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Waxing or shaving

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I started shaving my legs and underarms a couple of weeks ago in secrecy which with the hot weather we’re having has been hard cos it means constantly wearing trousers to prevent outing myself before I’m completely ready! But that’s another matter all together. 


I was wondering if anybody has any advice on whether waxing is worth doing because the constant regrowing hair that seems to be daily when I shave is starting to get me down. I know it’s all part and parcel of the process but if waxing will work Better I was wondering if anybody had any advice on good techniques or brands to use


Thank you,


Isabella 💕

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Salon waxing does a good job, but even there it is for a short time due to the hair growth cycles.  Home waxing is not as good since you cannot really apply the wax the way  you need to.  Either depends a bit on how coarse your leg hair is, since thick heavy hair will hurt like heck coming off.  My hair is baby fine blond and I only have done the waxing once in 10 years, but continue to listen to stories of torture from my newer friends.  Home waxing is a bit like putting athletic support tape all over your legs and ripping it off.


It will take a while to develop your own technique for shaving which is best done in a tub of water. 


I have not shaved or waxed my legs since beginning HRT and have never had anyone notice the hair was there.

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Be cautious waxing. Especially at home. My upper leg hair was too coarse for that. I think it probably still is 3 months into hrt. The only time I tried it it made me bleed! It looked gross. And it took a long time to heal up. Women have no issues because they have such fine body hair. If yours isn’t at least light and thin I’d say forget that. Same thing happened for me with that nair garbage too. Little blood spots all over my legs. 🤮. Shaving stinks but as hrt starts to do its magic it’ll get better. I used to get razor burn no matter what I did if I shaved any more than every like 10-14 days. Now I shave every week and don’t have that issue. But I still only go 1 time per week for now. 

And as for having shaved legs, I know at least 3 men that shave their legs regularly because they like it. And nobody says a word to them. Most people don’t care what you do to yourself. As long as you’re ok with it, do it and don’t worry. And if anyone asks just say you like it better. What’s the worst that’ll happen? 😉


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At my former place of employment I knew two guys who never wore socks and they both shaved their legs at their ankles, and maybe more (I couldn't see!).  

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I first started shaving my legs , then went on to epilating ( hurt like you know what) lol. It would take me four days to complete because I could only do half a leg at a time! eventually the hair got finer and there were actully bare patches plus the ingrowns were less frequent. At the moment I go to someone for all my hair removal, everything from the neck down and eyebrows and ears. its a combtination of waxing and sugaring and I usually go every five weeks. There are actually parts of my body that the hair is totally gone which makes me so happy! I had too be one of the hairiest men alive. the best thing is feeling how bedding actually feels against your skin, I don't feel like my legs are crawling anymore and I don't have to wear tights or pantyhose as much

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I’ve tried waxing, shaving and “Nair”. To me each has its pluses and negatives.  I’m not on hart so I don’t know what he will do.  Today I shave as needed.  



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    • Jani
      This is great.  I love the imagery of the Ravens and Butterflies.   Your choice of colors are beautiful.  Jani
    • Jani
    • Jani
      Yes we all have our unique stories yet we are very similar.  No aliens here!   You can be the person you wish to be.  Life isn't always easy, even for cis people, so jump in and be you, be happy.    Jani
    • Jani
      You are certainly not alone.  There are many of us that have similar experiences and we are happy.  You can be too.  Be you!
    • BananaPowered95
      I've been checking the forums lately - it's interesting how many of us have different experiences ! And how others feel like this, I always thought I was an alien! I identified with a lot of stories here and it's nice knowing I'm not alone in this I have some thinking to do yet but being like this forever feels like hell Thanks y'all for the kind answers! Kudos! 😄
    • Jani
      Hello Kylara and welcome!  Thank you for sharing.  You are correct that you can go as far as you wish and be comfortable with your choice.  Bravo for you.  It sounds like you and your wife have a great life.  See you around!     Jani
    • Jani
      This is exciting!  I got simple stainless studs as well when I got mine done.  I still wear them when I go to electrolysis or work in my shop.  Brings back fond memories!     Hugs, Jani
    • SugarMagnolia
      There's something incredibly powerful too about simply taking action. It helps us to avoid feeling like victims and focus on what we're doing as opposed to what others are doing against us. So, glad to see you standing up, Kirsten! 

      Fight like a girl, baby! 💪✊🤼‍♀️
    • Cyndee
      Welcome Kylara and thanks for your intro 😎   I am glad to read your wife supports you. I also enjoy cycling great exercise and fun !   Have a look around the forums, and post away as the mood strikes   Hugs   Cyndee -
    • DeeDee
      Hi Alex 🤗  you have already been given a lot of good advice above.   I think it is okay to be overwhelmed sometimes - If I think about transitioning mtf,  it floods over me with all of the fears, questions and doubts that you have mentioned. I was given the advice to just look at each little step on it's own and see if it feel right at the time - if it does move forwards if it doesn't step back. I want to experience being Dee in my daily life but at the moment I am very restricted, I do know that I think I want to start HRT when I can because a lot of folk experience a "rightness" emotionally which is linked to finally having the right chemicals in their body, those that do not get that feeling stop before any permanent changes happen to the body. Do not transition to become a fantasy or you are doomed to disappointment, just change the things you want to change until you are happy with who you are, once that happens the future is full of potential and keep going with your therapist while you need one. Things like clothing and fashion you could probably get help with from a friend if you wish to build confidence in how you look... But definitely change your doctor, he sounds like a right tool, what he has said is incredibly unproffessional regardless of his personal opinion. 🤬
    • Kirsten
      Congrats Michelle! I felt the same way about the weight. I lost 80 pounds before I started hrt. Gained 20 back once I started, and I’ve once again lost that 20. Weight loss may be slightly more difficult on hrt, but it’s all self control. If you put in the work, eat right, exercise every day, it’ll come off. Hrt or not.    I really like what Vikki mentioned above too regarding inner strength. I am proof of that. From introvert to too much to list. Once you let that girl out, she’s gonna run things! Get ready for what I hope is an awesome personal transformation!! 
    • michelle_kitten
      Charlize, if you look anything like your avatar picture, you're pretty.   Hugs
    • Cyndee
      Good morning, we have lot's of blooming trees and bulbs now here, fortunately I don't suffer this time of year, my soul mate and daughters do however. Going to be another beautiful day here in paradise, 2nd cup of coffee tastes great, as I look at work here too.   Have a great day all   Cyndee -
    • Charlize
      I also want to be pretty and to pass.  I think most of us who are MTF feel that way.  I've grown to believe that the happiness often found in self acceptance is the most beautiful part of any person.  When i feel good about myself the glow seems almost infectious.  As i read your posts, I see you growing in that feeling helped by finding the acceptance of others.  Enjoy this beautiful life.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Charlize
      A lovely image.  Watercolors are a lovely medium.   Hugs,   Charlize
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