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hello all. well i got dressed up tonight and tried to put makeup on which didn't turn out good but it is my first time to. i honestly feel my inner self now and i am also just starting to want to come out but i am still afraid of what my coworker,friends and family would think. anyways i feel more and more like i should of beenfemale along. i welcome the comments.👍🙂             p.s iam not trying to rush things just saying how i feel.


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Don't feel bad about the makeup, I occasionally email my first therapist and once when I told her about my attempts to put on makeup she replied that she had been doing it for 20 years and still couldn't do it right. I guess that is why they have makeup remover pads. Giggle.

We all have had that fear and it is normal. I waited until I retired to come out full time because I knew how my coworkers would react. But when I did come out to my family, I found that my fears were unfounded. All four of my kids accept and support my decision.

Take your time since transition is a marathon, not a race. Your heart will tell you when to take the next step.

Best wishes on your journey,


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thank you and i was not trying to rush things however i know i need to find a therapist soon. the other day iwas depressed and my coworkers asked me about it.  i didnt wat to say anything  but i just wanteed to be alone.

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Susan please don't worry about coming out yet.  It took me time to get somewhat comfortable with myself.  I made small trips into the world en femme to build confidence.  Each was an adventure. Each gave me more confidence.  I also found that over time i began to feel more comfortable which helped me accept myself.  Accepting oneself is often a path to being accepted by others including family.






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Hello Susan


Don't worry about coming out.  Just take your time coming out and do it when you feel comfortable.  Don't come out just because you have to or someone tells you to come out.  When you are ready, you will know.  


From my personal experience, I am came out pretty slow and came out to 1 person at a time.  Just relax and take it at your pase.


Lots of Love



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      Hi, When I first joined the site, I looked how to donate with using PayPal.  Do you have any options for Credit card? 
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      Yep, I agree, as noted by my Location description included with each message I send here 🙂   I'm much more relaxed here than I am in certain other parts of the USA.   Astrid
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      Yes it is , and depends on the state .  In general its life insurance is a big savings , but short term disability may go up . In MA as far as I know no difference on auto insurance . 
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      Massachusetts is great! Love the state! One of these days, I'll move back.
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      Hey y'all! Haven't been too active here the past few weeks, I've been in a mostly uneventful but busy routine the past few weeks. So I haven't had much to say or time to say it. But I think I mustered up enough noteworthy things to mention. So here goes...    So, life at my new sober house has been OK. On the one hand I've made some good new friends and became more incorporated into the lights community. I finally feel like I'm where I belong and part of something, not just subsisting in isolation on the fringe of society... On the other hand, I'm so busy and stressed with all the treatment and meetings required of staying in a sober house. I'm tired of treatment living. I want to be independent again. But for now it is what it is. I don't know what the future holds... But enough of that.    I've been off hormones for a week bc my doctor won't approve my refill until she sees me, which is in a couple hours today. I also do my first labs today. While I didn't instantly morph back into a man being off hrt for a week (lol), it did disrupt my morning ritual of taking it with my coffee. Being OCD this did mess with my anxiety a bit.    This past week aside, I've been transitioning now for 3 1/2 months. It's still going well. My breast are not noticeably bigger, but the tissue is firmer. My nipples are harder and getting pretty sore now. My waist fat is melting away (low carbs, intermittent fasting and a lot of walking) and smoothing out and blending with my hips. I still get dysphoric at times about my appearance. But I've been looking at photos of me before this past spring and I feel so much more pretty and feminine then I did back then. I'm quite content with where I see my transition going.    I also have my first laser hair removal session Friday, so excited!    I've been hanging out quite a bit with my transition sister. After my doctor appointment today, we're going for a walk in the park. She's so lovely... 😍   Stay awesome y'all!  ~Toni
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      I like it! This speaks to me, about the duality we struggle and diverge with.    ~Toni
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      Nice to have you here and welcome, Carol. 🙂   MJ
    • Jani
      Interestingly I realized today I had not contacted my auto insurance company when I thought I had.  Duh!  I called USAA and after the agent did a little research she just changed the gender marker.  I logged in to the website a few minutes later and hocus pocus, it was correct!  Yeah.  I'm hoping my rates will change a little.     Jani    
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      Hello Carol.  Welcome to the forum.  Please make yourself at home and join in the conversation.    Cheers, Jani
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      Greetings Pixie and welcome to the forum. Jani
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      Very good Kris.  Hopefully they will follow through and all will be well!    Cheers, Jani
    • Krisvm
      Just came off the call. They said they are happy to support me in anyway they can but they don't have any specific policy built in. As such they are going away to do some research and reach out to other colleagues to see if they can work out the best way forward. On my side, does anyone have any links to good resources on transitioning to work at all? Would be good to read what other companies or people have as best practice so I know what might need to be discussed if anything is missing?
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      Hi. Welcome
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      Hi, welcome to transpulse
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      Just saying hi to all you lovely ladies. I am a mature, life long, part time, girl. I love expressing my femininity. I love all people who express their feminine side.
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