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Jesus loves you unless...

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 Sorry for the rant but I just gotta   My wife goes on a web site where you get to message with people from all over the world she has been messaging with a woman who professes to be a christian after having conversed for a few months my wife tells her about her depression and also that I am transgender she replies that my wife should quit her meds and seek Jesus and that she doesn;t believe in transgender and hates all lgbt { I paraphrase ] my wife has ended their messaging but I am furious how can people be like this I dont believe in anything I can't see hear and feel except the invisible man in the sky and when he says love thy neighbor it means hate all who are different

    bobbisue >:(

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It's ok to rant.  That's why we're here.  Yes there are all kinds of people on the inter-webs that spew all kinds of odd philosophies.  That's good that your wife ended this "relationship".  I would not let it bother you.  Focus on you and your wife's happiness.  




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Try not to let it bother you. I know it's not as easy as it sounds. Sadly some people only consider their way to be the only way. The old saying seems to hold true. 

Those that matter don't mind. 

Those that mind don't matter. 

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Thankyou for the support I am trying not to let this bother me I have already sacrificed too many tissues to this I am going to try to get a good nights sleep and hopefully put it past me 



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The first thing I open up when I get back from my Episcopal Church's Diocesan Convention is this, SIGH!!  The combination of "quit your meds" and "I don't believe there are LGBT people" shows up in a few but noisy set of people on these ?Christian? web sites and there is not much that can be done to them other than ignoring them or blocking them.  At the convention, I ended up helping out at display table for our LGBT ministry in our Episcopal Church Diocese (I am infiltrating it in hopes of getting a deeper Trans ministry underway).  Across the aisle from us was a table from a church owned major Hospital which may begin providing space for Gender Confirmation Surgery early or mid 2018, where I know darn well that while they have a Chaplain Squad on call, that even those Chaplains will be helping the medical staff get a depressed patient to take their meds and then pray for thanksgiving that they have a wonderful care team looking out for them helping them feel better.  I had a great conversation with an actual priest who does grief counseling for LGBT people who have lost spouses or family members and she and I talked about my recent experience in one of that type of group where the person was grieving the loss of a younger sister who was transitioning to male.  The group member loved her new brother but missed the "sister" all the same.  My priest friend who is lesbian, caught on to the problem easily and agrees it is something she needs to acknowledge in her work. Not all Xtian claiming folks are alike.

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I'm sorry that happened to you @bobbisue  It's really hard for me not to trash Christians when I hear stories like yours but I have to remind myself that not all Christians are sour like that.  Some, albeit seemingly very few, are actually very understanding.  Don't lose your faith in God because of some bad human examples of Christianity.  I think it's safe to say most of us here have experienced what you just did.  We've felt the hurt and cried those tears.  I hope you're feeling better today.


“With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion.”
―Steven Weinberg

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I, also, am a Christian, and it grieves me so much to see and hear the vitriolic crap that people who claim to be Christian are spewing forth. These people are either blind to the truth, or are ignoring it for thier own ends. Please don't listen to them. 

Love is action, not just words. I do hope you are feeling better!🤗

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 Thank you ladies for your kind replies I am feeling much better now this happened during a very difficult time for me and was quite devastating normally I would ignore such ignorance but I was in no shape emotionally to deal with such hateful trash 



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jae bear

I would love to share an experience I had, it was just a dream, but it made me realize something important. I had a dream last month that I had gotten a "do over" opportunity to be re-inserted back into my teen years (I so wish I really could), but this time I was a girl. I was distressed at first and thought a great deal about God and salvation (heavy duty Lutheran since 1973) and after a bit of reflection it all made sense... I was fine with my new gender, I did not plan to follow the gender rules as given to me, and that was all okay with God, He loved me for just me, not my gender... I don't think your soul has a gender, and I think a close personal relationship with God is very necessary, even if it is hard to find a congregation to fit into. Don't let others who use there faith to judge others, or as a club, to deter you from your faith. Find a scripture based group that accepts you as you are, even if it is small or private... Jesus said he will be there, when even 2 or three are gathered in his name.

squishy hugs,


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So sorry to hear about this Bobbisue. I live in bible-belt central  and am used to these kind of comments. OKC is a diamond in the rough as a centralized place for the LGBT community where there are many churches that fully accept all from our community. We all ban together to protest a church for exclusion, conversion therapy and so on. It has been tough but we are making headway. My point is, this will change and it just takes time. Small baby steps. 



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Daisy Mae

What I find amazing with these Christians who profess to HATE others who are different then who they are and what they believe which from what I read that is the total opposite of what Jesus believed and professed in his teachings and his works. He hung with the prostitutes, tax collectors and he stated, “Cast the first stone....”. 


I consider myself a Christian and believe to be a good person. Hate is such a strong word and something I think Jesus did not believe in. 

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      Thanks so much. I think I really do need to talk to a therapist. I dont believe I have any gender therapists near me. I have to travel a ways. That's okay though. I'm willing to do so if it helps me figure out who I am. I just feel lost. I'm hoping that by going through the threads and talking with people here will also help me.
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      What a pretty kitty. I hope things work for you. 
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      Welcome.  I certainly understand the feeling of the coming and then going of my gender issues.  I am a "bit" older and learned at an early age to suppress any desire i had to change gender.  Like you i got married and had a family.  I simply got on with life.  From time to time the need came back.  I finally just let go and transitioned.  Oddly i haven't had any urge to return.  There are certainly things i still enjoy that i learned as a male.  I'm  finally finding acceptance of all of me and am comfortable in myself. It took time.  Being here has helped a great deal.  Therapy did as well perhaps simply because i was able to be open with someone who didn't see me as a freak.   It is great that you the support of your husband.   Try to relax and enjoy the journey.   You are not alone.   Hugs,   Charlize    
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