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Carolyn Marie

Pentagon Shies Away from Participating In Pride Month

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    • Charlize
      I came across this on Facebook this morning and was alternately in tears or smiling from ear to ear. What a beautiful group of songs presented in a fun and inspirational; way.   https://www.today.com/popculture/james-corden-s-carpool-karaoke-paul-mccartney-most-emotional-yet-t131628   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Hello All   So I want to ask about finally being able to live full time as the woman that I want to be.  So my family and friends all know since I have come out to them.  I have started to come out to my new job where the individuals I work with in Phoenix and my HR rep knows and now I would love to start being able to live full time.  On my time off from work, I am finding myself always dressed as myself.  I just need to officially come out at work.  I have been now really thinking on going and getting my name leagelly changed with my gender markers from the court to the SSN to the DMV,   Lots of Love   Amy
    • Kirsten
      So this is great! Everything is so much easier once you’re out. Went to Walmart with a bra today. And makeup too!! Still pretty andro dressing for me. But I’m starting to push the “envelope” a bit now. I got a few looks from people, but like you all keep saying I think people are so wrapped up in their own bs that they really don’t even notice. And with political correctness what it is around here nowadays I don’t think many people would say anything anyways.  Picked up my scrip at the pharmacy today and the pharmacist congratulated me as well! I have to tell you, I wish I had done this years ago. It’s amazing what it’s like to be truly happy.  And my friends have changed to female pronouns for me now. And I don’t think anyone has called me Michael in a few days either. Such a wonderful feeling. It’s all just so much easier and comfortable now.  ❤️Kirsten 
    • ChickenLittle
      I'm getting peri-areolar surgery next week, but I think double incision is the kind of top surgery most people opt for! My surgeon has a great website with info about different incision types and the recovery process. If I'm not mistaken, most doctors will have patients wear a compression vest for about a week following top surgery, but some do not. However, many doctors do advise limiting activity and avoiding lifting your elbows above shoulder height for up to six months to minimize scar stretching. Most people I've heard from say that the recovery isn't too painful, but that they have lasting numbness on their chest that may or may not ever go away. I have heard that the compression binder is uncomfortable and kind of awful, but for a week I find it worth it to never have to wear a binder again.    Your best bet is to find a surgeon in your area and schedule a consultation to see how they do things, since every surgeon does things a little differently. Make sure you see photos of their results and that you like their general style and that they have performed the surgery more than a few times-- some surgeons specialize in gender confirmation surgeries and they tend to be very skilled and knowledgeable about the trans community!   https://www.genderconfirmation.com/surgery/double-incision/ 
    • Willow
      Based on what I’ve read here and elsewhere that’s what I’d like to try but I’m not sure that’s going to be enough E for me long term.  I have no intention or current desire for SRS or GCS. 
    • DenimAndLace
      Willow, ...I'm sorry you've had to deal with all that Willow.  Especially your granddaughter.  That's more than anyone should have to bear.  I Don't think I'll ever forget the time my marriage counselor looked at me and said, "you've had a hard life".  Which, I mean, she has worked with a lot of people right?  And for her to judge MY life as hard is really saying something.  ...I'd say, depression, cancer, and loss of a grandchild would have to rank among apocalyptic.  I wonder if even a low dose of E and an anti-androgen (LITERALLY for emotional reasons) would help you.  I've heard so many say HRT improved their mental health - it did mine.  Maybe that's all the further down transitions road you'd need to go???  It's a slippery slope though.
    • Willow
      MarcieMarie12, DenimAndLace  I won't say we haven't had issues with our marriage.  But, we've been married for over 46 years.  Two kids, three granddaughters.  Neither of us want this, but as everyone here knows, it isn't a choice.  As my therapist said to me during one session, if we had a choice, would any of us choose to be this different?  I've been denying my feelings for nearly 60 years.  Always thought it was a fetish or something. i hide everything from everyone.  I never really put it together with my episodes of depression.  My wife recognized I needed to see someone for the depression years before i did. I kept insisting I was fine.  When it started really getting in the way of life I finally saw my doctor for an anti-depressant.  I suppose it helped but life happened.  Our then 6 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer, a brain tumor.  Three 12 to 16 hours surgeries, chemo, proton radiation, traditional radiation, experimental treatments, 18 month of trying everything we could to save her, she told us God had told her it was time to come home.  My doctor gave me more anti-depressants.     The two in combination gave me really bad GERD, which in turn gave me laryngeal cancer.  That is essentially cured.  But I stopped all the anti-depressants.  That's when everything got worse for me.  I finally told myself i needed to find a therapist.  Still didn't tell her why except for the depression from the death of our granddaughter.  after just a few sessions, the dam broke and I told him everything.   I was not on anti-depressants, but was relieved and happy for the first time in many years.  a few more sessions and I asked about HRT and he approved it.  Instead of HRT I got a different anti-depressant from my new doctor.  At first I was emotionless, now I am back to feeling better but along with that the desire to be female has gotten stronger.  I suppose due to lower inhibitions.  I guess we just have to see where this goes.    Willow
    • Fernode
      Thanks  My therapy starts on August (officially with doctor!). And maybe I'll do HRT this year or beginning of next year! ☺️ I also got new clothes and I planned to shop new one next month with my flatmate (roommate), but I am kinda nervous a bit, to be honest.     I do not do Self-Medication, don't worry. I start therapy on August 23th. And I also have a specialized counseling at our University Clinic on July 10th.   Thank you very much, Riley with ❤️
    • stbSusan
      So today was the very first day that i wore a sports bra to work and i felt amazing wearing although it did take a bit to get used to wearing it but i was very comfortable. just wanted to share that. thanks
    • Jani
      Ah yes.  I think it's a combination of estrogen and age.  Noooo!    Jani
    • KoreyA
      His girlfriend said he looked beautiful as a female.Borrowed a dress to wear from her
    • Carolyn Marie
      That's horrible. I wonder what led to that desperate act?  At least some people tried to help.   Carolyn Marie
    • claire1000
      Springstien ,the Born to run CD always gets in a good mood in the morning  
    • Carolyn Marie
      That's great to hear, Korey.  I hope he finds continued support and happiness.   Carolyn Marie
    • DenimAndLace
      The best advice I can give couples in transition is what I learned going through transition myself.  Each person will need to learn to SAY very hard things to each other and also, learn to HEAR very hard things from each other.  Everyone thinks they're good at doing that but I'm talking about a much deeper level that I've rarely seen in relationships that haven't gone through something apocalyptic.  Tell each other the most raw and naked feelings you are having ALL THE TIME - don't stockpile emotions or things you're thinking about.  Hear each other's pain.  Help each other process it without being defensive.  In addition to having a gender therapist, we worked with a marriage counselor who facilitated our so-called hard discussions until we learned the skill and could do it on our own.  We started with nearly impossible odds coming from conservative and religious territory with only a moderate marriage.  I was positive she was going to leave me when I told her but she stayed by me hard as it was for her.  We went slow TOGETHER and slowly got proficient at communicating until there was nothing we couldn't talk through.  Today we're through the fog and doing better than ever.  It CAN happen but it takes a LOT of hard work.  Others have not been so fortunate as we have so don't be discouraged if your relationship doesn't survive.  What I'm offering is only advice, not a guarantee.  Best of luck to all who read this.
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