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chrisian ministers

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This topic really interests me. I am a christian minister. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I don't 

Think any of us are sinning by living the lives we have chosen. I'm not sure that we chose the way we live. I think God chose all of our paths.

Hugs Marti

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Transgender People are some of the most spiritually alive people there are.  Someplace in this forum are some posts I have put in here about major faith moments that I have had over the last six years.  I have several Trans* friends who are ordained clergy in a number of Christian faiths, and I have been accepted in my Christian faith as lay elder and hold a number of posts in my church.  Many Trans* folks are driven from their childhood faiths for being Trans and leave organized Christian Churches all together, but are still spiritually active even if the claim to be secular or even Atheist.  At my Reaffirmation of my Baptismal Vows in my True Name, my priest recommended that our Bishop accept my renewal with a quotation from the Church Father St. Irenaeus who wrote "The greatest Glory to God is the human being fully alive" which says pretty much what a Trans* person is.  

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