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Button Downs and Hips

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Heyy everyone! :)


I recently got a button down shirt (short sleeved) and just wanted to talk about it coz I'm pretty happy I finally found something stylish which fits me! XD


I went shopping on boxing day with my parents and we were walking past yd (which is a clothing shop aimed at guys) and I think maybe I looked at a shirt just on the rack near the door or maybe just stared at the shop a bit (I've always wanted to go in a try stuff but a. its generally expensive and b. the aimed at guys bit makes me uncomfortable when the shop is near empty and so small) but my mum encouraged me to go in there, pointed out a shirt she thought would look good on me and suggested I try it on.

I am very thankful my parents are so chill with clothing- I've always been allowed to wear what I want. 

So I tried on the shirt (which was discounted coz boxing day ;D ) and it fit everywhere except my hips. :/ I couldn't get the last button done up comfortable and with it undone it looked a funny. :( 

BUT my mum had a look at it and said she could modify it so it would work better (unstitch the sides a bit so there is a slit and then re-hem neatly, keeping the slits).

So we got the shirt. :) 


I just tried on the modified shirt and it fits well now and I'll be able to start wearing it soon. :) 


Lol, so that's my short little (uneventful) story. ;) 


Things I've learnt/tips:

1. yd is very good for smaller/skinnier people who want to dress masculine-ly. They tend to go down to smaller sizes than most other menswear places (they have 3XS!!), which is great.

2. putting slits in the sides really does help. I've heard people mention modifying clothing to make it fit but I'm not great with sowing. However, this seemed like a pretty simple method.
3. sales make things cheaper and shopping with parents can make it free. ;) 

4. Going into an intimidating place (such as a shop) when it's busy or with friends/family can make it easier.


Ps. unrelated, but I did end up going a size up with my binder and it helped stop any pain.

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Hello Alex, 

Great news that you're branching out with your clothing selections.  I can relate to tailoring or modifying clothes as I've done this myself since I was a teen.  I've always been a bit on the lean side and I strongly dislike baggy clothing.   That's great that your mum would do this for you.  


I think you've hit upon a truth in Australia thats the same here in the U.S. that expensive clothing shops (generally) cater to trim folks who are not too tall or small.  When you shop at a regular department store or discounter you may find sizes that are a bit looser as they can fit a larger variety of people.  They're certainly not a tailored look but they will fit the need and they can be adjusted if needed.  


As to shopping when the store is busy may not be as comfortable as there will be lots of folks around.  But be confident and assure of yourself.  In reality, no one really cares what you are looking at or buying and the shop folks just want to make a sale.  Smile, be yourself and have fun.  



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That's such a great idea! My hips have kept me from wearing a lot of button-up shirts, so maybe my partner can alter some for me (he's the one with sewing skills in this family). I'm going to try ordering a binder from gc2b instead of underworks because I've heard they're more comfortable. I'm glad your mom was so supportive of you wearing what you feel happiest in. :)

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I've been having the same issue but never thought of slitting the sides, great idea from your mom!


On 04/01/2018 at 7:47 PM, ChickenLittle said:

That's such a great idea! My hips have kept me from wearing a lot of button-up shirts, so maybe my partner can alter some for me (he's the one with sewing skills in this family). I'm going to try ordering a binder from gc2b instead of underworks because I've heard they're more comfortable. I'm glad your mom was so supportive of you wearing what you feel happiest in. :)

I just got the triple bind from Underworks and it's different to any I've tried so far and yea, a bit more uncomfrotable BUT has given the best results compared to clasp binders

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Glad you got the shirt and like it (I love button downs!). 


Great idea from your mom about the slit sides; I've had problems with the bottom button and usually just tried to keep them tucked in.  They often rode up, though, leaving the open bottom button.  I recently found out about gadgets that keep shirt bottoms taut enough so that they don't ride up:  GARTERS.  NEVER heard of them for shirts; my grandfather used sock garters to keep his socks up (waaaaay back).  Pretty cool, but I wouldn't be using that idea very often.  Your mom's idea to slit the sides sounds much more comfortable.

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    • ChickenLittle
      I looked through the playlist and he has one a ways down specifically about HRT! Hopefully it's helpful.
    • Tommyftm
      Hi, my name is Tommy. I was born female but 2 months ago I decided to transition to male. I chose to transition without treatment and in a more natural way.
    • KoreyA
      He sees me as a grandson and granddaughter.Plus he inspired me to enlist in the military,he saw I was going to the road to no where hanging around people I should never hanged  around.He is a veteran,served in the Army during WW2.Was proud of me when I enlisted in the Marines 21 years ago serving 10 years
    • Sydneyblue
      I dont feel im conflicted about my gender. I think im just scared to show people who i am. I dont have a very good therapist who is trying to see what kind of surgeries i can get with the current insurance that i have. I always wanted to be a girl thats never going to change no matter how much i lie to myself.
    • Anna75
      The secret is out, at least to my friend! I could not dwell anymore on it.  I described my struggle to fit in. And suddenly I wrote the words. Whatever the response is I feel free!!  It really feels like the journey has begun, a new adventure even if it is hard. Maybe there is still a chance that Anna can be freed from her closet for real! At least I’ve told someone for the very first time   I am happy to be Anna.
    • Abigail3051
      Thank you! Ill be sure to watch this and see if it will help
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      I think many parents worry about the safety of HRT and other transition-related medical stuff. I don't have any HRT-related links right now, but there's a YouTuber named Chase Ross who made a series called Trans 101 that's good for sharing with family and friends who may not know much about trans issues. Here's the link to the video playlist:   
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      So about a week ago I got a call from my insurance saying I was "approved" for surgery (which is good I'm assuming?) I have no idea how much they are covering, and they said they would send me a letter in the mail. Does anyone know what I should do at this point? I don't know if I should wait for the letter before calling the surgeon and scheduling. I know my insurance is not the best (United Healthcare), but I want to get this done ASAP. I guess I am just curious as to what other people had to go through with their insurance in order to get top surgery. If you have UHC and got top surgery covered any advice would be awesome! I am very nervous about all of this!
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      Hello All:   So I just want to ask and see if anyone might have any suggestions on body changes on hormones.  So I have been on hormones for 6 month where I was first on patches and then recently switched to injections and have been on injections for 8 weeks.  Right now my dysphoria has really been getting to me when I look in the mirror when I am male and I really hate it and wish that my body would just some how go fast on hormones.  I am following my Endocrongolist and doing my proscribe dose of hormones and when to take my hormones, but it is just really bothering me seeing me still as male.  I really want to be my identity that I identify as, but at the same time I am really trying to learn patience and just sit back and enjoy the ride.   Wanting to know if anyone else has felt the same way or know of ways to combat this feeling of hate looking at myself as male and just wanting my body to speed things up on hormones.   Look forward to hear back   Amy
    • Abigail3051
      I don't really know how well shes taking it anymore, she seems to mostly be trying to avoid the topic. I also found out that she has a problem with the idea of HRT, she's worried that its dangerous and I might end up with a tumor or something. I don't thing she understands it at all V_V
      Does anyone have a good link I can give her to re-assure her its perfectly safe to give to her when  I'm ready to start taking that step?
    • Anna75
      Wow! I look forward to the journey. Even if it is a hard one.  The wholeness of it all is my ultimate focus. Thanks Jani for your wonderful words about the journey!
    • Rowan
      Welcome Abby!! Congrats on coming out to your mom, even if it didn't go perfectly (it rarely does). Give her time. My wife had the same reaction. At first she was like "oh, that's it?" And she was super supportive the rest of that day. I think it's mostly the shock factor taking over. The next day she really had a hard time. Crying a ton. Not really understanding. But after a few days, I could tell that she was making peace with it. And now, almost two years later, we are happier than ever. Just don't lose faith that things can still work out. Take care!!!
    • ChickenLittle
      I'm sorry she's having a harder time than you originally thought. When I first told my mom, she was so sweet and accepting but as the days went on I think she got more and more scared. After some time and some awkward/difficult conversations she's feeling much better. She can see how much happier I am since I began my transition and I think that's what really helped. I hope your mom is able to find some support and that she soon realizes that this is a positive change in your life. Don't give up hope!
    • SugarMagnolia
      I agree with you completely about the cost if I decide to go for it, Jani.  Not an area where you you want to compromise.

      My real issue now is trying to judge the degree to which FFS will contribute to increased happiness and if that's worth the cost and the risks. I'm pretty sure I know what I want to do, but I need to be certain.

    • Jani
      When we transition it is the whole body and mind.  A holistic approach as it were.  Focusing on one aspect is planning for an unsuccessful and unhappy transition.   As Vicky notes, generally speaking our sexuality does not change although sometime we have hidden or buried it so deep so not to be seen.  Once we are open and honest we see our true selves in totality.     Jani
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