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Hair brushes for thin hair

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I have thin hair and wanted to know which is the best hair brush for this type of hair.  I tend to get fly aways too, even with using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.  I heard that wooden paddle brushes with boars bristle is suppose to be good for this type of hair issue.  What do you suggest?  My hairstylist recommended I get a round brush, she did not say what type.  I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and they gave a round brush with boars bristles.  Have been using it for several months with no good results, I still get fly aways and frizz after blow drying my hair, I have to blow dry my hair, otherwise I end up with very flat and scraggily hair.  I also use a volumizing root mouse.  The only brush that really did work, I ended up having to get rid of it though, due to it being worn out, was a wooden paddle brush, only it had nylon bristles. Any suggestions would be great, I will be going to Sally's this Friday.

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Long hair that is frizzy and fly away is such a pain.  I think it is primarily caused by dryness.  Your hair shafts could just be thin or could get that way from age.  My hair was always full but now its thinner and I have the same issue with the flyaway look.  My hair is colored as I've gone almost all white, so mine is thin from age.  I've recently changed conditioner to a moisturizing one and I only use the hair drier when I have too.  I don't brush it too much either.  I have a nylon bristle (wide apart bristles) that I use when its wet and boar's hair brush for styling.  If you straighten or curl your hair with an iron make sure you put heat protector on first.  This is important.  I use a little argon oil (moroccan) mostly on the ends.  Oddly it seems when I take more time to do a really good job of straightening it I have less fly aways. I figured this after noting that my hair dresser takes way more time than I do and it looks great for a couple days after.  She recently gave me a sample of a product she uses that I'm going to try out.  


I don't think its the brush so much as it is how you care for your hair.  



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I have not tried yet, but my hairdresser suggested that I used a showercap on my head after applying conditioner. She suggested that the heat from my head would help the conditioner being absorbed. I do have thin / flyaway hair.


With brushing I usually try to be careful and not stretch / damage the hair. I think that is more important than any particulatr type of brush.




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    • Arianna96
      Hi! Petra Jane. It truly is a destresser dressing up. I’m currently saving up money to get my own place. It will be such a great change of pace being able to come home after work and dress up. I unfortunately had to move back with my parents. Currently going through a divorce which is rough. We are on good terms but it’s still not easy.    Hello Charlize, it’s very nice to meet you. Having a place to talk with others who have or are going through what I am is truly a blessing. I would love to learn more about you. You seem like a sweet lady.   Hello Jani! It’s very nice to meet you as well. Hopefully we can talk more in the future.   All of you ladies look absolutely beautiful in your pictures! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to reply. I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you! 
    • Jani423
      You might look to Dartmouth-Hitchcock as they do provide transgender health services and they may have contacts or provide support functions.    This link has some data you may find useful, although I cannot vouch for its completeness.  There is a group in White Water Junction also.   http://www.tg-nh.org/resources.html   I travel about an hour when I go to Rochester and quite a bit more when I travel to Portland.  I find them both well worth the effort.  You should certainly think about it.     As you say neither of you are stealth, striking up a conversation with your coworker should be easy.  Initiate the conversation by saying you're looking for [support group/health care/emotional support] or whatever and who he know of any sources?  You don't necessarily need to become best friends but since you have something in common, pooling your resources and knowledge would be of benefit to both of you.     Jani
    • SteamGirlEva
      Thanks Jani.   Unfortunately I live in Grafton county. There is very little up here in terms of anything really. Traveling to even Rochester is about an hour away. . I do work with one other trans person, FTM, but I never know how to start a conversation with him. Neither of us are stealth so everyone knows, but it seems like an awkward thing to bring up. 
    • Jani423
      Having a first appointment with a therapist can be a little stress inducing but I found it to be a wonderful experience where I could unburden my soul without judgement.  Good luck at your meeting.   Jani 
    • Jani423
      Welcome Arianna!     Jani
    • Jani423
      Hello Eva and welcome to TransPulse!   I think there is some variability in services in NH, north to south.  There is a support group that meets in Rochester and if you can travel, in Portland, ME.   Please join in the conversation and ask any questions you may have.   Cheers, Jani 
    • SteamGirlEva
      Hey, I'm Eva, a trans-female from NH. I joined this site since I'm pretty isolated here and there's not many trans folks where I live (that I know of). I started hormones in March and this summer has been the greatest time of my life.    My family consists of my 6 year old son and my girlfriend. We are expecting another child in December. I'm so excited because he (as far as we know) will only ever know me as "Mommy Eva" since my name was legally changed last month.     I work in a deli and write in my spare time. I also spend a good bit of time playing video games and card games (Magic the gathering), as well as a new found love of fashion and makeup.   I hope to make friends here, or at the very least, find people who understand these feelings I have. It's super hard to explain this stuff to a cis person.   Anyway, thanks for letting me join!
    • Charlize
      Welcome Katea.  I was both nervous and excited about my first therapy session.  I found it simply wonderful to finally be able to let so many feelings flow.  Just relax (as much as you can) and be honest.  Please let us know how it goes.  I know i was almost walking on a cloud and couldn't wait until my next appointment.  You might want to take a moment and write a post in the introduction forum so more of us will get to say hi.   Hugs,   Charlize  
    • Charlize
      Welcome Arianna.  Dressing certainly was the highpoint of my life for many years.  During that time all was secret but now we have this wonderful chance to meet and share our experiences with others.  We all have our own paths but here they are all equal. Enjoy........your not alone.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Petra Jane
      Hi Arianna,   Welcome to the forums, oh, I SO know what you mean and how you feel when you get the chance to get dressed, it really is a great feeling and such a de-stresser isn't it?   PJ
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