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L.E./EMS/Allies-Transition on the job

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**Please don't post your agency's name or staff names as it may be prohibited by your agency's policies to use in a forum setting.**  


Hello everyone,

I started my career as a police officer about 10yrs ago and b4 that I was a 911 dispatcher with the same company. I started my transition on the job and officially 1yr on T.   I can honestly say for the first time in a long time I LOVE WHO I AM!!  I started my transition later in life at 41 (about to be 42 yikes!!).  Ive always been a "late bloomer".  


My experience so far has been interesting since I've never done this b4 (lol) and it seems to be rare to transition on the job in the emergency field ... at least in the area where I live.  


I feel blessed so far that my experiences with coworkers has been good for the most part.  My reputation was good b4 I started my transition and I think that helped a lot.  Its all so new... kind of uncharted territory so far.  I know of one other ofcr who is transitioning on the job but he's about 2yrs into it and has taken steps I have taken yet.  He's brave and succeeding very well so far.  


There is much to talk about.  As LE/EMS, we can help each other with unique issues that come along with transitioning in this particular line of work.


Lets stay positive and encourage each other to be the best we can be.  This will translate to our work with the public and have a positive impact in our society.



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I know quite a few LEOs who have transitioned.  Some with more issues than others but most seemed to be making it work.

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Timber Wolf

I'm glad to hear things are going well with work and transition. 


Lots of love,

Timber Wolf🐾

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Hello JCS and welcome.  At your young age, you're not a late bloomer!  There have been several good articles in the press over the last couple years about LEO/EMS transitioners and the stories were positive.  IIRC the last one I read was in either AZ or CO.  What kind of specific issues did you run into?    That's great that someone was ahead of you to open doors so to say.  



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Issues I've run into:


Squad mate: Can you search my female prisoner?

Me:  You'll have to ask for a female ofcr 

Squad mate: huh?  Uuhh...ok.  


Citizen: Hello Officer. Listen sir I got this problem ...

Me and citizen:  (problem solving)

My backup arrives and partakes in convo...

My backup: Like she (refering to me) said it's a civil issue best handled through the courts.

Citizen: expression of "uh?" and looks at me. 

Me with a smile out of embarrassment:  is there anything else we can help with? (I got called out - I'm ready to leave and crawl in a hole).

Citizen:  Naw man.  You've been helpful bruh.  

Citizen looks at my squad mate like hes the confused one.  


Me: collecting personal stuff from locker assigned years ago in womans locker room.

Squad mate:  Where you goin? 

Me: just clearing some stuff out...spring cleaning.

Squad mate: cool

Me: (my car has become my locker)

Squad mate next shift:  looks at me a little puzzled while im getting dressed out from my car in the parking lot. 


Me: too much coffee today and i have to pee.  Go through my mental map of places in the area with single stall bathrooms used by males and females and pray I find one soon.  Otherwise I hold it until I pretty much cant anymore.  


Me:  This color of tie is perfect for court. 

Acquaintance ofcrs:  When did females start wearing ties to court?


Its interesting how everday things a person would not think twice about can be a trigger. I have a lot of internal anxiety.  I've found myself feeling secluded but I've recognized its self induced so I can avoid interactions like above.  Its not healthy though.  One, its lonely.  Two, your squad mates know somethings going on but they arent quite sure.


I hope over time scenarios like above will cease once I either out myself or I pass 100%.  


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Concerning lockers and finding a place to release yourself, has your department offered any support in these areas? 


13 minutes ago, Jcs2017 said:

I've found myself feeling secluded

Unfortunately this can be quite common as other folks may be uncomfortable and we may also be uncomfortable with others.  Sometimes it's best just to get it out there and move on confidently.  Sounds hard but once the initial fear is broached it gets easier.  In that regard your career choice is no different than others, although there may be macho behaviors to contend with.  But with the inclusion of more diversity training this might change.  


Thanks for your thoughts on this subject. 



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Fortunately the precincts have a "decon" room where its a single bathroom/shower accessible to everyone.  This is the bathroom I use.  I'm thankful I noticed it one day because I never used it...never had to. That was my solution to using a restroom at work.  Works out great :)


Anyone else out there do something different?

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    • Rachael
      Thanks for posting. Let’s hope it continues to bring support for the lgbtq community. 
    • Rachael
      It just gets better. At about 4 months or so I found it more comfortable to wear a sports bra than to go without, and now can wear a push up bra. This really helps especially if there are mirrors around. 
    • Rachael
      Can I say triple baloney!     I started hrt at age 58 and lots of good things have happened. I have had a couple of minor detours along the way but progress continues. It’s been said before that it’s not a race as the first one there wins, it’s more of a way to help you see that life is worth the struggle and good things will happen.  Good luck 
    • Jani
      I will say you have a good boss who is open minded and willing to help.  Bravo.     Regardless of your profession some people you tell will be "uncomfortable" and they will tend to ignore you which is much better than them getting aggressive.   Reaching out in a friendly manner might just break the ice.  Let us know how it works out.     Jani
    • Rachael
      DenimAndLace , it is difficult when people choose to have nothing to do with us. It’s good to hear that some of your family supports you.  My mother In law has not talked to me 4 times since my sister in law told her at New Years. In the time since Patti (my wife) died we had talked on the phone 6 nights a week and went to lunch on sundays.  If they are still talking to you ask them this;  If I was in a car crash and my face dis figured would you still love me?  If I was suffering from a life threatening disease would you still love me?  I (we) are still the same person I just look different. So since I look different you no longer wish to talk to me. Why?  Look for a Pflag group near you. Groups help I go to three different groups they help a lot. The common theme that I can see is no one says they are going to give up. Just being with people helps and gives me support.  I hope things get better for you. 
    • MaryEllen
        I'm not going to beat up on you but you should know that there is no such thing as a "typical" hormone regime. What may be good for one could be lethal to another. Something you should think about.   MaryEllen
    • Jcs2017
      Was wondering if anyone else out there in LE or EMS field up for talking about stuff.  Any positive experiences?  Maybe suggestions to deal with neg experiences or how you delt with certain situations?     Last year when I started my hrt, I talked to my boss and let him know I started taking T.  I felt obligated because of mand. random drug testing.  Not to mention the physical changes.     I was really nervous not knowing what the reaction was going to be.  My mouth became really dry.  But I mustard up enough guts to talk to him and I was pleasantly suprised.    Long story short, my boss was supportive and said I could have a locker in the mens locker room next to his.  I was like wow!! I chose not to have a locker in either locker room but the gesture was really nice and is open ended.   So my boss was like ... so what do we do now?  I was like ... I don't know since it's new to me too.  We chuckled over it.  I told my boss I will get in touch with HR and it seemed to be important to let my LT know as well so we are all on the same page.     I also changed my first and middle name which took some time for everone to get use to.  I have to say, not very many people asked "why" which I guess suprised me.  I thought I would have to explain over and over again but that wasn't the case.  Im sure people wondered but kept the question to themselves.     Every now and then I come across someone I havent seen in a long time and have to let them know.  Some whom I've known for a long time seemed to avoid me.  Maybe I'm inadvertently avoiding them which from my view, feels like they avoid me.  I'll have to make a concience effort to reach out to them and see what happens.  That may alleviate some of my insecurities.   My next challenge is to address the pronoun hurdle.  I've been having a really hard time getting over that wall.  A name change is one thing but a pronoun change?     To be continued ...
    • Jani
      Julie and Carolyn, you made me laugh!  
    • Jani
      Awesome.  What you end up with hard to predict.  I don't carry much body fat so what I have is tissue with little added fat cushion.   As time moves on growth with occur then rest.  Don't be alarmed.   Remember puberty is a multi year event!     Jani 
    • SugarMagnolia
      It's a shortstop from assault to battery. I hope the neighbor popped up and cried foul. 
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