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Too Soon Old And Too Late Smart --

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I am nearing 5 years post and for the last three months I have been having a problem with some irritation and rawness in the skin at the upper part of my vulva that has been darn near as uncomfortable as it was in my first couple of months after my surgery. I had had it checked out three weeks ago by my Gynecologist who could not find a reason in either a bacterial or fungus infection nor did it appear to be eczema which I have in other body areas. I wear the plainest white cotton underpants most of the time and they were getting a discharge stain on them which she noticed, but said looked and smelled about normal for a woman my age. My internal moisture levels seemed good and the vaginal lining was in good shape, so the doctor was a puzzled as I was, but she was not the one with the discomfort.


Last Wednesday before U.S. Thanksgiving, I was in good old Wal-Mart and decided to pick up two 6 packs of the underwear I do use. I was in a hurry and thought I had grabbed my usual size, but had some other stuff that I needed with higher priority. On Friday I opened one of the packages and dumped the contents into my washer, as I do with new underwear, and Saturday grabbed one of the laundered new pants, put it on and noticed by the end of the day that I was feeling better down south. Sunday, I put on another pair of them, and things really seemed better and MUCH more comfortable. WOW!!


Yesterday (Monday) morning I ran across the packaging the new underwear came in and I discovered to my surprise that I had bought A SIZE LARGER THAN I HAD BEEN WEARING. Yep, I had put on some weight and the old ones had been causing the problem by being too tight!! I e-mailed my Gyno, and she may stop laughing in an hour or so. SIGH.

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We do live and learn.  The thing is, it's not obvious.  I hope you don't feel too bad for the delay in realizing the answer.

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34 minutes ago, Dev said:

I hope you don't feel too bad for the delay in realizing the answer.


Diet and more exercise time is upon me!!  I am actually laughing about the SOLUTION to the problem, humility is good for me.

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I am going to put this in the tickler file if I gain weight....starting to exercise again and watch what I eat. Because since becoming post op it seems that if I don't do both, I will gain weight.

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In the future hoping to laugh some more after you realise they are round your ankles in the mart after you have lost weight :o :D


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    • Rachel Gia
      I think you are talking about vaginaplasty vs vulvaplasty ie. cosmetic in the latter. Cosmetic has less down time from what I have read and a few less hassles but the hassles are still there. In Canada either surgery is paid for under MSP but I am self employed so I have to come up with the cash to compensate for the time off work. In order to qualify for the surgery I have to be pretty much out but the old rules of living as my chosen sex for 2 years are watered down and only around 1 year I think. As far as the orch it was a matter that I could not bare to wait another year to qualify and another year or so to work my way up the ladder to get the surgery. I also was at the end of my rope with spiro and had I not gone for the orch at the time at spot was suddenly freed I would have been stuck on it for a while. I can still get the cosmetic surgery when I qualify and my transition doctor and I are working on that. Like I said dilating does not appeal to me that much so cosmetic is a nice compromise if I can come up with 10,000 dollars for missed work, make a gold record, and lose the weight I want to lose. I may sound flippant but I am not. Well maybe just a little. I think you made the same choice that most would made which is the whatever it takes`` choice to find peace of mind. Love Rachel Gia  
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.myajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/transgender-mexican-woman-georgia-wins-asylum-after-legal-battle/iHSobGj37ceyZGgKdV6BMN/   Carolyn Marie
    • Tara Byte
      Wow, 6 weeks recovery, I had no idea it could take that long but it is a surgery after all... I never considered it as an option until he mentioned it to me, though he flat out told me that the skin doesn't atrophy and that people don't know what they are saying. If it would postpone my surgery that much longer supposing he would go even further out than 2 months, it really isn't an option for me then.   Full surgery may not be an option for you then, he told me about another woman who wanted the top part but not the bottom part if you know what I mean? He was accessing me I think when he was telling me this, anyways he said it wasn't something he would do and she had to consider other options, like orchi.   I would think that the important thing is that you are happy with your body, and what is right for you is what is important.   Thanks much for the insight, and good luck on your journey!   Tara  
    • Charlize
      Progesterone is certainly not for me.  It is the form of E that is closely linked to heart trouble (clotting being foremost) and studies where it was used with women were stopped due to mortalities.  I hear of Trans folks experimenting or even MD's prescribing it and i just shake my head.  I'm fortunate to even to be able to use E and what i use is in fact a spray but i used a cream at one point.  They are not progesterone!     Hugs,   Charlize
    • Rachel Gia
      After an orchiectomy the groin takes about 6 weeks to recover even though I went to work 4 days after the surgery and played music the following weekend. Seems to me like your groin area will still be recovering when you go back for the rest if it is any less then 6 weeks or 2 months between. BTW I am super happy with just an orchiectomy however I will be in the process of doing what is required to be approved for vulvaplasty (not into dilating) and have that time to decide whether or not to proceed.
    • Tara Byte
      Hiya Marci and Jani,   Thank you both muchly!   Jani,  I'm so glad you mentioned the Spiro!!! In my head i envisioned being off the hormones and hadn't thought about the Spiro at all. Realistically I'm really only going to be off the hormones for a bit, but the blocker will still work...that makes me feel a lot better, had a feeling I was being silly about it! Not worried about dilating, just the idea of doing it in my office was...well, not what I had in mind but I'd rather follow proper and not have any issues, so thank you for mentioning that as well.   So between cost, recovery, and blockers...I'll follow what my heart was telling me and skip it.   Thanks again, super appreciate the response from you both!   Tara  
    • Charlize
      Jani next time you get to Jersey bring a dog crate and take a couple of goats home to do the lawn for you.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jani
      When I lived in Virginia Beach years ago our yards were small and we were required to maintain them.  My neighbor to the right was like me saying, "I'll mow it but I'm not going to encourage it!"     To quote, just highlight the passage you want to quote with your cursor.  A small pop up will ask "Quote Selection?"  Clicking it inserts it in a new dialogue box.     Jani
    • Marci
    • Jani
      Hello Tara and welcome.  As to the name that is one of the current variations.  No one calls it SRS anymore that I am aware of.     My surgeon only required I be off E for two weeks prior and I could stay on Spiro until the day before surgery.  Each one is different in their approaches.  I admit, for me when I looked at myself a couple days afterwards I had a "what did I do" moment, but it was just that, a moment.  I've not had any negative feelings since.  I love my body.  Dilation, each doctor sets their own agenda so just follow the schedule they provide and you'll be fine.   You'll be doing it a lot at first, to the point of this isn't fun!  I didn't have an orchi and the people I know who did chose it over a vaginoplasty.  Having it done a few weeks prior doesn't seem to be cost effective.  It just increases your healing time.     You'll survive going off hormones for a month prior as lots of women do.  Just be aware of the emotional changes that may set in.  Stay calm.      Jani
    • Marci
      Ugh mowing the lawn, whose idea was it to have lawns anyway?
    • Marci
      Forget the Orchi it will be a waste of time and money given that you are having GRS shortly anyway. You won't be overwhelmed or adversely affected by whatever T is present, because in my experience it takes a length of time for the effects of estrogen to be compromised when you're off of it for just a few months. it's not as if we are like balloons and suddenly deflate.
    • Tara Byte
      Hiya,   I have a question regarding orchi before srs. I've met my surgeon (yay!) for srs and recieved my packet, I was a bit surprised that they call it Gender Affirmation Surgery. My surgeon is quite nice and I was really touched by his caring and personable approach to everything, so much so that at the end I started thanking him and started to cry and he was like NO NO NO, save that for after surgery lol!   He spent a lot of time going over everything, as well as the team nurse who prepped me for meeting him, which was really nice, all in all more than 2 hours just to go through my surgical packet. So we have everything all set, I just have to get 2 new letters (WPATH), because I had no idea they expire after 6 months? They follow WPATH to a T. Surgery will likely be the end of September or august, again YAY!   One of the concerns I have is I will be off hormones 30 days before the operation, holy frighting! He explained to me that most of his patients after surgery are sort of not like, HEY HIGH FIVE, we did it! They are more like, not so happy or excited but I would call it being miss cranky pants. I have my miss cranky pants days if I'm having a migraine or hot flash but good grief, 30 days off hormones? I would likely be cranky too....He was pretty funny about it, I really adore him and I've only met him once, he's so excited about the process.   He explained that he could do an orchi first, that way I'm not fighting the T in that 30 days before the operation...I asked if it could be outpatient only and he said yes, however anesthesia would be involved. I was fine with this as long as there would be no downtime. As far as the surgery goes he said we could do 2 weeks out of work since I do zero lifting, and am actually only on-site at work 3 days out of 5, I remote the others. Also he was nonchalant about dilating after the first 2 weeks and when I said I had a private office he threw his hands up and excitedly proclaimed, PERFECT, you're all set, just do it there while you're at work! Okay he was kinda cute the way he was so excited about MY surgery ha! All of that aside, sorry for my long winded writing lol, just think that providing all the details is best, I'll move on to my actual question. Really, my office lol?   I've researched the internet, found plenty of pros and cons, stories, and advice but it's pretty dated material. As far as my surgery goes there is a whole team involved, one will even be operating a robot! So things change, even the very fact I can leave the hospital and go home after 2 days, or 3 tops is amazing in my mind, I'll have a Foley but I'll have to go back on day 11 to have that removed.   My instinct is telling me not to bother with the Orchi, he told my administrative/team leader to go ahead and schedule the Orchi...She is the one responsible for getting all the paperwork right and coordinating everything....I didn't say anything at this point as I have to send the letters in first, no biggie. I'm hoping to get some insight from others who have made the choice to get an orchi before the operation, or decided to go ahead and do it all at once. Since it would be so close to my actual surgery I am thinking I should just put my big girl undies on and deal with the 30 days off hormones, but yeah, that totally frightens me to pieces! Then the other side of my brain is like....oh my gosh, no T right? Right? Would that ever be a dream come true, but again, short time between surgery. Is it really worth the time and effort to do the orchi first? I imagine if it was a year between, I would totally do it!   So I'm hoping to hear from others who may have faced the same choices, or who are facing it as well. I appreciate any insight, I've generally never really reached out for help for myself over the years, but now that I am here, finally...it's amazing how many questions and thoughts are popping into my head!   Thanks muchly!   Tara    
    • jae bear
      I’ve given this a lot of thought, I just don’t think that part of me is going to change, I honestly I don’t want it too as I know precisely what I like and this little lesbian really likes chubby girls. It’s really hard to think straight these days, with all these thoughts whizzing past my brain that I can’t quite grasp and the ones I do want to seem to slip out from under me before I can remember what they were, all the mental acrobatics are starting to make me wonder if things are going to change but I am assuming I can simply control myself. Hugs, Jae
    • jae bear
      Hey Julie, yes that is a great idea! I do you love shopping, but I’m continuing to shrink so it wouldn’t make sense to kit out a full wardrobe at this time, it would not be prudent at this juncture. I have to see which of the two books that I have left I’m going to read next, after I get home from the trans woman support group at the BDF center tonight I’ll pick one and report back. Hugs, Jae
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