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Kali-Ann Gills

Ragged cuticles.

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Kali-Ann Gills

Hi everyone, 

Ragged cuticles will always ruin nice nails. There are many things that can affect the cuticles however one of the more common is dryness.

Use cuticle oil morning and night massage gently into the cuticle DON'T rub hard. Continue the massaging motion into the nail plate and surrounding skin. This encourages blood flow to the cuticles and nails. The result is a higher depositing of nutrients to the nails. Ergo healthy nails and a beautiful smooth cuticle area.


Kali-Ann 💋 xx 



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    • Cyndee
      I am happy to see so many music topics here lately on our forums Music is a universal language, and brings people together.     Growing up we had an old, i mean really old upright piano in our home, that I used bang on, I began to become interested in how the notes worked together, and taught myself some basic songs. I started playing guitar at 10, using my Mom's nylon string folk guitar she used in her teaching. Turns out I'm a lefty, and turned her guitar around the way that was most comfortable for me. Needless to say none of the chord fingering charts she had worked for me, so I had to improvise my fingering. Later I would become interested in the Bass Guitar and bought my first brand new 1978 Fender P (still have it) and practiced in my basement before joining my first band. I've been in a number of bands over the years, and had the opportunities to open for national touring acts. I've always had a day job, but was able to supplement my income playing in working bands here in the Seattle area since the mid 80's as a bass guitarist. I transitioned while in a working cover band, and playing gigs as my true self was simply wonderful, an experience that saw my realization of a dream I had of being "the girl in the band"   Cyndee
    • Sally Stone
      Acknowledging how much the pandemic has changed my habits.  The stores here in NJ are open once again, and still, I haven't been shopping.  Before the lockdown one of my fondest activities to shop, yet now, it seems to have lost some that previous luster.  The upside is that my my Macy's charge card has a zero balance, something else that is quite unusual for me.   I'm thinking a little shopping trip for me is well overdue!
    • KayC
      Hi Raphael!  nice to meet you, and thank you for your introduction.   I had already replied to your post on Therapy before I saw this introduction post.  But, just wanted to let you know you found a great place to reach out for support and also share (as you now already know). So, just wanted to take an opportunity to say Welcome❣️
    • Charlize
      i won't forget how the Beatles changed the whole music scene.  I loved them and as their music changed i grew to respect them more and more.  At bit later i listened to the Stones and other groups.  I vividly remember moments of a Janice Joplin concert at the Fillmore East.  A bit later i was at a free Doors concert in a park in Atlanta where the folks in the sound truck to folks as they came in.  Eating several of those made the night and the music merge. Ahh the 60's   Hugs,   Charlize
    • KayC
      Hi cybreraphael!  Sorry to hear about your experiences with therapists.  I do think not being judged (or appearing to be judged) would be an essential requirement for me to trust and communicate with my therapist. I am actually waiting (hopefully this week) for my very first (ever) therapy session, so I have not even met my therapist yet.  I was given an opportunity for my first choice of available therapists and I did chose the one (woman) who is part of the LGBTQ+ community and had the most experience in this area.  Another important criteria, as you have also requested.   I will try to follow up on this thread and let you know how it goes after my first few sessions.   I think you have some other good suggestions and experiences here from @tracy_j and @SaraAW --  I think eventually you will find the right match.  So, don't give up❣️  
    • Alexx21
      Good Morning / afternoon / evening  everyone i hope you are all well and good  i just looking around the forum and saw this  thread  that i caught my eye  and i though id  say hi to everyone and see how you are all doing  ? i havent been around very much of late  and i would like to  be around the forum more than what i have been i hope where ever you all are that you are safe and good  A
    • Sally Stone
      Wow, so many choices, but if I had to put one band at the top of my list is has to be Pink Floyd.  Their progressive style has always moved me and has made progressive rock my favorite genre.     A shout out to you though cybreraphael for mentioning 10 Years;  I really like them a lot.  They are one of my favorite modern bands, and I think it is because of their progressive underpinnings.
    • KathyLauren
      I like playing music, but I am not a musician.  I can learn the notes, the rhythms, the expression, whatever is written in the music or heard on a recording.  But I can't compose anything or improvise my way out of a wet paper bag.  I was playing in a band one time, a paying gig, and and one of my band mates yelled, "Take it away, <deadname>!"  I nearly died.  I didn't "take it away".  I just kept on playing the song the way it was written.  Afterwards, I told him, "Don't ever do that to me again!"   My mother tried to teach me piano when I was a kid.  That was a fail.  In high school, I played clarinet in the school concert band, and I kept it up in a military band when I was in the air force.  (Sneaky trick that: the base band counted as a "secondary duty", and got me out of other nasty secondary duties like being base garbage officer.)  taught myself a few guitar chords, and I learned to play the hammered dulcimer.  I recorded a CD of hammered dulcimer music, which sold about two copies.    Currently, I play tenor sax in a community concert band.  I took a break for my surgery, but they then cancelled the rest of the season due to covid-19.
    • SaraAW
      Welcome @cybreraphael! Thanks for sharing a part of story.
    • SaraAW
      Always wonderful to have a rock. Especially as you adjust to HRT and the expanded range of emotions.    I understand the need for a bra. HRT has had definitely made it very obvious if I wear just a shirt without one. Also understand the comfort and affirmation that wearing one brings.    I don’t recall ever being as happy as I am since I took charge of my life and started working on my transition. There is also no way I’m going back in the closet.    I’m hoping my wife comes around too. It’s clear in everything unrelated to my transition, that she loves me. She also didn’t decide to try and kick me out or leave herself when I came out, so that’s at least a sign she still cares.     
    • SaraAW
      I have some good success with my therapist. She has told me to do anything. She asks me lots of questions to get me to think and look into myself for the answers, she gives me tools to work on for resilience and coping, but never tells me I have to use them, just here are some tools and tricks, try them if you want. If I do and they don’t work she provides me with different ones to try.  I feel in a way, I lead my sessions, she just provides some guidance to help me get where I want to go. I decide what we talk about each session, if I’m stuck, she throws a bunch of suggestions out, based on previous sessions and let’s me decide.    If after a couple sessions, you don’t feel a rapport building, I don’t see why you shouldn’t move on. We don’t click with everyone we meet, why should it be any different with a therapist. I got lucky with my therapist, found her on the first try, but I have changed GPs many times over the years, to make sure I had one I could be fully open with and that they seemed to truly care about my well being.  
    • Emily michelle
      It definitely helps it gets pretty complicated at times lol. She helps calm me down when I get frustrated with my makeup or hair.   Now that I think about it I was dropping a lot of hints, but I’m not hiding anymore and I just want to be me. I wore a bra because if I don’t know since the hormones have started my nipples would stand at attention (tmi lol). I also feel much more comfortable in a bra. I’m much happier now than than to back in the closet.   I really hope your wife comes around. I’m here if you ever need to talk to.
    • SaraAW
      Emily, I’m glad she’s helping you figure out the girl things. It always helps to have someone walk you through the things you might not fully understand. I’m fairly clueless myself on lots of things.   Wow, you were dropping lots of not so subtle hints to your parents, lol. I’m with you on the accept me or move on part. As I’ve started coming out to more people, something just started to click in me. My sister and my bestie are the last two I really care about either way, after that what happens happens. Definitely not changing for anyone, bad enough I’ve delayed a lot of things to give my wife enough time to try and adjust.     I’m also always available if you need a pair of friendly ears.    KayC, Thanks for the kind words. I find courage and inspiration in many folks here. It is always comforting (and sad at times) to know other people are going through similar experiences and that you’re not alone.    Hugs!
    • KymmieL
      Since I cut off my 2yrs of hair growth. I miss it. I know I could go with a wig until it grows back.   I was wondering about Hair extensions, Has anyone looked into it? Is there a minimum length your hair needs to be to get extensions? What is the aprox cost?   Thanks, everyone   Kymmie
    • Emily michelle
      Hi Sara! It has made life so much easier to have the support of my wife. After all I have no clue about being a girl. Im very sorry that your wife hasn’t been so accepting. I know how bad it makes me feel being misgendered. I really hope she does come around. Feel free to rant or talk I’m all ears.   Hi Susan to answer your question I was never able reveal my transition plans I was bombarded with questions and I was not able to tell them my plans. I have not mentioned anything about being transgender before. Intentionally I had my shoes and socks off while sitting on the deck. Since my wife was swimming. My mom mentioned that I have long hair, (haha I wish it was long) painted toenails, no beard, my underwear ( I’m curious about that one lol) my breasts, and I was wearing a women’s shirt. Hopefully they will be supportive but I’m not gonna change just to make them happy. I don’t want to sound mean but the can either accept there new daughter or move on.   Thank you Kay C. I can’t believe someone would want to follow me that makes me smile. I can guarantee you my wife hasn’t talked to my mother about it we have been avoiding them just because we were concerned about what they would think. I would assume they don’t really know what to think they don’t really know anything about transgender people. I’m hoping they come around more and I’d be happy to talk to them more about my transition plans and hopefully clue them in a little bit about us. My hope is to get them to become transgender allies, but I’m not changing to please them.
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