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Cindy Truheart

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Cindy Truheart

I've posted my story several times in other areas of this site, but essentially I'm dealing with repressed memories and such. I've remembered my adopted brother molesting me when I was four years old. But lately I've begun to suspect more that I just haven't remembered yet. (My memory is like swiss cheese, my repression had been so complete before that I literally couldn't remember anything before the age of ten and very little of my life between the ages of ten and sixteen.) I get 'bad touch' feelings whenever my wife tries to get physical with me. I've told her whats going on and she tries to be respectful of that but sometimes she slips. It's difficult for her in many different ways, so I try to be understanding. But I've noticed some things.

First, I can push past those feelings and put them in a box. This usually results in my feeling very bad about myself later and I tend to spiral into a depression so I don't do that anymore. Second, in the moment that she takes things to the physical intimacy level, I find that I can't say anything or stop her at all. She usually catches herself when she realizes I'm not into it. But I can't bring myself to stop it even though it doesn't feel right. Third, my memory repression is probably something that has been going on with me my entire life. I remember telling my mother when I was fifteen about a house down the street and how I remember staying there once because I remember being in my pajamas and someone helping me in the bathroom. My mother denied it, but I've since come to realize that my mother is a Narcissist and I've caught her gaslighting me and others several times. Every time there is an incident with my wife, for some reason I start thinking of that house.

My father was an abusive alcoholic and my parents fought a lot. There were several occasions when my mother packed us kids into the car and dropped us off at someone's house while she went to scour the bars for my father because it was late and he still wasn't home. I'm beginning to wonder if something happened to me in that house. I vaguely remember the people who lived there when I was young, but I remember that my Mom used to be friendly with their mother. I also remember that this was a single mother back in the early 80's with a grown son who was always out partying and an almost grown daughter who did the same. And I remember that I was in that house with only the mother, her son came home briefly and then went back out.

I'm wondering if I've connected the dots right. I'm wondering if I was molested by more people than just my adopted brother. An interesting side note, my sister can't remember her childhood at all and she told me that the first time she had sex there wasn't a hymen to break. So she's repressed her memories just like I did and it's pretty obvious she was molested too.

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I see a lot of me in you, Cindy.  Particularly in your description of putting feelings - and memories - in a box.  For many years, I had a similar box in my brain, and once I stashed something in it, there wasn't a hope of getting it back out.  It sounds to me like you might be ready to confront more of what you don't remember.

If you haven't already, I recommend finding a therapist who's qualified in EMDR therapy.  Though they'd probably cringe to hear it, I like to call EMDR, "hypnosis lite."  You would retain full awareness and control of yourself, but the process makes it far easier to access long-buried memories and deal with them in a safe environment.  It was EMDR that finally got me past my own issues with childhood sexual abuse.

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    • jae bear
       Dang it sorry for the misspelled names girls,  using auto Text, my fingers are too nervous and are not hitting the right keys I’m not thinking quite straight.
    • jae bear
      Hi Bobby and Brandi I’m sorry I’m just a little freaked out I had no intention of spilling everything last night, just kind happened and things here could get little bumpy... I’m pretty sure she’s going to stay I sure hope she doesn’t leave me. I’m so anxious I can hardly sit still keep going through bouts of trembling and worrying I love her so much I don’t know what I could do if she left... I would just beg at her feet I think. hugs, Jae
    • jae bear
      I’ve been telling her how amazing she is since the moment I woke up I think it’s getting on her nerves, I really have to give her some space and a little time and hope things work out right now she’s so quiet it makes me nervous... hugs, Jae
    • BrandiBri
      Jae, I'm so happy for you! You have a wonderful woman who is willing to stand by you and that's really great. Have a great time shopping!   Love, Brandi 
    • bobbisue
           My answer would be a resounding yes and a big hug but this is your decision I am very happy for you I imagine this is a great weight off of you, be sure to tell your little bunny how wonderful she is for standing by you from yourself and from me  ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) to both of you        bobbisue
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      I spend a lot of my time listening to Radio Caroline on the radio now they have their medium wave transmitter. Not quite the pirate radio it once was (they are now legal), but still playing better music than most stations (lots of classic oldies from those days). I listened years ago when they were pirates and BBC was rubbish, with regard to modern music. In general terms they are still more to my taste!   Tracy
    • Cindy Truheart
      I pay the credit card off at the end of every month. The issue isn't that I'm in debt, or she's in debt. The issue is that she kept using the card when we both agreed to stop using it and because I wasn't paying attention and she never does, it didn't get paid for two months. I've almost filed bankruptcy twice and pulled my fat out of the fire both times, I know what I'm doing here, I'm questioning whether or not she does.
    • jae bear
      Thank you Rachel, she asked me to do that this morning, wanted to know if I needed help buying clothes... I think I’m still in bit of shock, I didn’t know how to answer. She’s a medical person so she’s worried about the risks... hugs, Jae
    • Carolyn Marie
      Republicans at the state level are trying to roll back the clock all over the country.  In Georgia, the legislature on Friday passed a law forbidding gays and lesbians to adopt.  They don't want to accept that they've lost the "culture war."  I know of no Federal court that has upheld these noxious laws.. We can only hope that the trend continues.  They are our last line of defense.   Carolyn Marie
    • BrandiBri
      Sound's like it went better than you thought it would! I'm glad that she's not going to leave you. I also sure that it's going to be a bumpy road, but it sound's like you will make it. I imagine that you have a sense of relief now that she knows. I know I did when I came out. Best of luck lady. Many hugs and kisses,   Brandi
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