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Confused and don't know what to do...

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Hey... made one post a few months back, and got some helpful insight and I'm really grateful for it. But at the moment, I haven't been able to see my new school therapist because of scheduling issues, and I'm unsure who to go to. So I've been questioning since last September because I've always had this recurring question of "What if I was born a girl instead of a guy" ever since I can remember. The reason I started exploring is that I had both time, and realized that not everyone thinks like this. I've been out dressed (with a friend so I felt safe) more fem, with breast forms, more fem make-up, at an outfest, and felt so nice, confident, and happier with my body. Not only that, but the few friends I have trusted this secret to say I pass w/o hormones or surgery. Moreso recently, every time when I know I can stay in my room in my apartment w/o having to worry about my roommates, I wear my breastforms and I feel so much better with myself, and now I'm actually having trouble sleeping w/o them on. But, some other days I feel ok with my body as is... I have no idea what I am, how I'm supposed to feel, and It's actually making it hard to focus on other things like homework. I'm also terrified that this might be a phase (NOT TO SAY THAT THIS IS A PHASE FOR EVERYONE OR ANYONE BUT THE WAY IM TREATING IT FOR MYSELF I DONT KNOW) or if I'm fantasizing it, and I'm kind of scared to move forward not knowing if it is or not. I need help, insight, anything... someone to talk to, advice, literally anything. 

I started keeping a journal, but thats only slightly helping... and I dont know what other info to say/what to ask for/what I am.

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33 minutes ago, J_S said:

I have no idea what I am, how I'm supposed to feel,


I think I know what you mean here, but I will give the first big answer, that you feel how YOU do and the feelings you have are real as to yourself.  Feelings are good bad or in the middle, but they are not right feelings or wrong feelings, just feelings.  There is no one set of feelings that nails down how a bonafide, 100% <anything in the Trans spectrum> is going to feel.  My personal take is that if you are questioning your gender then you are NOT cis-gender, you are some part of the Trans umbrella but it will take time (50 years in my case) and that is fine since all of us here can tell that story.


33 minutes ago, J_S said:

I'm also terrified that this might be a phase


This may sound smartaleck, but Gender Dysphoria as with other letters of the LGBTQ* community is not a phase. IT IS A LIFE SENTENCE WITHOUT POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE so do not worry that you are doing something wrong or stepping on the toes of those of us who know full well what we are today.  We were in your shoes a few years ago but are here for you today.,


If dressing up makes you feel good, get rid of the guilt for enjoying it.  You are just as weird as any person alive, but when dressed you are a happy weird person, and that is what counts.  Some people may claim you are hurting them, but that is not your problem to deal with.  For now, keep calm until you get a chance to see the therapist who will tell you some of what I just did, and get yourself in here reading and talking with the rest of us.  Don't be a stranger any more. :D

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Timber Wolf

Hi J_S,

It can be easy to fear this could be just a phase. We wonder, "What if I start really doing something about this and it suddenly ends?" We forget to think about how we've had these feelings and questions for years and they have not ended. They might abate for a while, but they keep coming back.


You're still young in life. I've lived a few more years and have spent many of those years trying to bury all this and convince myself that it is just a phase. In the end it didn't work. I'm not going through a phase.


Something that can make it difficult to understand ourselves is that there aren't just 2 or 3 catagories of us that we can peg ourselves into. Transgender is a wide spectrum. Therapy can really help here. You said you were in school. I don't know if it's high school or college, but you mentioned an apartment with room mates, but if I remember correctly, you also mentioned needing parental approval for counselling or therapy in you previous post. If there is any way you can see a gender therapist, it would probably help.


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf🐾

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6 hours ago, J_S said:

I'm also terrified that this might be a phase... or if I'm fantasizing it, and I'm kind of scared to move forward not knowing if it is or not. I need help, insight, anything... someone to talk to, advice, literally anything.


So-what if it IS a phase?  You feel better when you wear the forms and clothes so wear them!  You like being identified in public as a woman so do it!  You like wearing makeup?  Then wear it.  Be proud of who you are and stop being ashamed about it.  You.  Are.  Just.  Fine - just-as-you-are.  If or when the day comes that you're no longer interested in wearing these items, stop.  If or when the day comes that you are confident in your gender, be that gender.  If you want to try a new name, ask your friends to call you something else (you don't have to officially change it).  If your gut tells you to try hormones, give them a try (you CAN stop if you don't like them).  When you have reconciled your gender (even if it takes half you lifetime) you can take whatever steps YOU see fit at THAT time.  You aren't crossing a one way bridge; you're exploring a new world.  Just be YOU and bless the world with your individuality.  You are beautiful!!!!  :)

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I love that, @DenimAndLace. What a great positive encouraging message! And one that everyone needs to hear more often. Thank you!

Denim, TimberWolf and Vicky said it better than I could, and they're right. Give yourself permission to explore, to try new things, new ways of being and envisioning yourself!


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J_S. , I always thought it was just a phase. I thought it was going to go away as I matured. Quite the opposite happened. By the time I hit my 40's it came back with a vengence. It did not go away. My dysphoria got so bad there was no other choice except transition. 


Do you want to go back to being "him"? That's the question I asked myself, and in being honest with myself the answer is no.

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    • jae bear
      Oh My Gosh!!!! I love Mayberry!  Although I gladly would have settled to live in Mount Pilot if it was too expensive to buy a house in Mayberry.  We all know how expensive housing prices have gotten lately! squishy hugs! Jae 
    • Timber Wolf
      There once was a deputy named Fife. He carried a gun and a knife. The gun was all dusty. And the knife was all rusty. Cause he never caught a crook in his life   That's for you fans of Andy!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf🐾  
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      I am less than keen of the idea of posting personal information on Discord, which makes money by selling data. Mattermost would be a better option.
    • tracy_j
      In my opinion you have not really separated your finances at all. It's just bits and pieces that have been hived off. It sounds like it's time to take her decision to seperate finances and form a plan between yourselves to do it. I am not familiar with your type of lifestyle. My partner and I have always had seperate finances except for the mortgage account , which was used just for buying the house, which I always handled, so I am not in the ideal position to advise you how to do things. Perhaps pay off the credit card with a fresh one opened by yourself then close the original one, saying you got a good deal to work it out.   There again, it seems like symptoms of deeper issues. Your wife may well not see things the way you do. I can only say that the way I did things in the end was to move ahead and trust that things would workout. That is not to say I was inconsiderate, but being confident in myself, rather than uncertain, trying placate someone who was probably very unsure herself too, has seemed to make all the difference.   Hope it helps!   Tracy
    • Cindy Truheart
      Okay.   Background and context first.   My wife of 13 years has been working on becoming my best friend and roommate. (Hella long story there, let's just move on.) So after she found out that she was going to get some money from an insurance policy (something like $10k), she suddenly decided that she wanted to separate our finances. At first, this crushed me because it meant that she felt she couldn't trust me. It hurt me on another level because despite my making more money than her the entire time we've been together and the 2 years of her not working and me paying the bills, she didn't want to put any of it toward my surgery. Then, I saw the advantages because rather than constantly having to try and get her to agree to a budget that put money in the bank for my surgery, I would be free to save as much as I wanted!   But the separating of the finances isn't going so well. I pay off a credit card, tell her it's paid and that we shouldn't use it. Then discover two months later that she's used it and that no payments have been made. Late fees abound, joy. The Amazon account that we shared was in my name, so of course we just left it alone, she pays me for anything she orders. But every time she orders something, she uses the points on the card to reduce her bill. I finally said something about it and she acted like I was being a penny pinching jerk, when I'm the one building up the points. We'll be out doing something and she'll offer to pay for whatever (dinner, coffee, drinks, etc), but she puts it on the joint account and when it comes time to settle up she's suddenly "forgotten" she offered to pay! And to top it all off, because she works for the leasing company that runs our apartment complex, she gets a discount for the rent. SHE gets a discount on the rent... $268 a month for an approximate bill of $1400. Oh, and she makes as much as I do now....   I'll be honest, I don't think she's being malicious, but I'm kinda getting $(*%&. I'm thinking about removing myself from the joint credit card and the joint account. I already have my direct deposits going into a new bank with my new checking account. I don't know whats going on with her, but I feel like I need to protect myself, my credit. I had thought she didn't trust me and it hurt. But her actions seem to be telling me to stop trusting her.   There are many other factors here, many other emotions and things going on. I don't want to make a wrong step and ruin what we have left. But lately I'm wondering, what the hell DO we have left? It's been very important to me to keep her in my life in whatever way possible. Unfortunately I've learned she doesn't see things the same way that I do and that love isn't always enough in this world....   So I'm wondering, is it time to finally make a hard break? This halfway, quasi-break up is beginning to get under my skin. I'm finally starting to understand myself and how to navigate this world as me (STARTING!) And between her depression and this passive-aggressive behavior, I'm kinda done with it all. I'm beginning to pull myself out of a pit of depression that I've lived in for my entire life. And it seems to me that every time I've managed to pull myself out of that swirling maelstrom of black madness, I'm getting pulled back in. If it isn't one thing, it's another. Frankly, I'm sick of it. I can't get a man and I can't have my best friend. I'm feeling like it's time to go solo again.... But I hate that lonely road too.... Advice is REALLY welcome here, and thank you.
    • Hey, it's Alex!
      Hey Jae Bear, Yeah, I can understand your poetry problems. I have the same issue a large majority of the time. I use both writing and drawing as an outlet, so a lot of my feeling goes into them. This can be both good and bad, but it can definitely help sometimes. As for my drawing, I do not plan on stopping anytime soon. I also doubt you're as bad as you're making yourself out to be. If you want to do a comic style, go for it! ~Alex
    • jae bear
      What do you call the new Disneyland ‘Alice in wonderland’ ride where they pass out estradot patches?     It’s an E ticket ride
    • jae bear
      Hi Bobbi Sue, Yes it has been a long time, 27 years goes by so much quicker than you could imagine. And yet I find myself so impatient with my HRT? I’m sorry about the tissue supply but it’s nice to know I’m not just a sentimental fool and cry for any reason, all of these words are very personal parts of myself I am so glad I have someone to share them and people like you to read them. squishy hug, Jae
    • jae bear
      Hi Alex, I love to draw to relax, I honestly wish I was good enough to do a comic style antro set of characters, I would style it after my poems. Those poems are rough, I didn’t think that I’d cry the whole way through or every time I read them, they’re terrible and the form is awful but the content came from a place I keep locked up... I think I want to do a lot more writing, the poems seem to come easily to my head, almost like listening to music but sometimes I can’t shut it off. I hear it when I go to bed and I hear it when I wake up now and it’s really a bit tough as I nearly cry every time and it makes me late for work. But I know that it’s good for me and it opens parts of me that would never be heard if I didn’t allow myself to listen. so I encourage you to do the same, if you’re a writer you should write everything that you can imagine and let others see it so we can all benefit from your gift. If you love to draw you should draw as often as you can even if you’re terrible like me, the good artists are the ones that never quit. big squishy hug, Jae
    • Jani423
      What's most disturbing is that it is espoused by the party that wants smaller government, i.e less intrusion in personal lives.  I guess only when it suits their agendas.    Jani
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