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Carolyn Marie

NCTE Has Job Openings!

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Carolyn Marie

Some good jobs on this list.  Good luck to all.




Carolyn Marie

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Thanks for sharing!

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    • Kirsten
      And just like that Thanksgiving prep has begun! T-minus 40 hours till dinner!! My house smells so great! 
    • Susan R
      Exactly, and there's not much you can do to relieve their insecurities.   The only people I've told is my wife and my brother-in-law so far.  My wife is not really onboard for various reasons but I was pleasantly surprised my brother-in-law was very supportive and accepting.  He was the first in my family that I told after my wife only because I was confident he would be understanding.  The most difficult family members I need to inform are still looming in my future.   Thank you, this is much appreciated.   Susan R🌷
    • Rachael
      Thursday I will go to dads and his second wife  and my brother will be there with his wife an boy will be there and it will be nice.  Saturday I will have a potluck with one of my support groups.  Last Sunday I helped serve thanksgiving dinner at church. We had a great time. happy thanksgiving everyone. 🤗
    • KC
      I have been researching for months trying to find the right stp/packer. I am aware that everyone has different anatomy so what works for some, may not work for others. There are a few that I'm interested in but I can't decide. Please list anything that are somewhat affordable and that you all may recommend.
    • KC
      This was very helpful! I had never heard of the brand you mentioned and I'm thinking about giving it a try. I haven't had much luck but have only bought a few. I'm afraid of spending hundreds of dollars and not knowing if they work for me. Did you find that using one with the funnel attached was easier versus the ones without??
    • KC
      Susan R,        I spoke with my therapist for the first time a few days ago. He suggested for me to let me co workers figure things out for themselves. He said that they will probably find that they don't have as big of a problem with different things as they think they would. Lol although I look and dress like a guy, the guys that I work with still view me as female and that is very frustrating. I am singled out and treated differently...I think it's because they are worried that I will be better at the job than them. I wonder what they will think in a few months when I start changing. Lol   As for my family, I am taking that at my own pace. I did tell one family member, an aunt, and much to my surprise, was very supportive. She seems to think that I need to get a little further along in the process before I tell anyone else so they don't try to talk me out of it. I hope this helps! I'll certainly let you know more as I go.
    • Amy LeBlanc
      Hey everyone.  I just uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel.  I cannot believe how many people are viewing me now and subscribing to me.
    • Carolyn Marie
      Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends IRL here and in whatever other forms of social media you find me in.  I hope everyone stays safe and gets out to take a walk and not get stuck in front of the Boob Tube all day.   I'll be spending the day with my immediate family, doing it Asian style with roast duck and other goodies.  Why, you ask?  Because it tastes good!  LOL1   Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      Stephani, let me first congratulate you on being cancer-free.  That is wonderful to hear.  I agree with everyone else that age should not keep you from being happy, and if transitioning will make you happy, then you should do it.  I started my journey at 55 years young, and was legally female at 57.  I've been happy ever since.   You only live once, my dear.  Do what you need to do.   Carolyn Marie
    • Susan R
      Hi KC,  if you can, keep us updated on how this process plays out for you.  I myself have many family members that sound close ideolically to your family members.  I have some time before it becomes a necessity to tell them all but that time will come soon enough.   Best of luck, Susan R🌷 
    • Susan R
      Hi Stephani, I hope I'm not too old as there isn't anything stopping me at this point.  I'm 56 so I had the same question about age as you, a year ago.  I was told in therapy that the journey is as important and the result.  That has been so true for me.  I already feel much better about myself and my future than I did just a year ago.   Susan R🌷
    • VickySGV
      Wednesday evening I will be with my Chorus at a Transgiving Dinner put on by three Trans Support organizations in the L.A. area where we will be feeding dinner to our Trans Siblings who do not have family support and for whom this could be one of the best all around meals for them this month.  My group will eat last (if anything is left.) since we are better off (somewhat) from the dinner invitees and may go out for hamburgers, but it will be fun.   Thursday, I will be going 75 miles northeast to a dinner with Chosen Family out in the Antelope Valley of CA, and I will be bringing 10 pounds of mashed potatoes with me.     Friday I will have some kind of meal with the other two or three members of my birth family.  I will be one busy turkey for sure.  
    • VickySGV
      I was sixty one when I began my transition and a week after my 65th belly-button Birthday had my GCS.  I am approaching 71 and 6 years post-op.  Age should not be a block to trip over, and you do not have to go as far as I have to be REAL.  As to your family, they wanted to keep you alive to be happy before, and other than what you wear or  how you do your hair, and possibly who you hang out with most often, you are still the same person, just happier and better able to enjoy the life you have back.  If your family supported you before, the chance is that they will still do it, even if it takes a bit to get used to it.  I do agree with MaryEllen that getting to a therapist that knows about Gender Dysphoria is your immediate course of action.    PS:  I keep getting taken for years and years younger than I really am, so that is a benefit.
    • VickySGV
      Speaking from a legally trained background, while I do not know what they involve in other countries, Hate Crimes in the U.S. do not exist as Separate Crimes.   The term refers to sentencing enhancements and conditions of parole.  IE a crime that carries a 20 year sentence with possibility of parole where it is found to be a hate crime by definition, will become a 25 year sentence without possibility of parole or commutation.  The Hate Crime enhancement is invoked where the defendant has a history of animosity of a defined group of people (possible  prior assault etc.) that is publicly known and has been thought out well in advance of the crime and poses the motivation to commit the crime. Other defined elements of actual hatred of the specific victim are also needed to be proved  "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" in order to support a conviction.    I have been on a jury in a case where a Hate Crime enhancement was sought and found that there was a problem, and had to do some fast and serious talking to my fellow jurors.  The jurors I was with misunderstood the Judge's instruction and felt that if they did not see the evidence of the Hate Crime having been met, that they could not convict the defendant of the basic crime (assault with a deadly weapon) which they did agree had happened and should be punished.  I had to convince them to clarify it with the Judge, which we did, and in hearing us ask the Judge, the District Attorney dropped the enhancement count, and we went back in and convicted the guy.  (This had been racial hatred, not Transphobia but the same issue could have resulted in an acquittal in a Trans case.) 
    • Kirsten
      I just had my 4th laser treatment. My estitician tells me that I don’t have many follicles left on my face! Over 90% gone from my sideburns and chinstrap. But my moustache seems a little more stubborn. And 2 small patches on my chin as well. But she is even impressed with my results! I think I may be able to swap over to the electrolosys after 6 treatments. 😁 she sure let me have it today in those trouble spots though. Now I’m all red. Hope my boss doesn’t figure it out. Lolol. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣
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