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Nora Kayte

Telling wife about having an orchiectomy

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Nora Kayte

Ya know. I know this all comes down to communication. But it’s so hard to tell my wife anything. And last time I told her I wanted an orchiectomy she flipped. And I mean flipped. Now even though we did revisit the subject at her request and I think she understands that one less pill in my body is benificial, to go back to the subject and basically ask her permission is going to suck. Especially if I am expecting a good reaction and I get a bad one. Or I could just lie and do it on my own and not tell her. It’s not like it will change anything. 

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I can see that this is a bit tricky, as it takes our partners time to catch up with our progress. I do feel though that any big change needs discussing jointly, as far as possible. Keeping secrets breeds distrust, and that is one thing you do not need. Being able to trust someone is one of the major things that, in my opinion, holds people together.


If it were me I would say I was going to have it and why. Give her the opportunity to reply, but not asking permission as such. It may take a little while to get her on your side, but she will at least feel she has some input. You have invested in each other so have joint interest.


Good luck



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My orchiectomy was certainly awkward to discuss with my wife.  I think that is universal. I'm not sure what i can say that can make it easier.  I will say that patience and understanding helps.  My wife didn't sign up for a trans* woman.  That being said it has worked out fine for us and i am certainly healthier and more comfortable in myself post op.  Best of luck with this.  Let us know how it goes.  Your not alone.





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Carolyn Marie

Nora, I agree with Tracy.  Not telling her is a very bad idea.  When I wanted to have mine, I explained all my reasons to my wife, and the one that seemed to resonate most with her was that it was the best alternative to having GCS, which neither of us wanted for me.  It hasn't been a problem since, and the orchi has worked out better than I had hoped.  I hope she will come to understand and accept your decision.


Carolyn Marie

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I have to agree that no paying anything is a bad idea.  Always.  You two seem to have differing communication styles from what I've read in your other posts so I would probably try to understand this from her point of view.  I'm not saying you should not have the procedure or that your wife should be totally on board with it but she should be able to understand and agree why it's important to you.  I think thats what we owe our spouses as part of being in a marriage.  Maybe you could present information about what the outcome will entail, physically, emotionally and with your relationship.  These are most likely all unknowns to her.   We don't always do things our spouses are happy with but we give them the space they need to process the information.  



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It's good you are trying to communicate with your wife about the orchi. In the end, you have to make a decision for yourself, and based on your needs. Its your life to live. It's something she might not really ever come to terms with, but you might have to accept that. Hopefully she will come around though.....


All The Best,

Sunny Kay

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      I agree with Jani here - It is always easier to get another job when you already have one.   Another thing I have noticed in life is that it always seems the predators notice a weakened individual in the herd and gang up on them. This can easily be seen in animals and really shows in the primeval behaviour of groups at times. Something to realise is that not everyone will be party to this and there will be people at work who won't go with any group behaviour. Also some may use the facillities as a matter of course and not to deliberatly obstruct you. To you it will seem that way as, when depressed, we often think the worst.   I have also noticed a trend in the past in which someone is 'flavour of the month'. ie the current person to be subject to group grief! Usually after getting by this period people's main attention diverts to the next unfortunate individual (more primeval behaviour?).   Following the above, the answer is usually to tough it out and be confident. Think logically and try to supress emotion (I know that is difficult). If you can rise above it you will gain friends and better times will come   Thinking of you   Tracy x  
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      Hi April,  I started directly with electrolysis since I had a mix of dark and white.  With rosacea you might not be a good candidate for laser since that does heat up the skin quite a bit leaving it with a look of a good sunburn for a number of days.  It is also considered hair reduction as it may not be permanent.  From what I've read the folks who claim it to be permanent are typically younger with less established growth than us seniors.  Electrolysis is no walk in the park since the hair follicle isn't typically completely killed in one zap.  The weakened follicle produces a thinner and finer hair that is eventually killed off after multiple hits.  I have a 100 hours on the table in two years and I'm looking really good.  I've recently accelerated to multiple hours in my weekly sessions.  I didn't have a strong beard to start with so your results will be dependent upon who thick your hair is.   Some people find they need a pain management regimen to get through a session.  Initially I used lidocaine on my upper lip area along with acetaminophen, but I stopped after a few months when I got use to the sensation of each zap.  It's still a mild form of torture but its tolerable since I want it gone so badly.   I don't recall if you're on HRT, but as the T in your system is reduced the pain does seem to go up so start now if you can.   Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no one promised this would be easy.     Jani   
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      Hi April.  Retirement can be a wonderful time that allows us to do many things we couldn't do or have time for.  I hope your retirement is all you expect of it.  As to relocation, I have considered this for some time.  Now that I'm on E, I find I do not particularly enjoy the cold weather as I once did so I am looking for a warmer climate.  We have a couple years until my wife retires so I have time to research and do some exploratory visits.  I'd like a place with little to no snow, temps > 40 degrees but not beyond the high 90's, good healthcare, a good social environment, in a walkable community.  I have family with homes on the gulf coast of Florida so that may be a consideration.  I've found areas on the West coast that might work although my wife may balk at being too far from the grandkids.   We're also thinking about a condo rather than another single family home.  I am concerned about giving up our great summer weather where we are but I also fear the experience of hurricanes and forest fires found in a number promising locations.  There has to be some great place!  This is a good website to use in your search as they capture a lot of good data points.  https://www.bestplaces.net   Best of luck in your search. Jani   
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      Cindy, I'm glad to hear your cat is doing better.  Thanks for checking in.  As to quitting your job, despite how difficult it is please make sure you have another one before you do.  I don't know how the job market is out there but a new one may not come along quickly.   Best of luck.   Jani
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