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The distance between my imagination and Granby

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it's built on imaginativeness, a mortar of my active mess,

The concrete part of my soul, the words of my press

When publish "I love you ". There's a part of that atmosphere

Who laid the fondation of an offbeat foul strange in most spheres.

She express herself, simply remember the words of the parks and the forests

And repeats them gently in prisons bars, like a music in your day.

Like a musician my city play bass for my nostalgia and for the rest


I remember, and the streets over there are Manhattans of memories

Abuses like skyscrappers that uses my spirit everyday

Like traumas that leave marks on each of my merry way

Happy coexists with suicide there and meanders on stories

Like an allay cat that walk on his quarry

I too am a stroller and my life a staircase in disaray


Each block where I go there's a relief

A past in a form of district 

The shadows of that industry mystic

Protect me against thinking i'm not lucky

For my red hair, they flow with the traffic over there

A long overflow of the fire, the core of that body

Transgender and proud of their lobby


It's the brick of my strenght

Arranged together to represent

A form of wing and my feathers

Always leads me somewhere else

On a mad trip, nevertheless

That city always build back itself

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actually about dysphoria and how it loomed large in my life from a very young age, inspired by a post on this forum. It's also a double entendre since it's also about nostalgia and the city where I grew up

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You stated it very well. :)



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    • Jani423
      Hello "Girl inside my head", welcome!  Certainly do dive in and look about, and ask questions.     Do you have a name that you use, that we could call you?  Cheers, Jani  
    • Jani423
      That's what I took it to mean, that they could do more.  I think he was just giving an honest appraisal.  30% in top management is really good and I would think this is a high number for financial businesses overall.      Jani 
    • Carolyn Marie
      That sounds pretty good. I wonder why he said it was a "mixed review," unless its just to say that more work needs to be done.  Thanks, Jani.   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Thank you, Dev, and Happy Thanksgiving to all our American members, and best wishes to all our members from around the world.  I hope that everyone has something to be thankful for.  I am thankful I belong to this wonderful community.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • Thegirlinsidemyhead
      Thank you! I'm excited to learn on my journey to self discovery. 
    • Dev
      Welcome.  Feel free to dive in and ask questions.  We're all here to help!
    • Thegirlinsidemyhead
      New user as of today.    I struggle as a male but I'm a female trapped in a man's body.    I think and act like a girl but in a man's body.    I someday hope to be the real me. 
    • Alessa
      Thank you all so much. I really appreciate your responses!   The consensus seems to be to keep it to myself, and be prepared to document potential harassment, and only then make an issue out of it. I think that is the route I'll take. Phew - that's a load off!   @tracy_j, your experience sounds a lot like my potential situation. I really appreciate you sharing that.   I've read the HR policy on the dress code, and it says not to wear anything casual - to keep it business appropriate, which I think even in the unlikely event I'm brave enough to wear woman's clothing to work, so long as it's business-attire, it technically shouldn't be an issue. I took your advice looking at legal issues, and if I'm understanding it correctly, both my state and the federal law protect against discrimination based on sex which may include pregnancy, gender identity, or orientation as well as biological sex organs.
    • Jani423
      Congratulations Shawnna on your one year anniversary.  I hope all your dreams come true!    Jani
    • Cbxshawn
      Wow, it's been a year on HRT. I have come a long way in a year. If you told me I would still be on cloud 9 back then, I wouldn't have believed you. But here I am and still feeling great. Thank you all for being here and supporting me through this last year. I am looking forward to the things to come.    Hugs    Shawnna 
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