no hesitation or regrets about getting top surgery once I was done with that because those parts that were useful to me, though not always comfortable, were no longer useful. 


I haven't had a hysto myself, opting for less invasive uterine ablation to end my periods instead (though thanks to the Mirena IUD I didn't actually have to deal with periods for years before that except for a couple of months while actively trying to get pregnant with my son).


As far as your boyfriend's feelings: when in a committed relationship, family planning decisions are something best made together. That's part of a healthy committed relationship. However, once you are done having children, what you do with your body for your own comfort and well being is none of your boyfriend's business. It's not like he can see your uterus and ovaries! Their presence or absence has exactly zero affect on him. Now, if you're talking about top surgery, or vaginectomy, that can have some effect on intimacy with a partner, so it's important to talk about ahead of time--but it's still your body and ultimately the decision is yours, not his. In my case, my husband was not thrilled about my top surgery, but understood that I had to do what I had to do whether he liked it or not. With plenty of lead time to adjust to the idea, hopefully your boyfriend will come around to the same mindset.

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    • MaryEllen
      Hello Jive, Welcome to TransPulse.   Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It surely is confusing trying to find our transgender identity. It seems the harder we try, the more confusing it becomes. Try to not stress out over it too much. The answers will come eventually.  Seeing a gender therapist is a good step in the right direction. While he or she will not tell you what you are, they will lead you in the direction of self discovery. Good luck.   MaryEllen
    • jae bear
      Hi Jaimie, I’m so sorry, I very much understand, and as much as my wife is wonderful and supports me I really do wish she would yell once in a while, I even told her I wish she would yell at me once in a while, that’s just not how she works... she is also someone who loves to be in control, so that’s a very big similarity. I know exactly how you feel, I hate seeing my wife hurt, and confused without a direct path to resolution, while your wife may be very vocal or loud mine is very quiet, and I really think both options are terrible. I think we both seek the approval of our wives, as I know it’s very important to me I can only imagine it must be important to you, and in both our dreamworlds I’m sure our wives are terribly and wonderfully supportive and willing do all sorts of wonderful girly things for us and with us, but the reality is They don’t know what to do with all of this, and I can only say that time will be the one thing we both need to give our wives.  I will say that at least the conversation didn’t end in something terrible, and as I’ve often seen or heard things can go terribly wrong with admitting who you are to your wife, but the first step is a positive one, she’s not kicked you out and she told you how much she loves you, that is a very important first step even if we wish for something more. The old joke of course... I think Dev put on the jokes Page, goes something like,     my wife accused me of being a cross dresser, so I gathered up her things and left.      I guess I could offer a little bit of encouragement as my wife has started being more supportive as time goes by, she even bought me a Home waxing kit, although I don’t know if that’s to lessen the cost of electrolysis or just to be nice and buy me something that she knows I’m going to need. I actually think it would be quite fun for us to do this for each other, she could Use some and I could use a lot! hugs, Jae
    • Jennylynn
      When I started to consider transition one of my biggest fears was transition in my current company. It is not exactly the most open and friendly environment to undergo transition in. I quietly started looking around for one that has a better culture for its employees and I think I found it!   Just wrapped up my final interview and one of the questions they asked was how will you handle having a transgender woman as one of your direct reports? This question warmed my heart and come to find out I will indeed have just that. The company has very progressive policies around gender and sexuality. Especially when you consider our Midwest location.    I figure that making the switch now then slowly starting my transition at work down the road will be much more comfortable there. The best part is I get to stick with Frontline leadership! I love helping to impact the careers of others and the position is perfect.    Feeling better today than I have in a while!   Hugs!🤗 Jenny
    • Jennylynn
      That's awesome Jae! I'm glad it is going well.    Big Hug! Jenny
    • jive
      Hi all! As the title stated, I am new to this site and the LGBT+ community. I'm a 16-year-old, biological female who is extremely confused. The sole reason I joined here is in an effort to explore and understand my gender identity, because for the past four (or more) years, I have been so confused and somewhat uncomfortable with my expression and identity. I tried not having labels and I've tried androgyny, but it just doesn't fit. I have a therapist who suggested going label-less, but I crave labels. I discovered androgyny and transitioning via the Internet. My psychiatrist explained spectrums and such to me, but I didn't feel like a non-binary individual.   All of this leads up to one thing: masculinity. I am severely confused with masculinity - I've always liked the rougher stuff, and I longed for "boy" toys, like Nerf guns. I was content with what I got, like a doll house, but it wasn't something I played with at all, if ever. I'm not the most masculine-acting person, but I'd like to be. I remember when I was much younger I asked my dad for a masculine-scented deodorant and was so happy when I got it. Multiple times I've had dreams of being a biological male and find myself enjoying it greatly. I also hated dresses, and I was always uncomfortable in them, but my mom is confused because I never "acted" uncomfortable. Right now, I love being called a boy's name, he/him, and presenting male. It has come up really suddenly and out of the blue for most of my family, but I've been questioning for years now. That being said, I still have some serious doubts about this, mostly put into place by my mom.   At the same time that I want to socially be recognized as a male, the aspects of femininity stay with me. I am not quite sure what constitutes as dysphoria, but I often have the overwhelming sense that something very basic in my life is just wrong. I do not expect to see a female body when I look in the mirror, but that is what comes back. I had cut my hair very short even before I rediscovered my gender identity. I'd be okay to have a child at some point in my life. I've also been considering long-term changes, such as HRT and surgery, and I find myself liking the idea for when I'm a legal adult. I'm still attracted to males, but seriously doubt my ability to find someone who may like me in spite of the whole issue of gender identity.   That being said, I'd be really excited to hear from anyone. Advice, stories, or even confirmation that I'm in the right place will go a long way! I'd love feedback, so I'm seeking it out now. I am seeing a gender therapist soon (not sure when), so that's something I'm really excited for. Also, I'd really like help determining what is dysphoria and what isn't... I know the bare bones of it, like being uncomfortable with your biological sex, but I often question whether or not that's something I'm actually experiencing. So if anyone knows how to distinguish that, then I'd love to hear. Thank you so much!
    • jae bear
       I sat down and talked with my Endo today, and she oddly enough happens to be my wife’s Endo chronologist as well so that’s kind of funny. We talked about my goals and what I was trying to achieve and lots of personal things about my wife and myself, I was a little surprised by some of the numbers she was looking at for proper feminization. She was saying she puts patients in the upper 100 range on estradiol, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of estradiol numbers before much beyond 100 but then again she’s a very good endocrinologist and specializes in this field so  I’m certainly not going to second-guess her. She did approve of transdermal patches which is what I’ve been using so that works out pretty well and we should have my last blood test results in tomorrow so she can start setting a schedule for adjusting my estrogen level, for now will I’ll be staying with the Spiro and after my orchi we might have a low-dose of that just for a little blood pressure maintanace, but then again there are other, better less risky blood pressure medications that can be gotten now, so who knows what that will look like in the future. She was duly impressed with my breast tissue growth, I really didn’t think it was very impressive, but she seemed to think it was exceptional considering the dosage and time that I had been on HRT. We talked about top surgery goals but so much needs to be done I can’t imagine thinking seriously about that for well over a year or more maybe even two years before I really decide what things are going to land where... I just need to see what the boob faery is going to bring me first and make decisions later. I doubt however that I’ll manage double D’s on my own it’s not very common, so it probably is realistic to think of the top surgery down the road, I really wanna get my girl body perked up and ready and working out in the real world before I go put some chrome on the front! Hugs, Jae
    • Gwen
      This sounds like a wonderful experience for everyone involved. And the appearance by a trans woman doctor is inspiring on many levels!! One can certainly appreciate the wisdom of introducing this important topic/information early on, so soon-to-be doctors can become familiar with the many aspects of it. If they relied on our current administration, too many facts would be distorted.   I have my own experience with a urologist. I asked him about taking various meds and how they might relate to HRT hormones, and he said, "I don't know anything about that," and then quickly moved on. And he was the head of a specialty clinic!   Thanks for sharing this, Carolyn Marie.   Gwen
    • SugarMagnolia
      Good for you, bird.set.free...and welcome! 

      The benefits of self-acceptance and not having to hide have had a bigger positive impact on my well being than anything else I've done. I hope that you have a similar experience as it's been life changing. Congrats on taking that first step!

    • BrandiBri
      That's great, Carolyn. My primary physician is also my HRT provider. She spoke at a recent PFLAG meeting that I attended. She is very proactive and sensitive to the LGBT community. She speaks to other groups concerning how to best care for us. I was very impressed with her knowledge and compassion. I think I hit the jackpot when it comes to my medical part of transition.
    • BrandiBri
      Welcome to Transpulse, bird.set.free.   Brandi
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