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New to the site + community and extremely confused about identity

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Hi all! As the title stated, I am new to this site and the LGBT+ community. I'm a 16-year-old, biological female who is extremely confused. The sole reason I joined here is in an effort to explore and understand my gender identity, because for the past four (or more) years, I have been so confused and somewhat uncomfortable with my expression and identity. I tried not having labels and I've tried androgyny, but it just doesn't fit. I have a therapist who suggested going label-less, but I crave labels. I discovered androgyny and transitioning via the Internet. My psychiatrist explained spectrums and such to me, but I didn't feel like a non-binary individual.


All of this leads up to one thing: masculinity. I am severely confused with masculinity - I've always liked the rougher stuff, and I longed for "boy" toys, like Nerf guns. I was content with what I got, like a doll house, but it wasn't something I played with at all, if ever. I'm not the most masculine-acting person, but I'd like to be. I remember when I was much younger I asked my dad for a masculine-scented deodorant and was so happy when I got it. Multiple times I've had dreams of being a biological male and find myself enjoying it greatly. I also hated dresses, and I was always uncomfortable in them, but my mom is confused because I never "acted" uncomfortable. Right now, I love being called a boy's name, he/him, and presenting male. It has come up really suddenly and out of the blue for most of my family, but I've been questioning for years now. That being said, I still have some serious doubts about this, mostly put into place by my mom.


At the same time that I want to socially be recognized as a male, the aspects of femininity stay with me. I am not quite sure what constitutes as dysphoria, but I often have the overwhelming sense that something very basic in my life is just wrong. I do not expect to see a female body when I look in the mirror, but that is what comes back. I had cut my hair very short even before I rediscovered my gender identity. I'd be okay to have a child at some point in my life. I've also been considering long-term changes, such as HRT and surgery, and I find myself liking the idea for when I'm a legal adult. I'm still attracted to males, but seriously doubt my ability to find someone who may like me in spite of the whole issue of gender identity.


That being said, I'd be really excited to hear from anyone. Advice, stories, or even confirmation that I'm in the right place will go a long way! I'd love feedback, so I'm seeking it out now. I am seeing a gender therapist soon (not sure when), so that's something I'm really excited for. Also, I'd really like help determining what is dysphoria and what isn't... I know the bare bones of it, like being uncomfortable with your biological sex, but I often question whether or not that's something I'm actually experiencing. So if anyone knows how to distinguish that, then I'd love to hear. Thank you so much!

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Hello Jive,

Welcome to TransPulse. :)  Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It surely is confusing trying to find our transgender identity. It seems the harder we try, the more confusing it becomes. Try to not stress out over it too much. The answers will come eventually.  Seeing a gender therapist is a good step in the right direction. While he or she will not tell you what you are, they will lead you in the direction of self discovery. Good luck. :)



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Carolyn Marie

Welcome to Trans Pulse, Jive.  Like MaryEllen said, being young is a very confusing time all around, and more so when gender confusion confronts us.


You may have heard that gender identity is a spectrum, and its true.  You don't need to fit yourself into any kind of box.  What makes you most comfortable with yourself and your identity is the goal, and that identity can change from week to week or day to day.  That is called being "gender fluid."  I'm not saying that you are, just offering up an idea that might be helpful.


There is a lot out on the Internet.  Here are a couple of links you might check out:










I hope that helps, and that its not too much info.  Please let us know how things are going.  We care.  I care.




Carolyn Marie

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Welcome to the forum Jive.  I'm sorry to hear you are struggling but it will get better.  As Carolyn Marie says gender is a spectrum and there are many points along the way to stop.  The idea that you are comfortable with male identity yet not rejecting all your female identity is a sort of fluidity.  That's all right.  You're young and you may try out different personas before you settle into being the person you know you are.   Having a conversation with a gender therapist would be a good start.  



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Welcome Jive. you have come to the right place. As already stated, a good first step is to talk to a gender therapist. He/she will help you sort out your feelings. I understand your moms confusion, it is normal and she needs to work through her own feelings too. I "acted" like a male for 58 years before saying "enough is enough!" My youngest daughter is having the same issues, as well as feeling that she has lost her dad. These are real issues and I hope that you can talk openly with your mom to address her concerns and explain your feelings as well. Take your time to find your true self. 



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    • rufnear
    • rufnear
      Ok, found TransPulse server..lol (don't laugh :P)  but am trying to complete #verification I see where it has a green check mark or Red X to agree or disagree but the text I put box does not work.
    • rufnear
      I can't find anyone on Discord let alone a TransPulse live chat community.  I set up an account on my iPad using browser and downloaded the app too but both look empty.  I thought I had searched for TransPulse Channel but 0 channels by that name were found. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • VickySGV
      Caveat Emptor -- LET THE BUYER BEWARE   I am long out, and kind of old, but to me nothing beats in-store try-ons.  I found out there were several of the mid-size chains that are gender friendly and have more private, gender neutral changing rooms.  Lane Bryant, and Dress Barn are two that deal with larger women and are very pleasant to us, and tend to have sales personnel who are very helpful, and who do know how to suggest clothing.  The Dillard's and Hot Topic stores are also great at helping us, and keep an eye on the teenage crowd that can be mouthy, but I never have had problems with them.   If you do use the Amazon thing, get two of the same garment one size apart (ie 22 and 24 slacks -- [ok, I am big]) which is what I take into the try-on rooms.  For dresses use the size of your slacks and skirts, also two sizes at a time. 
    • JMG
      Thank you for the responses! What  I should say is that I have developed a sexual desire to my male body, but when my female sides came out, I get in a frustration mood that the dislike of my make body prevents what I usually do sometimes  sexually. Until I finally can come to a care therapist, there is a waiting time of 1-2 years in my  country, I need a temporary solution to feel the lust for this body and still dress female in other aspects of life. There is no way I would run at datings, I don't feel comfortable with another person at this stage.
    • Rowan
      Right?!? I can't tell you how many things I have bought on Amazon that didn't fit right, or just wasn't what I imagined. 
    • Dakota16
      I haven't heard of this until now, but it looks like an awesome service! I'm still trying to develop my style as well
    • Kirsten
      Lol. The “auntie” thing is still so weird to me. My nieces and nephews have been great about it but it’s weird. Almost as weird as when my son accidentally calls me mom. 🤦🏻‍♀️  Haha my wife cringes just a tad when she hears it. Cause I can be whomever I want but I am not mom. She is. And I 100% agree. But that aunty is funny. I think it’s more that I had never really thought about it before.    Jani i I do hope so too. It’s never anything bad persay but it is something. It’s little things that cause her some angst more than upset her. But I really hope it all smooths out. I hate when it does cause her any issue. Her happiness is just as important as mine. And it’s so much better if it can be with me than not. At least for me. Lol. Time time time.  Thanks.  Kirsten 
    • Kirsten
      Julie you could be right. And people have always told me I am very approachable as well. But I’d say almost 3/4 of the time I’m not the one that starts the convos.  Actually the best part of the ladies rooms so far is I’m usually alone in there. But I’m mostly in the restroom the last couple weeks at work. And we are a predominently male company in my area at least. But I’m quickly getting over the fears. There isn’t much to really be scared of. Just be yourself wherever you are. It’ll all go fine. 
    • Alice
    • Carly Hughes
      i agree, with the others saying that confidence is the key, if your acting nervous or scared, people pick up on that, if your walking along and someone is coming the other way, and you stop turn around and walk back the way you have come quickly to get away, just looks odd, and raises peoples suspicions that something isn't right and they will look at you more to try and see whats wrong, if you do not give anyone a reason to stare at you, from my experience they wont, i know its hard to do but sometimes girls like us need balls to brazen it out
    • BrandiBri
      "Not being trans enough"? Bulls..t!!! There is no such thing as not being trans enough. Sadly, as I have read some older threads I have seen that there are people who do believe that nonsense. The sad part of that is they are usually trans themselves. I would hope that no one here would consider me as not being trans enough just because I have not had GRS, just as I don't consider that I am more trans than those who are not on HRT. No matter where we are on our journey, when we feel that we are trans*, then we are trans*. As a side post,  I wonder if anyone has ever been accused of "not being cis enough" because of not wearing the "acceptable" clothes for their anatomy.
    • Carly Hughes
      i must admit that since my separation and being on my own, and my dressing urges have increased by 1000% that i have started  watching what i eat to slim down and achieve a more feminine figure
    • jae bear
      I’ve done a fair amount of research on this topic myself, and the more I read the more I am unsure about the laser process. And the techniques vary so much with Electrolysis you really have to break them down into three different techniques. With electrolysis there is the original method of straight galvanic Electrolysis which is extremely effective but a bit slower in process, however it still achieves the same goal in the same amount of time because it is more effective at killing the follicles if done correctly.  The more common method especially on the East Coast is thermolysis, which  I personally do not believe should be used on facial hair, it uses radio frequency energy to heat the hair follicle and requires many multiple treatments to have successful follicle kill off. The downside of this is the heat generated tends to cook the collagen in your face and has the undesirable effect of making you look older once the process is finished, and a couple years of this process are typically required. The last thing you want is to look older at the end of Electrolysis, so I am avoiding this method even though I have experienced a few months of it already. I now go to a straight galvanic technician and I’m getting fantastic results, I don’t even use the numbing cream at this point since she is so good at what she does. The results for me between the two are dramatic, I had full regrowth with the thermolysis method and some issues with collagen burn, but the straight galvanic process is incredibly effective  and much more manageable for me personally even if it is quite expensive at $80 per hour. The most common method used currently is galvanic blend,  however my experience is now telling me that most operators do not use the galvanic setting But rely heavily on the radio frequency energy of the blend setting and primarily provide thermolysis to their patients, and I would never recommend this after having undergone it myself.  The thing that worries me about laser most is that as I understand it it is mostly effective on extremely dark facial hair that is close to the surface,  which is not very common. Many patients who undergo laser can end up with a permanent shadow under their skin due to the base follicle remaining even though it’s dead.  However it can be removed with straight galvanic process  by opening up the follicle poor with  The galvanic probe and allowing the dark dead hair follicle to work its way to the surface but it’s basically like starting over, so I’m just going with the galvanic process personally. The favorite part of my research on straight galvanic was that it typically results in patient appearing younger after completion,  I will take some of that all day long ! I am sharing a picture  showing the cleared side of my face up to the edge of my mouth, it’s been a couple days growth, and it’s typically what I end up having going to Electrolysis which happens to be tomorrow afternoon. The cleared the side of my face has only had one pass of straight galvanic, but it has been extremely effective where the thermolysis method had been done on that side of my face three or four times with no good results. I am extremely excited for the complete full first pass of my face from one side to the other, as I understand it this takes about 100 hours, but depends on the person and the density of facial hair, mine is quite dense so it might take a bit more time.  Hugs,   Jackie 
    • claire1000
      The key thing is to become comfortable in our own skin not what's covering it.
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