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The Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

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Six years ago on the celebration of the Feast Of Saint Francis of Assisi I attended a Sunday Service at my Episcopal Church parish as my TRUE SELF for the first time.  People there knew I was going to transition but I had not said exactly what date it would be.  I was scheduled as <dead name> to read The Intercessions or Prayers Of The People which for some reason I just knew was the right time to do it.  There are two prayers attributed to St. Francis that truly resonate in my spiritual life as a Trans* person.


The first of these is the one that begins "Lord make me an instrument of Your Peace" and goes on to recite a list of things to help and be with other people.  All of them so much more true today than they were in the past as to how I react with other people and with life itself.


 The second prayer that I now see as equally uplifting is the one called The Canticle of The Sun which goes on to list a wide variety natural forces and objects such as the Sun and Moon, the storms, oceans and all of the wide variety of creation that has come about.  St, Francis would not be one reject me or say I was unacceptable, if he could call a wolf his brother, or a bird his sister in creation. 


I have been out since that day six years ago, and have been lucky to have found a spiritual home and I am more alive doing service and befriending others knowing I am my True Self.  I picked a good day it seems.

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That is a beautiful story Vicky. Thank you for sharing.  I don't know that prayer but will search for it.






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Very nice.  You certainly picked the right moment. 



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    • tracy_j
      An interesting read!   One of the sayings I often use, Jani, is that the difference between a man and a women is that they each inherit a different set of problems.   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      It looks very peaceful Jani. I love the colours on the trees as well!   Tracy x  
    • tracy_j
      That's lovely to hear Amy x  
    • Carolyn Marie
      http://outinjersey.net/biden-endorses-transgender-candidate-in-virginia-election-race/   Carolyn Marie
    • SteamGirlEva
      I personally started by being very vocal about my support of LGBT issues. This was during the presidential election and I've been Dem my whole adult life so it wasn't very surprising. I also worked my butt off (literally) losing weight. I prepped my friends by showing them my favorite band, Steam Powered Giraffe, who has a trans female singer. They all reacted with a kind of "that's nice, good for her" attitude so I felt safe telling them. By putting subtle hints into every day life it lets you know how people feel about the topic before you out yourself.
    • SunnyKay
      Hi Arianna!!! I'm glad you introduced yourself! I know what you are going through.....I was such a sullen and broody individual before I finally THREW the curtains OPEN and faced my issues directly. I was a very moody person, and suffered some depression here and there but it turns out it was because I was not living for myself, and I was repressing who I really was. Anyway, fast forward to 38, and this year when I finally looked at myself in the mirror and started making changes. It can be a hard and scary journey though. I have never felt better, happier or more at ease with life than I do now....but the first steps were really scary. I hope only the best for you, Arianna......your doing the right thing! Go GIRL!  Kisses and Hugs,   Sunny Kay
    • Jani423
      Hello Amy.  Things certainly sound like they are heading in the right direction for you.  Your GP sounds great too.   Jani  
    • Jani423
      Glad to hear you're OK.    Jani
    • Jani423
      A very good essay.   Interestingly the comments were not incendiary.  I liked this (partial) reply to one, though it didn't speak to the scouting aspect of the essay.  "While the specifics of moving from male to female and female to male differ, the motivations are essentially the same: they are all about identity, and really have nothing to do with "the grass is greener on the other side." We transsexuals think about this long and hard (because all we hold dear is at-risk), and we realize that when we change, we are gaining the problems of one side whilst losing the problems of the other (and having transgender problems besides!), BUT most of find the new problems worth the joy of being true to ourselves - very very few of us go back."  Hopefully the prior commenter who seemed supporting learned something.     Changing my problems for new ones; thats an action I can understand!   Jani
    • Jani423
      Line up someone to assist you with daily activities like shopping, cleaning and the such for the first week or so afterwards.  You'll be tired and busy with "homework".   Jani 
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