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Surprised from behind - Just when I thought I was out of danger

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I'm not sure how to determine when transition is done but my spouse and I told everyone a couple years ago.  Bombs and debris were still falling as recently as last July but since then it has been pretty quiet.  Long story short, I lost all of my wife's family and most of my own not to mention several friends.  It wasn't that we were rude, in their face or otherwise bad people.  We took the verbal abuse and rejection like Jesus himself offering the other cheek and our tunic too.  Nonetheless, the relationship losses were significant ...and close to the heart.  We were/are devastated.  We were also deeply entrenched in fundamental christian religion which explains most of the rejection - karma right?  For a while, I thought my sister and brother who had been supportive would continue to be supportive but since christmas, it's been crickets.  The couple times I've reached out to them their response has been cool and limited.  It's starting to hurt.  ...Really hurt.  Every day it gets a little harder and I find myself struggling to deal with a total loss of family.  Am I an "orphan"?  Really?  I never felt genuinely loved by family so I don't even have the memory of being once loved - just the unquenchable desire to be loved.  Additionally I suspect my mom is secretly working to poison the well with anyone who has anything to do with me.  I know I know, they rejected me not the other way around.  I should just count it as a loss and move on but that's easier said than done.  I can FEEL why those with unsupportive family are prone to hurt themselves.  The voice is in my head but I do my best to ignore it.  MOST days are better than these and I know a couple years from now I'll have come to terms with everything but lately it's been getting hard again.  Any wisdom and/or encouragement from those of you on this side of transition?  Has anyone used a support group for people who have experienced traumatic things?  Is there support or resources for people who have lost most or all their family?  It seems like there is some commonality between what I'm experiencing and other bad things that happen to people.  Thoughts?

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I'm truly sorry to hear this.  I do not understand family that is this way.  As to faith, they obviously do not practice what they preach.  Take solace in your own beliefs.  I've found support groups to be very good, if you find the right one.  I have a small group of older transitioners I meet with and we can talk freely about issues that we experience.  Maybe you could start one if there isn't one.  Mine is an offshoot of a larger group.  


Take care of yourself and your own close family.  The others have to deal with their own inadequacies.  You will be OK in the peace that you tried.   Reach out to others as there are lots of people worth knowing and loving.  




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FAMILY can be a matter of choice over DNA.  I belong to a couple of groups who perform the basic functions of family such as acceptance of the person, emotional support, and in different ways, even spiritual support.  One of my groups is going to be doing a Senior Prom for LGBT young people in our area who are not fully Out in their daily schools.  Another one of my groups has a support system for people who have lost partners, and still another group will have FAMILY picnics and dinners over the coming holidays, where everyone is accepted as they are and no one goes away hungry. 


A couple of people I know got a sweet revenge on their "birth families" when the BirthFams posted some pictures meant to hurt my friends on a social network.  The pictures I was shown did not seem all that happy and joyful or even much fun.  Pictures of the parties we had had showed the real joyful fun with people smiling and hugging each other with obvious love (not sex) between them.  Those were posted in reply to the dour unsmiling portraits, and they have since heard from a few DNA family members who have seen that they no longer control the happiness of their LGBT siblings. 

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Jennifer T

I am so sorry to read this Denim. :(


I have no words of advice.  I didn't start transition. I have never had many close relationships and was always the 'different' one in my family, so I lost them a long time ago. 


I came out to my wife, my son and a couple close friends. I started showing parts of Jennifer to these few. I lost my friends and my wife couldn't deal with even my small changes.


In the end, I have simply remained T and I still have my wife. It is enough for me.


I pray you find peace in your situation.

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Thank you @Jani @VickySGV and @Jennifer T.  ...Just to clarify, my nuclear family (spouse and kids) are supportive so there are certainly others who have paid a higher price than I.  My heart goes out to them.  Jennifer; I'm really sorry that your costs are too high for you to transition.  That too would be really hard too.  I'm trying to count my blessings today and do what I can to improve the other daily circumstances that are making me feel bad.  I appreciate the support I get here and the opportunity to encourage all of you on the days when I feel better.  :(

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I am sorry you have experienced family losses Denim, you are a strong person, it takes a certain amount of emotional armor to do this, we have to be prepared for rejection. You will replace these relationships with others.


To stop living the lie, and to live in truth is to violate social norms. People like the convenience of gender, many assumptions are made in the human brain around a person's perceived gender. Smaller minds are not able to see the truth for what it is, it becomes an "inconvenient truth" and many simply stop dealing with it. Add on religious teachings and it only gets worse, such embedded sexism. It's really their loss to choose to reject a family member living in truth, yet it still hurts. Living in truth you gain so many benefits, over living in convention with birth sex, the self satisfaction of fixing what was broken from the onset, is enough for the price of admission in my eyes. it's not convenient, it's not easy, it's risky in many ways, but in the end you have to decide your life path, not others. 


I wish you a happy life, much of this we make ourselves.




Cyndi -

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Jennifer T
17 hours ago, DenimAndLace said:

Thank you @Jani @VickySGV and @Jennifer T.  ...Just to clarify, my nuclear family (spouse and kids) are supportive so there are certainly others who have paid a higher price than I.  My heart goes out to them.  Jennifer; I'm really sorry that your costs are too high for you to transition.  That too would be really hard too.  I'm trying to count my blessings today and do what I can to improve the other daily circumstances that are making me feel bad.  I appreciate the support I get here and the opportunity to encourage all of you on the days when I feel better.  :(


Thank you @DenimAndLace.  Even with everything in life that has happened, I make my choices and accept responsibility for my life and happiness. I know what I am willing to accept and what I am not.


I truly hope you find what works for you and brings you peace. In the end I believe that 's all we really seek.



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DenimAndLace , it is difficult when people choose to have nothing to do with us. It’s good to hear that some of your family supports you. 

My mother In law has not talked to me 4 times since my sister in law told her at New Years. In the time since Patti (my wife) died we had talked on the phone 6 nights a week and went to lunch on sundays. 

If they are still talking to you ask them this; 

If I was in a car crash and my face dis figured would you still love me? 

If I was suffering from a life threatening disease would you still love me? 

I (we) are still the same person I just look different. So since I look different you no longer wish to talk to me. Why? 

Look for a Pflag group near you. Groups help I go to three different groups they help a lot. The common theme that I can see is no one says they are going to give up. Just being with people helps and gives me support. 

I hope things get better for you. 

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DenimAndLace, I cannot add anything except that Rachael's advice is spot on. I agree that support groups do help.




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      Congratulations Marcie, real estate is hot these days, I hope your market keeps you really busy....   Cyndi -
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      Hapy Birthday Robbie Bargar!🎂 Have a great day and lots of cake and ice cream!   Hugs, Brandi
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      I am attracted to everyone equally. I have dreams of either a trans man, trans woman, cis man, or cis woman. I am on an estrogen rich diet. I like being pan. Could HRT really turn me not pan, or is that just speculation?
    • Noel L.
      Be who you really are, find that. I can't relate in your scenario, I'm 15 and MTF, but if your husband really loves you, and cares, then he should have no problem with transitioning. Neither should your kids. Just be honest.
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      Resist, resist, resist 😋
    • Charlize
      You look great now but right after the operation it looks like you got into a bad fight.  even so you look very female.    I know that as an addict i have to be very careful with painkillers.     Congratulations!   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Charlize
      It's lovely to see you again Cindy but even better to heart your doing so well.     Hugs,   Charlize
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      It's nice to hear good news from you Cindy.   Good luck with your studies and career.   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      Hi Ezra,   Welcome to the forum. Please feel free to read, write and generally join in. There are many friendly people here with a wealth of experience. Take you time to understand where you sit and where you may be going. Understanding yourself is a big step, and takes time. Being in the right atmospere helps. The gender spectrum is wide and people can sit anywhere on it or even move around. In your teens epecially, you are finding your place in the world, but gender wise there are many here of all ages with your feelings. It's good to question. Far better than living in sadness wondering what if!   It's nice to have you here   Tracy
    • tracy_j
      Congratulations Marcie! Just live your life and the world will roll on. No-one will expect anything different so they are not looking for it.   Tracy
    • Ezra
      Hey. I'm Ezra. I'm not sure if this is the right place for me to put this intro, but I felt the need to go in depth about my story.   I'm 17 years old, AFAB, and have been questioning since age 12. I remember the exact day it hit me that I might be transgender. I, like a lot of preteens, went through an edgy phase of writing stories and making up various characters for said stories. Something that remained consistent with me, however, is that all the protagonists of my stories, all the characters that I made and focused on the most, were male. I remember drawing all of them, thinking about them, detailing them and writing them out, and I rarely incorporated female characters into my writing or art, and when I did, they were two dimensional; I never put much thought into them.   It was one day when I was thinking of a pose to draw one of my male characters in, and I found myself emulating that pose in real life. I just shifted my posture to fit the stance I was thinking of in my head. And that's when I realized: I'm not making all of these male characters because I think they're attractive or cool or anything, I'm making them because I want to be them. These male characters were idealized versions of myself; I wanted to be the characters I drew so much. That's what started this whole spiral of questioning.   I started thinking about getting short hair, wearing more androgynous clothing (already, my entire life, I loathed skirts and dresses. I stuck to shorts, jeans, and T-shirts), even changing my name. In my freshman year of high school, I crossdressed for the first time. I already have pretty tiny boobs, so I was able to look mostly flat chested with just a sports bra, so I threw one of those on, stuffed my hair into a beanie, buttoned up a flannel and put on jeans. Then I looked at myself in the mirror.   I almost started crying. The happiness, the exhilaration I felt at seeing myself this way was indescribable. My curves were gone, my jawline looked sharper without the long hair falling down the back of my neck, and I just looked so... good, so much better than how I had ever seen myself before. I sent a picture of myself to my friend, and she was shocked; she kept telling me how good I looked, even asked if I could crossdress and go to the mall with her to be her date - which, looking back on it, probably wasn't the best response, but I took it as a very high compliment.   I continued to have these feelings throughout high school, and in junior year, I cut my hair boy short, and it helped immensely with my self esteem. I felt so much more myself; with long hair, I always felt like I was in drag, but after that I felt like I was actually me. And so now, here I am; about to go into college, still questioning since that day I realized I was relating to these fictional guys,  and becoming more open about who I am. That's why I chose to register on this forum. I want to explore my masculine identity; I'm not sure if I'm entirely FtM, but I do think I'm probably androgyne, or transmasculine. I just ask that I be referred to with he/him pronouns.   I'm not out to anyone in real life yet. I know most people in my life would probably be okay with me, but this is such a big thing to comprehend about myself, and I'm so uncertain; I don't know if I'm just a girl with an unusually strong connection to her masculine side, or if I really am a man; or if I'm somewhere in between.    I just hope that I'm discerning myself correctly, and I'm not just mistaking being a tomboy for being a real man.    But, yeah, so that's me.
    • jae bear
      That is so awesome, I am so jealous, I’m only just now starting to plan some basic wardrobe changes. I look forward to the day when I can be in your situation and worry about the same things, being just one of the girls must be an amazing thing, I can’t wait to get there myself but I’m very jealous of you right now! Hugs, Jae
    • jae bear
      Well, two things to report, I finished reading Jenny Boylan’s book she’s not there, fantastic by the way if you haven’t read it pick up a copy. And I am just now tickling the 200 pound mark, I should dip down into the 199.9 or sub category any day now, I’m glad I only bought two pairs of pants because they’re going to be too big faster than I realized, I just put together two garbage bags full of clothes I can’t wear anymore that I have to take down to the donation center. Hugs, Jae
    • Carolyn Marie
      http://www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-nws-boyertown-transgender-bathroom-policy-appeal-20180523-story.html   More and more courts are siding with trans students.  A good sign.   Carolyn Marie
    • VickySGV
      I am sad to say that this person is about the middle level of some things that went on in front of kids in some of the Scout units I was around.  I was a council level volunteer who was to be a liaison between the actual National program and the Sponsoring Institution and it go rough at times.  I often had urges to help tighten neckerchiefs in those days.  I must have been trying too hard to be a "man" in those days.  I am ashamed to say I did not call some of them on it. 
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