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One bad apple


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Most sane rational people will know that within any demographic there are demented people. Even children are capable of cold blooded murder at times but that doesnt mean the whole acts the same however the people who do not realize this terrify me.


I was deep diving mainly for stress purposes. Immersing myself in my fears of being hit by a car kinda helps in the sense that the exposure leaves less up to the imagination if that makes sense. 


Anyway down in the mix there was a body cam video of a hostage situation being resolved. It was astonishing and im so glad that woman was saved but one of the attackers was a trans women. I rolled my eyes at the description thinking great. Here comes the -transgender-'s are mentally ill comments.


Those specific comments dont often get to me. Those are the type of people to yell at you and threaten you but as soon as you gently walk the other way they keep shouting to no one in particular about it. What did concern me were the amount of "trannys need to be locked up in a mental institution" comments stating we were all insanely crazy probably due to the far left being far too agressive when educating people leading the far right to beleive we're all screaming about our genders 24/7. 


One of the ones that made me scared the most was one that started off as something i could get behind. Kidnappers and rapists can just die which yes thats pretty harsh but at least they should get life in prison as soon as information is given that they did it but right under that was trannys. He said if he were dictator he'd kill us all and then a comment below stated that if we were living in hitler's "wonderful" nazi germany that would be the case. 


Now THOSE are the people to beat you, harrass you every time they saw you work to deny you jobs and rights keep you from adopting and keep you from living. 


Those are the people that terrify me. I want to be open about being trans to people but they make me want to just suffer in silence my whole life or transition fully and never tell anyone that it'd been done.


I know i shouldnt fear them because it only breeds the responce they want. I used to be in a trans amino and although they were most likely teens thinking they were being edgy they raved the server posting nazi posters and saying they wanted us dead. 


I am awful at dealing with extreme stress so if i have to ever deal with some of the things trans people go through i dont know if i'd be able to. Atlanta is pretty liberal but if im getting into reptile breeding ill have to travel to get exotics and since a lot of reptile breeders are hard older men idk how they'd accept me.


Plenty are very sweet and kind and could give less than half a -expletive- about anything but their ball pythons but i cant help but wonder if it'll effect my career. 


It makes me even scared to adopt children assuming they'll even let me adopt. I dont want them stressed about hearing others screaming slurs at their father and i dont want them to be harmed in school for me being who i am. 


I just hate people worrying about me in general. I prefer to lock my problems up and help those around me which yes is a bad habbit that i should resolve but i allways prefer to help others. I feel useless if im not doing that so i know when i transition it'll be a -crap- show of defense in my favor when id rather stay in the shadows and help them all succeed. 


I dont know, i know neo nazis want us dead but to hear it really just rattled me up pretty bad. 


Wow perfect timing my piece of -crap- sister just said that because her nephew liked having his nails be painted pink she thought he'd be one of those gross gays. God they're gonna make coming out a living god damn hell. 

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Hiya Aro, 


  I know it can seem daunting and sensationalized media makes things much worse. 


 The only viable solution is exposure. The more of us there are the more understanding we'll generate.


  There is no reason anyone should have to hide who they are and fit themselves into the perfectly cubed labels society has built. 


   For the moment there is still some fear of ridicule and violence but thanks to so many brave ladies before us we are able to enjoy social acceptance in a great many facets. 


  We thank those ladies today by adding to their ranks and holding our heads high!     .....when possible =P

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In my opinion, I notice that in society many people love to jump on the bandwagon and pick on anyone who they perceive stands out or cannot easily find support. It is human instinct for people, principally male, to fight to lead the pack, and even those who are quite placid and never capable of showing or proving greatness attempt to show they are better, or at least someone to be counted as part of the pack. People who stand out are many, and may change in different situations and groups. Picture the (unlikely) situation in which 90% of the population was trans. You would likely find that the other 10% would be looked on as odd. Another point is that in the situation of violent crime, the practice of which would be alien to most people, people look for unusual traits in the perpetraitors perhaps so they can diassociate themselves with the crime as being by a fellow human being.



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