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Why are there so many poems and songs about stars and their light?

Is it merely a fascination with what ever might be hidden in the night?

Is it an ancient call to our true home, somewhere in the middle of all of those stars

The birthplace of the universe itself, a big bang that left behind fragments and scars?

Or merely the comfort of those pinpoints of light when all around is dark?

Maybe they are the spirits of those who went before us each leaving its mark

The North Star has guided mariners from the earliest records of their voyages

Mysterious stars have appeared to guide particular groups in all lands and ages

It gives me comfort on a dark and lonely night

To look up at the stars and think that they might

Be letting me know with each light they have shown

That we are never lost and will never truly be alone

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Good, its something to think about.  

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That's a lovely thought that we are never alone.  Thanks.





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