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trans danger

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A trans-woman on trial for attacking people with an axe is claiming part of the reason for her psychosis was hormones and her response to GRS. This was the least sensational news story about it we could find. 

She was also on meth. Could have just blamed it on that but no, her transition has to be made part of it 😶




warning: some graphic details


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would think the cannabis and meth in her system had more to do with it than HRT......but just because we transition are problems don't all magically go away. 

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The pot and meth are talking, they will blame the HRT for her actions.  On that combination she has no real voice of her own, only her chemicals to talk for her.  I was never a user of that combination, but my booze and abused prescription meds did a lot of really crazy talking for me when I was using, and they justified some my worst possible behavior in order to keep them in my body.  This does not excuse her from what she did, and when she gets free from the drugs she will realize it. 

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I love how they have to add in whatever they can to make it seem like it was this or that. I’d say the girl is just crazy on meth. Weed has nothing to do with it. And I sincerely doubt the hormones do either. Any way they can make something that’s maybe a little “controversial” seem like it’s a big thing they do. 

I will say my meds definitely change my state of mind. But not like that. And cannabis has never in history been connected to the reason for a violent crime. It actually reduces violent crimes in general where it’s legal. But meth....... need I say more. Lol. 

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Carolyn Marie

Unfortunately, those media and blogger types on the right fringes will seize on this and say, "See, we told you!"  Of course, the fact that there are a couple of million of us, and only a few are serious criminals, won't get in the way of their trans-hysteria. (transteria?).


Carolyn Marie

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Posted (edited)

Yeah that was exactly my thought, Carolyn... and it's happening.


I know her barrister is required to present the argument that has the best chance of success, which unfortunately is probably meth plus hrt even though its bs. 


I guess I can't blame her... nah I can. I blame her. Just because she messed up her life doesn't make it ok for her to shoot every other trans person in the foot. 

Edited by Carolyn Marie
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Seems like something from one of my TV shows. 


I can see the far right using this to continuously say we're bad people. *sigh*

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She was convicted today.

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    • onaquest
      It's pretty cool y'all!✌️
    • Michelle F
      Except one thing...   I lost my card wallet on the friggin bus with all my ID and my bank cards blah blah blah...   Now Shawn really has something to be missed about...     I GIVE UP!😫
    • Michelle F
      I'm in Palm Springs... 51 miles due west   Do you have IEHP or Medi-Cal?
    • Leo
      I guess you could share everything at once, or share it piece by piece as you transition and she notices the changes.  Have you considered telling the grandparents before you tell your daughter? They may not appreciate hearing such important news from a child.    Your daughter is smart so this may or may not work...Dad loves mom so much he wants to be a woman just like her, and this is what I plan to do to look like her. How do you feel about having two moms? . I will still be your dad on the inside? Your daughter being smart will probably mine you for all the information she needs to be ok with it. Then run off and tell all her friends. 
    • Terri
      Thanks for the discussion.  I cant imagine telling my kids, but I think they will be ok.  I have been practicing coming out to strangers and some casual acquaintances that wont get back to my social circle.  All supportive, but I think everybody has been brainwashed to be supportive despite what they might really think.
    • Jani
      Very funny.  People can be so odd sometimes in what they see and think.    Jani
    • MelissaAndProudOfIt
      Hi all Really hurts me to learn that if you identify as a varient of female being male or the reverse that it causes in worse case scenarios so much hate in society.  As a Crossdresser if your born with a passable body frame your very lucky in the body lottery and with little work you can pass and go out thats great.   Though there are many mtf Crossdresser s out there that are quite well built, even quite stocky that have a near impossible chance of passing seems so infair, if their inner selves wish to be identified as female, when on the outside they seem obviously male. Even if they are wearing make up and wearing a skirt or dress. We are all human, society is the one with the problem of intollerance towards anything they deem not to be normal, Society (minority)  seems to be the problem.  Crown law ought to make a huge issue on our rights and also should be included in the Uk bill of rights as well as any freedom act.  Impose strict penalties on offenders as we do after all have our rights. The police should have new powers to protect or enforce against offensive behavour towards tg, cd etc who are just living their lives, and not driving them into the shadows. Have a huge push on tv media that thus behavour will not go un-noticed or un punished and any violent offender or verbal offender will be dealt with by the courts.  Heavy prosecutions or put in clink if justified.     Let finally the wings of freedom fly.
    • Dev
      You can plug your ZIP code into our resource locator and find anyone within 100 miles who works with trans clients.
    • hmillerrr
      Hey! Does anyone know any gender therapists residing in the riverside/Temecula/Orange county area? I'm 18 in a couple of months and want to start searching. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. -Trevor
    • Cthorne
      I find that I pass way more than I ever thought I would. Like 90% of the time in fact, I've been told I pass more than others but we have different styles so I just chalk it up to that. I am very boring, I wear dark clothes and altho I do take time to make sure I look good I think most people thing I don't have to put much effort in where as my friends : well one dresses more fashionable I guess and adds fem stuff to it so thats one reason I think people might get confused and the other really doesn't put much effort in at all. He has bright blue hair and even wanders around town in female clothing (I ain't judging I swear altho I'm a little worried that when he gets to the gic they won't take him seriously) He says he ain't gonna try passing until he starts T. (Please PM any advice or thoughts you might have, thanks folks)   Anyways back to the post.   I've passed so many times  I always get that big warm fuzzy feeling inside. It happens out and about quite a bit but the main two have to be my works christmas party!! I got called Sir! I told everyone and they were so happy they were so supportive, my boss and friends are so amazing. Second one is very very funny. I was on a night out with my friends, and one of the ladies legit went to school with me, we were in the same year and everything. So I go out for a breath of fresh air because it was sooooooo crowded. I come back to my two friends practically wetting themselves! This guy in a xmas jumper was trying to chat up my friend and asked her if I was her dad! (I now have 5 ladies at work calling me Daddy, my life has become very very weird) She said no and then he asked if I was her boyfriend!!   So I'm happy that I don't look like a school boy but do we have to go from one extreme to the other??? How could I? Who has been told multiple times I look about 17 that I could be a father to a 30 yr old??? Anyways we all laughed it off and I can't wait to see what happens on the next night out..... (11 days..... I'm so scared we're going to a gay club this time.... my friends want me to  meet people)    Wow that was one long ramble!!! I'll end it here then      
    • MicahKj
      when every new adult you run into is immediately strongly convinced that you're a young/early-teen boy instead of an afab of any age and instinctively starts firing off assumptive questions about your age/what grade you're in/school you go to and acts like you're joking or lying(because some teens do this) when you say no, you're not a kid or in school.(which... to be fair, i probably could bypass the obnoxious disbelief that i'm a grown adult by just going along with their assumptions so it doesn't come up, but i'd feel like a bit of a creep about pretending to be a minor, even for the sake of convenience) so, hey, i pass as a boy, atleast. really hope that getting on HRT will get me to pass as a man, though.
    • Terri
      I have been going the sober route on my own for the last 3 years after decades of binge drinking. Today no alcohol, but some occasional CBD/THC.  I have been lucky given all the times I was behind the wheel drunk.  Between my health issues and the fear of doing major damage to some innocent person I stopped.  Throughout the years I have been a very closeted cross dresser, but I always avoided alcohol when dressing.  This was my way of keeping it "real", and preventing myself from having any delusions about my feminine desires and owning it.  However, I think drinking was keeping my dysphoria in check.  When I stopped, my dysphoria and anxiety went through the roof.  It set off a period of risky behavior of being out in public and hooking up with men.  I've settled down, but wow, I am feeling very TG and attracted to men beyond what I used to think I was keeping real. I should have recognized and accepted this a long time ago.  I have avoided AA, but learning here that there are some TG friendly meetings I think I need to give that a try.  Thank you all for sharing here.
    • SuperSoldier
      Susan, thank you. 🙂    I can tell I am in the right place.
    • MelissaAndProudOfIt
      Hi all   Pc's prove to be more convienient than Ipads.   Ipads are notorious for using the cloud for sharing.   Also with remembering user data.   If your not familiar with them they can really drop you into a very awkward situation.   I use laptop or desktop pc... Or my Android mobile....much safer....
    • Susan R
      Hello Anna Elizabeth, it's a pleasure to meet you.  I'm so sorry about your recent losses.  Time can heal this.  I also hope you have a speedy recovery.  We are here to support you any way we can so don't be afraid to reach out if you need a friend.  Thank you for sharing part of yourself.  I know it can be hard to open up sometimes.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
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