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I'm gonna learn MAKEUP


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i find the best thing to do is just practice and see  what suits you if your happy then bingo you gotta think most women themselves arent perfect at makeup !!!

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This is good Jo Jo!  I remember taking a rainy afternoon (kinda like today!) and trying to mimic a look I saw in a magazine.  I then took some photos to get a good view of my work.  I had a good time and learned a lot that day.   I have settled into a regimen of light make up that is quick to apply that I can add to when I want to glam it up. 


There are all kinds of ways to learn! 



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Lizzie McTrucker

Catching up on this thread and the extremely long, but very much worth reading, tale about the Sephora class was wonderful! Kudos to you for going! It's possible the instructors don't know much about beard shadow color correction or concealing, but there's enough of us here who do, and we all have our own tips and tricks that work (or have worked) for us.

*have worked for those who have done/are doing permanent hair removal and thus no longer have a beard shadow, or have less of a shadow

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Looking back on it, I'm SO SO GLAD that I took this class. It was an emotional rollercoaster, but it was absolutely informative, and was a major step toward learning how to present in a more feminine way.

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You really look nice AsTheCrow.  I really need to attend a class like this.  It sounds like it would be so much fun if I could get beyond the anxiety of not looking as female as others.  I'm going to check it out anyways. Who knows, I might get just do it if Sephora offers these classes in my area.

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Susan you might look in to whether MAC or Ulta stores offer classes also.



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That's a great idea, Jani.  I found a Sephora store near me (25 miles South) so I called them earlier today after reading this thread.  They do have free classes usually once and sometimes twice a month that are specifically for transgender people.  They said the classes are offered either before the store opens or after they close.  They said they don't have any classes specifically for TG until November which is fine.  But I'll also check out the location of MAC or Ultra stores as you suggest.



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