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jae bear

My first time using make up!!!

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jae bear

I decided last night that when I went out to the regular trans women support group I was gonna kick my girl mode up a notch. I had my favorite pair of vintage Lee Rider mom jeans and a really cute blue T-shirt that ever so slightly  hugged what ever little curves I had. I threw on my just purchased stretchy fabric bra which support the girls nicely and I slipped on my favorite lavender hightops. I’ve had to start using my purse again because the pockets on girl jeans are crazy small, I think I need to go down to the local thrift store and see if I can find something better than my old tactical messenger bag.  Earlier in the day I’d stopped by Walgreens to grab some eyeliner and a neutral nude shade of lipstick for a subtle look.  After messing up the eyeliner tip a few times I realized there was a sharpener on the back and that helped tremendously, and I finally figured out exactly how I wanted the eyeliner to work but I must admit it was very difficult to apply as it took more effort than I suspected to transfer the eyeliner from the tip of the pencil to the skin around the lid and lash line. The mascara was really easy as I already know having watched my wife that you can’t mess around with it for too long because it gets clumpy, so did a quick touchup and it came out nice. The neutral lipstick worked well even if it looked exactly the same as my natural lip color, it did enhance my thin lips and kept me from feeling self-conscious with makeup my first night out...  I was quite a bit worried about overdoing the look, the last thing I wanted was to look like a tart! I got a lot of compliments from the girls when I showed up because they have never seen me in anything other than rather androgynous mode, and since my hair now has some length and without mousse has some volume and curl, some of the girls said that they didn’t even recognize me! Much later that evening when we had walked back to the parking lot a few girls and I were chatting outside before we left for our cars, a young gentleman in a BMW pulled up and wanted to talk to me, I wasn’t sure if he was going to ask directions or make a rude comment, but it became apparent rather quickly that he was interested in me and wanted to talk  to me specifically. I didn’t want to get anywhere near him honestly, so  the other girls and I stayed near each other and politely waved him off, and while he did persist a little he finally politely waved and drove away. I’ve been finding lately that standing directly under the streetlamp casts rather complementary shadows on my body shape, and we were definitely  standing right below the street light when he pulled up, I’m going to have to find a way for a streetlamp to be continually overhead so I’m always looking my best !





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Carolyn Marie

Your makeup was done very well, Jackie.  It's difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, it should be a quick and easy job.  Of course, if you're like me, you're going to make mistakes.  Sometimes I have to use a makeup remover pad to take off excess eye liner.  I use liquid usually because I find it easy to control, but you have to apply it carefully and sparingly.    A little goes a long way, and you seem to have learned that lesson very well.  I'm especially impressed with your lashes.  :goodjob:


Carolyn Marie

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jae bear

  Hey Carolyn,

I got more practice today, it turned out I remembered something from group night about a trans gayme night Organized in the sofa district of downtown San Jose today. I called some friends that live relatively nearby and told them I was going to go out in girl mode and I would love to see them and play some games, so they jumped in their car and we met up there on S. 1st St. in the sofa district. We sat down at a vegan pho restaurant and it was super awesome! The bowls were the size of basketballs,  and I was astounded by the quantity of food, to top it off the quality was beyond anything I’ve experienced in a pho restaurant !  Both of those boys clean their plates and I don’t know how the heck they did it ?!  And they politely took my two container filling leftovers home as a snack for later, those are two hungry boys !!!

 I can’t tell you how much fun I have with my friends, I think I’ve kind of hit the jackpot when it comes to fantastic people in my life, and they made the evening so light and fun I forgot completely that I was in girl mode and it was the best night out I’ve had in a long long time, basically the last time I had a night that good was with the two of them several weeks before, they are really just that Fun!  They drove me back to  where my mini van was parked, and we waved goodbye, I jumped in my little mommy van and realized I had on make up and my nails were done nice, and it all came back to me, oh crap I’ve been a girl mode the whole night ! I don’t know why but it just feels natural, I felt very much more at ease and wasn’t thinking about everyone else seeing something rather androgynous, Because what’s the difference right? Androgynous boy mode versus androgynous girl mode, people still have their own reactions and at the same time it occurred to me I could care less. I think girl mode is going to be out a whole lot more,  for whatever reason I was thinking I was going to have to wait until after FFS, but now I just feel like going full-time because I don’t care what other people think. What an awesome evening !

I came home and realized my make up was still intact, so I wanted to take a selfie, and I also realized I had a similar selfie in the same corner of the kitchen in boy mode, so I wanted a comparison, it’s so funny my boy mode and girl mode are so similar but I like my girl mode look better,  I just wish I had longer hair-

just give me time...





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jae bear

 Oh and of course I got my nails done this afternoon and got a lot of interesting looks in the salon... I loved looking to my right to see 8 girls quickly swivel their heads back straight, Ha ha ha, I love the attention !  And I also managed to get my make up done in 15 minutes today and it works so much better for some reason and the results were even better !



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Love the nails! 

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jae bear

 Oh my gosh Cluck!  Thank you for the compliment, I just saw your nails on your last post about that, what beautiful nails you have!  No wonder the girls around your office see them, your natural beauty in this department is quite the blessing, I bet you’re proud !  I wish I knew your name, but I didn’t see it anywhere so far, I know you were thinking about Lexi,  I think that would be really cool ! I must admit I have no idea how Jackie slipped in there, I was just thinking to go with a J name because that’s what my dead name started with, and everybody’s been calling me Jae for years and that works as a nickname for Jacqueline and then my mind slipped down a notch and said “Jackie”... Then I said it out loud once and it felt right,  then I saw it slip into a couple posts at the end and I realized subconsciously that correct feeling manifested itself into an identity, then I talked a bit with a few of my friends here and close personal friends and that was it, Jackie knew who she was!  It’s going to be fine when you find out what your name is, unless of course you know what your name is now, and I would love to know it too!  No pressure though, I’m just excited to have met you, and I look forward to seeing something really pretty covering those awesome nails you have !


Jacqueline a.k.a. Jackie

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    • Cyndee
      Music is life, wholeheartedly agree, that's great you are finding new music Jani....   Tonight after dinner, I have a little Steely Dan - Aja (1977) going here....   C -
    • Kelva
      Welcome to the forum! I am newish so I can't say much on where to look first, but I can say everyone is super nice here!   
    • Kelva
      @michelle_kitten Thank you very much for the warm welcome and being so open about your history. I very much appreciate the thoughtful response. I am glad you are finding your way now, and hope to follow in your footsteps, where ever that leads me, too or away from gender related topics. Not sure where I land yet, but your story does feel somewhat familiar. 
    • Jani
      I just finished listening to "Live from Here".  Actually I also watched a piece of it while I was eating as they live stream the show.  I wasn't particularly enamored with the previous iteration "A Praire Home Companion" but I look forward to this show when I can listen.  The host, Chris Thile is an amazing performer and while his genre is Americana there is a wide variety of acts on his show.  I've been exposed to lots of music I never experienced before.  Music is life!  
    • Jani
      Michelle,  This is awesome.  Being able to write what your thoughts are is powerful.  That you did it here is wonderful in that we all get to read it and others may see this is the path for themselves too.   Speaking with others (even on-line) is cathartic.  Thanks for sharing.     Jani
    • Jani
      Hey Toni, sorry for the late reply as I'm sure you were hoping for some "words of wisdom" earlier.  I hope whatever you did worked out well.     It seems like your mother never grew into being a person that looked beyond their own world.   This is sad.  As to whether you love her or not, that is for you to decide but not all families are close so its all right to feel this way.  Love it seems is a two way street.  We give love and hope to get is back.  When we don't its OK to retreat. As you probably know, some people just don't know enough to quit, hoping against hope the other person will change.  As you've seen here, it doesn't always happen.  I'm not saying to cut your mother off but realize the relationship may always be one sided.     If you think telling her would just increase your grief, then don't.   Look out for your own sanity and well being.     Hugs, Jani 
    • Jani
      This is why it is recommended to wait and see what HRT will do before making plans!   I can read that you are happy.  That's what matters!
        Cheers, Jani
    • Jani
      Naomi as to rowing we bought kayaks a few years ago as a means of getting exercise and enjoying nature.  There are a couple of kayak Meet-up's in my area I may look into to get out more than I do.     As to Geocaching, like many activities you can proceed at you own pace.  You don't have to make it into a competition.  Get out when you can, where you can.  Life has a way of getting in the way of things we plan, especially hobbies and diversions.  That they're not critical and we do them at our leisure is important as we are supposed to enjoy these endeavors.  The thing I've learned as I aged is not to take it all too seriously.   Tomorrow is another day, and when its not, it will not matter! 😁   Have fun,  Jani 
    • Naomi Knowles
      @DeeDee I'm weirdly conscious about my own stammer on a personal level, enough for me to assume it's an annoyance even when I know better. Which is incidentally something I'm going to be bringing up with a counsellor, once they get around to me. Because I know it would be fun, and the obstacles between me and it are entirely of my own engineering. Rowing might be pretty good for me health-wise though: I was one of those 'weird people' who actually enjoyed the rowing machine at the gym when I used to go😜   Might start going again when I eventually get over changing room anxiety (and lose the beard permanently).       @Jani Can't say I've heard of geocaching, though looking more closely, there is probably a lot of overlap between travelling. If the geocache website is accurate, there are over 6000 caches in my area alone! Am a little turned off by the need to travel regularly to keep hitting that sweet spot of discovery (I'm fairly limited to where I can get to either by public transport or by my own 2 feet). Got rid of my bike a few months ago; thing made me strangely anxious (weird considering I rode bikes loads as a child). Funnily enough I did think about orienteering at work today, not sure if I'll pursue it or not at this stage. Could be an intriguing work-group activity (we're a small, intimate group). Most of us went up Snowden for my boss's birthday last year, so orienteering wouldn't be THAT big of a leap?     @tracy_j Is it a sort of friendly turn up & paint/craft with a small group of friends sort of situation? Learning to draw in a relaxed environment with the occasional nibbles doesn't sound so bad to be honest.     Apparently there is also quite a few different martial arts studios in my area too that I never noticed. Like the IDEA of something that works cardio, gives me a slightly-greater-than-0% chance to defend myself if caught in a dangerous position where I cannot simply leave quickly, as well as forms social bonds, but need to sit on it for a couple months to see if it's just my own mind running amok with unrealistic fantasies. HRT and months of relatively sedentary life (bar walking to work all the time) has taken a fair bit of strength from me, and at 5'3 (160cm) tall, I'd need maximum passion in order to keep up with my peers in that kind of environment.     What you're all doing is working by the way❤️ There is also professional counselling on the cards in order to properly uproot the cause/s of what ails me, but getting me intrigued in life again is part of the healing process, and to hold onto that flame once it gets going again.
    • KymmieL
      Today was great except for having no power for 10+ hours. Of course our area is not THE area so it was last. Other wise it was 73 light breeze. headed out on the bike a couple times. Fantastic being in the wind again.   Have a great rest of your day all.   Kymmie
    • Ashlee
      Im so excited for the future 
    • Carolyn Marie
      I agree with the above advice, Alex.  It does take time, especially with people who have known you all their lives, or have worked with you for a long time.  Most people are diligent about it, or correct themselves if they goof up.  Some folks struggle with the change.  I had one co-worker who just could not seem to get it right, and I know from his reaction that he was embarrassed as hell when he misgendered me, but could not stop himself.   I did not beat him up about it, as he was doing a pretty good job of beating himself up.  😀  I actually felt embarrassed for him, as he often did this in meetings with others.   If you sense that it isn't malicious, I would try to let it pass, or talk to them gently in private to explain the importance to you of getting the pronouns correct.  If you think the person IS being malicious or cruel, I would have a much more serious and pointed talk to them.    Almost everyone should be OK after a while.  For those who choose not to get with the program, you have options, including excluding them from your life if need be.   Carolyn Marie
    • DeeDee
      😀 Just want to say I love this post. Go Ashlee 💛
    • ToniTone
      So I'm here at my storage with my ma, helping her move some things I'm letting her store here. She went out for a while so here I am. We just got into a big argument, ugh! I don't want to be here now...    I was thinking of taking her for coffee later and coming out to her, but now I'm not so sure...    I for the longest her and I have been the only family there for each other, everyone else is just kinda estranged. But she only really cares for herself. She talks all the time, and never gives me space to just breath. She only cares about things she's interested in. She never listens to me or anyone. Her selfis, self-centeredness is such a put off. I don't think I really love my mother...    I don't even care how she's gonna feel anymore. I was looking forward to this, but  now I'm just crushed. This is about me. But she'll probably just make it about herself.    Whatever, I don't need this right now. I'm leaving... 
    • Ashlee
      Hi! I dont post as much as I used to but I'd like to post an update. Its rught around 8 months now on hrt and things are very very noticeably different. I fill out bras now and pants. Omg the pants! I've actually gone from losing weight to gaining it. I've gained 10+/- lbs in about 6 weeks. Its all in my thighs and booty. I am beyond how happy I am with the changes on hrt. Im getting curves, nig curves. I was going to get a Brazilian butt lift but npw I'm going to hold off and see where I am In a year. I never, ever and I mean never ever want to go back to boy mode or being a boy again. Ever. Hers is a picture of my thighs. I can finally wear a bikini! ❤️❤️❤️
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