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Nora Kayte

Just sharing more about me.

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Nora Kayte

Right now I am on OxyContin 40 mg extended release. Percocet 10-325. I take them for pain. The thing I don’t like is the times I don’t need to take them I actually start going thru withdrawals when I miss a dose. It’s just messed up. I recently had my doctor reduce the amount of Percocet he prescribes and asked him for a referral to the addiction doctor. I hate that I need them for pain. And pissed I am addicted to them.   I quit cold turkey a few years ago to see how much pain I actually had and for the most part I did not need them. It was hell and I never got my energy back. But I know I really don’t need them. 


Just found out yesterday after 7 years of research I will be getting my ankle replaced. And my doctor told me when I asked him if I could go back to work that it would be good enough to play sports again. So I am stoked. With that said I am hoping I won’t need to take the pain pills anymore. And I will finally be able to get out from underneath the clutches of the pain pills. 


I also had my medical marijuana card. But now that it is legal in California I don’t need it. But the funny thing is I can put that down anytime. Only when the pain is insane did I ever use it. 


And nicotine my wife quit smoking. Finally, and I always said if she would I could. And did. But I started vaping and am addicted again. I will have to quit soon because it makes me feel like crap. And with my surgery coming up it might be a good idea. 


Drinking is a a non issue. We barely ever drink. Maybe a beer with dinner when we go out. Or we split a 6 pack maybe once a month. 


Oh and and energy drinks. Might as list everything. I had heart palpitations last night. Too much caffeine. So no energy drink today and I am planning on staying away from them. If I want to live and not have a heart attack I need to stop. 


In my my past I was addicted to meth. That was a nasty drug. Sold everything I owned for that drug. Supposed to be one of the hardest to kick. But my girlfriend at the time and I just woke up one day and looked at each other and decided to quit. And we would even be able to be in the same room with others who did it and not want it. 


Well thats the other part part of me. I will update as things change. I am posting here to make myself accountable. It will help me push through. When it gets tough. And wow. Until you list stuff like this you really don’t know how bad it really is. 

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I wish you the best of luck Nora with your chosen direction. I also have an addictive personality. My knees are shot and it was hard to function day to day so the doc put me on Oxycontin last year. That lasted a month before I threw them away. Did the weed thing a few years ago on an every day basis and that got old quick. Alcohol is #1 on my list but like my doc said years ago, "Alcohol isn't anyone's friend" and that's especially true for me. I was only up to 3 or four beers a day but that was too much. Weight gain and irritability when I wasn't drinking was doing me no favors. So I cut out drinking except for maybe 5 or 6 times a year. Lost a lot of weight and my wife is certainly happier. So I vape weed maybe once a month, usually when my friend comes over, and that's it. Was some really dark days to get to this point but I'm glad I'm here. 


I sure hope you find the same peace some day. Kicking meth was awesome. Narcotic medication get a lot of humans down these days as we all know. For me the fog of Oxycontin was far worse than the pain I endured . That's not true for everyone and each has their own battles. 


My best thoughts go to you Nora.





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I like how you chose the word "accountable". Addiction is a disease that is not tied to a particular substance, but to a much deeper underlying cause. Recovery is possible though.

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Nora, The only pain medication I am on is Meloxicam at this time. I refuse to go on narco's because I was addicted to both alcohol and several other street drugs. I know the day is coming when I may have to though. Because my pain issues are getting worse. I do know what you are going through though because my wife is on both of the medications you mentioned. At one point a few years ago she was addicted to oxy and had to be slowly weened off it. For several years after that she was going to a pain clinic and getting shots in her back and knees which helped her tremedously. She has Sciatica and arthritis in her c spine.. She still gets the shots in her knees but because of other health issues that have her on long term antibiotics, she can no longer get the shots in her back. So she is back on Percocet. But she is only taking them when the pain is really bad. She takes Arthritis Tylenol most of the time when the pain isn't so bad.


As far as the power drinks, we cut those out slowly. A few months after being free them we cut down on the soda and try to only drink caffeine soda when we do drink one once in a while. A few months after cutting those do to virtually nothing we went to half and half coffee with 50% of the caffeine.Then a few months later went to one pot of Half caffeine in the morning and full decaf the rest of the day.And that is all we do now. It has made a big difference in how we feel and how we sleep.


I too have an addiction to the nicotine. I am still smoking right now but am working on cutting down. Vaping is helping me to do that right now. By the end of the month my plan is to stop all tobacco products and go with the vaping for a while so I can cut the nicotine down slowly. Much like we did with the caffeine.. My wife did this a couple of years ago and she is now down to  zero mgs of nicotine.  Although she is still vaping now. I don't intend to keep vaping once I get to zero mgs. for a couple months maybe, but my intent is to quit it all. I am hoping to reach that goal by the end of the year or shortly there after.


The things is if we are doing any of these things it is virtually impossible to get HRT let alone SRS. And that is what most of us want in the end. We need to let that be our driving factor to beat these things. Regardless of whether our addiction is drugs, alcohol, smoking, or a eating disorder of some type. Because even if your body mass index (BMI) is higher than normal   it can prevent you from medical assistance in transitioning. For those of you that don't know what BMI is, it is a graph that measures your height and weight to determine how much fat you have in your body. Extra weight makes any surgery and procedures more difficult. Diet is very important in transitioning because it affects many things in your blood work ups. I have that to worry about myself as well.


My point is all of these are things we can all be working on so that we are better prepared for when the day comes to start hormones and any surgeries. And if that day never comes for some of us we will still reap the health benefits from it. No, none of these things are easy. Overcoming them takes time, determination, and patience. But taking them can and does give us a sense of progressing toward our goal of maybe one being able to be our true selves in body, mid, and soul. All it takes is setting some smaller goals to reach the bigger goal. And in order to reach those smaller goals you just live one day at a time.




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Timber Wolf
On 1/10/2018 at 6:58 AM, onaquest said:

 Addiction is a disease that is not tied to a particular substance, but to a much deeper underlying cause. Recovery is possible though.

Onaquest has hit on the key point. I've learned that addiction is not linked to any particular substance. Addiction is a disease of the mind. As a recovering addict, my mind is permanently wired for addiction. My use of drugs was a symptom of my addiction, not the addiction itself. Addiction and chemical dependence are two different things. Chemical dependence, as hellish as it is, can be overcome in time. That's not what causes us to pick up and use drugs again afterward. It's the addiction that causes us to relapse, that addictive wiring of our minds. That's what needs treating! And as the addictive wiring of our minds is permenent, it's treatment must be life long. Just like a diabetic must use insulin for the rest of their life, we must treat our addiction for the rest of our lives.


After getting out of rehab, I began going to Narcotics Anonymous. That's how I began treating my addiction. The rehab helped me with the symptom of drug use, but the 12 step program is how I treat the addiction. Without treating my addiction, I'm doomed to a life of relapse, because the addiction is in my mind where my thinking process is and where my decisions are made. Without treatment, my own thinking will lead me right back to drugs, because without treatment a disease will become symptomatic again.


In the end, treating the symptom of drug use as the disease itself has never worked. We must treat the disease in the mind if we are to find lasting recovery. I've learned that the hard way, but learned it I have!




Lots of love,

Timber Wolf🐾



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When i finally accepted that i was powerless over my addictions i was able to start on a path towards accepting recovery.  It was alcohol that brought me to my knees but there are many other substances in my story.  

I was fortunate to have found a path prior to transition.  If i had been using i doubt i would have been at all successful.  For me it has been the 12 step program in AA that has made my life possible.  There is help out there if we look for it.  





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This link has my addiction story that I told when I first came here to the Forums in 2011, so you can get a sense of where I come from.  I am the IRL moderator of an Addiction Recovery Roundtable at my local LGBT Community Center where our members have a wide range of addictions and from the whole range of ht LGBTQAIA..... spectrum.  It is good to get a handle on it so you can safely travel your path into the real YOU.



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    • Jani
      Hello Chelsea and welcome.  I think you'll find friends here who can support you.  Please join in the conversation and post your own questions or observations.  I'm glad to hear your family life has returned to order.   Having a supportive family is great.   Jani 
    • VickySGV
      Go to Live Chat, either on the Main Page link at the left top of the page here, or through the more direct Live Chat link at the right edge of it. 
    • Jani
      I'm glad your life is back to normal.  That is what we all seek.  Your family sounds as if they are really trying.  Good for them! 
    • CyndiRae
    • Jani
    • CyndiRae
      FYI,   https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/20/health/arizona-trans-woman-cvs-pharmacist-prescription-trnd/index.html   The article went on to say the pharmacist no longer works there. But it took filing a report to the state agency there.    How distressing.....      
    • Natalie86
      Hi Chelsea         Wow, I am happy things are finally going so well for you. I am not sure what I am just yet I was born male and know that I feel female. I am still on a road of discovery about myself. If you'd like to talk I'll listen.      Natalie
    • ChelseaAnn
      How do I join the server?
    • ChelseaAnn
      I am an avid MTG player, even though I've slowed down on my purchases due to saving money. Anyone else play? I've bought cards recently from Dominaria, but I'd love to find people to play with, maybe via Skype? I font play the online version, because, well... $$$. I also prefer the feel of a real card over a mouse.
    • ChelseaAnn
      Hello everyone, my name is Chelsea. I was born male but dream to be female. That dream is getting closer, but has been snagged from me a few times.    I'll keep things short, because I have a blog which describes things in more detail if you're interested. I came out back in 2013, only a few months after my son was born. I was cross dressing while my wife was at work and my son slept. I came to a realization that I wouldn't be able to hide it forever, and took the big step.   After nearly divorcing, my life is back on track and my wife and I have a five year old and a two year old. I have a great job, which isn't aware of my plans yet. Transition is only a few years away, even though I was weeks away from starting at the beginning of last year.   I was suicidal not long after I came out, and have only had thoughts a few times since, when large snags came up that made it seem like I'd never be able to transition. I'm good now though.   I came here to seek new friends and discuss things, as well as help those who are where I was five years ago. I'd really like to have a few friends who are trans or anything on the spectrum. I have some great friends (read family) who are 100% supportive, but only 2 who are under the trans community. So I am really looking for someone to be able to talk to who I can be openly honest and understanding with.
    • Cthorne
      So many things are going on now.   I'm Callum 100% of the time including at work (that was scary but it makes me feel so good! Except when my boss asks awkward questions in front of everyone and decides that I must have issues with my "downstairs" Her and a male co-worker were joking about certain parts of his body but anyway) My whole family call me Callum 24/7  there are still a few mix ups but those that are finding it difficult call me CJ (Callum James) I can finally bind!!(I only do it when I leave the house.) So happy altho I've noticed that it hurts when I take it off, I don't have any pain while wearing my binder, is this nomal? I was very very very surprised but my family bought up the idea of us going to the pride parade... I wasn't even going to mention it but they said it looks interesting and have now decided we are going to two different ones. We're going to the one at the end of this month because a distant family member goes to the same one with her gay son, shes offered to show us around and then the second one is in the place we live very excited!! The whole family is going!! Even my brothers who were very "no no no" When I joked about it when I came out to them.   I just... I don't have the words... This is amazing and I find myself worried I'm going to wake up and its all a dream. I don't wanna get too used to it in case it all goes wrong or gets wrecked (I hope this makes sense)   I did have a very strange moment and I was just wondering if anyone gets what I mean or if I'm just imaging it but as I said Callum  mode 24/7 but last week I had to go back to my female clothing and its like all my awkwardness and hating myself came back, my confidence just faded away... I could feel myself not wanting to be a part of the world and I felt so down.... Does this make sense? Now I'm back to normal and I'm the life of the party again lol What a strange life I lead.   Any thoughts folks?   *happy contented sigh*
    • MaryEllen
      It's been done.
    •  Roberta-Belinda
      Hello Mary Ellen.Yes,please change my name back to Roberta-Belinda,Thank you so much.
    •  Roberta-Belinda
      For the first time in all my 46 years of dressing as a girl,I have gone without wearing tights.The weather here in the Uk has been so warm for so many weeks it is not practical to wear hose.I love my tights as they make my legs look great but I have not minded going bare legged.Tights can be very uncomfortable im warm weather.Most women over here do not wear tights in this hot weather.As it is always my intention to emulate genetic women I am happy to dress like they do in the summer.Without tights I wear open toed sandles and mules.It's funny in male mode when I am out I never wear mens ooen toed sandals or flip flops and wear shoes with socks.I have never been comfortable in displaying feet.However,in female mode I do not mind doing this.Must be something to do with the duality of crossdressing.
    • MaryEllen
      Hello Roberta,   I can change your name if you'd like. I assume it would be Roberta-Belinda. I'll hold off until you've seen this so you won't have any problems signing in next time.
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