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Has anyone had surgery from Dr Bart

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From Europe ? What was the cost compared to Dr Spiegal 

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I know of two who had surgery with Dr Bart. However, one of them is deceased and the other is no longer a member here. Sorry but I'm afraid that won't be of any help to you.



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    • jae bear
      Hi Amy,  I would have to second what I see posted here, I’m on the same meds although I do enjoy about a week or more of progesterone every month, that stuff will make you ravenous, however that 20 pounds might find its way back somehow. I’m almost a year now, and I find that the tenderness is almost all gone away but there’s definitely still activity, always itchy. I’m due for another blood test so got to check the levels you know... always check with your endocrinologist and do regular bloodwork to make sure your levels are right that’s the key and time, time is definitely the factor oh how I wish things would spring forth overnight.  Wait, strike that, I just wish I’d wake up as a chubby girl. We need more magic in this world. Squishy hugs, Jae
    • Rachel Gia
      I agree about facial hair removal and hair cues in general. i started shaving arms, legs and torso years before ever doing my intake into a transition program. things that kept me back at first was thinking people would notice and call me on it.  No one did. Laser was much later and again the same fears of being exiled. No one did. People didn't even notice the welts and temporary redness after electrolysis. Eventually a few people started to notice in a positive way, complementing me on how happy and healthy I looked and at that time I started to come out. I now it sounds strange but I always look forward to my electrolysis appointments as its a forward step each time.  The cost, not so much but there are murmors that it might be covered in the future but until then.....
    • jae bear
       Oh my gosh if you want to see terrible poetry go see what I scribble down! It’s good for you if it’s in your heart put on the page! I guarantee you  i’d read it! hugs Jae
    • Timber Wolf
      We hear so much about HRT and surgeries here, but the truth is facial hair removal is by far on the top of my list. If I can ever do one thing about myself physically, it would be that.    Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      LOL!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • Timber Wolf
      I'm such a terrible poet that it would be embarrassing. I did write one thing in that forum, but it came closer to being a psalm that a poem. Oh well.   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾
    • TessaOKC
      Hi Amy,   I agree with MaryEllen. Your breasts should already be getting sore and I definitely noticed a change in the 4th month. My mom is a C cup and I am a solid B after being on HRT for three years. I am also on Spiro and Estradiol.   Tess
    • DenimAndLace
      I have to temper my excitement a bit because what's right for me is not absolutely right for someone else BUT, having MY facial hair removed has been thee absolute best thing I've done throughout my transition!!!  I wish I'd done it before I even knew I'd transition one day.  I wish I'd done it in my early 20's when it would have been easier.  I've spent more out-of-pocket money on laser and electrolysis than any other transition related expense and if I had to choose just one thing to do, facial hair removal is what I'd choose.  It's SUCH a powerful gender cue.  I'm obviously biased but it seems to me like anyone who is AMAB but identifies as anything but male, would thoroughly LOVE not having facial hair.  I wish you the best as you discover and express yourSELF. 
    • MaryEllen
      Hello Amy, You should start to see some development within 2-3 months. Perhaps sooner. You may also notice some tenderness too.  It takes a cis girl at least 3 years to achieve full breast growth so you should expect to develop about the same. Nope, they don't burst forth overnight.   The general rule of thumb is that you will end up one cup size smaller than your mother but this isn't etched in stone. Hope this helps.   MaryEllen
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Hello All:   I was just wondering if I can get any average estimate on how long it takes for breast development when on HRT.  I have started taking Spiro and estradiol on January 20th 2018 and just wanted to find out from everyone when they roughly started to develop and when?  I know everyone is different, but a good rough time line would be nice.  I am really hoping for a nice average C cup size.  I know my mother and sister are both C cups and not very big C, but just average.   I am just really looking forward to having real breast instead of always using my breast forms.  On the plus side of things, I have noticed that since I have been on HRT, that I have lost some weight in my mid-section and when stepping on the scale, I am 20 lbs. lighter.   Hope to hear back   Amy 
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