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So, more recently my wife helped me out with underwear and found out that, for 2 years, I've been wearing the wrong size panties. Note, I am pre everything, so underwear is the one thing I can hide full time.

Since I've figured out the size problem, I'm looking at branching out to non brief, non bikini style underwear. I tried boyshorts before and liked the style, but they were not a great fit.

Anyone have good choices of underwear styles that work for them. I'm of average size down there, and occasionally pop out of panties when I have those annoying reminders that I'm male.

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I prefer bikinis or hipsters. I do have boyshorts as well, but I'm not as big a fan of that style as those two.

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Kali-Ann Gills

The main problem that I found with panties was basically the gusset was always to narrow however, things did become a little easier after I had my Orchiotomy. Most of the time I wear rather boring basic cotton panties but I do have a good selection of lace shorts. Also I have started to wear pretty lace bodies under dresses.

Kali-Ann ? xx 

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Personally I wear cheekies and thongs a lot more lately than I did in the past. I do still wear boyshorts and regular bikinis as well just not as often. I think it's probably due to the fact that I spend a lot of my down time in leggins and long tshirts. If you shop on amazon a lot I would say try some of the less expensive styles and see what you like and works for you. You can buy them one or two at a time fairly cheap so you are not out much if you find you don't like them.

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I wear two g-strings, layered, and they keep it all in place and show no panty lines in jeans or leggings.

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On 8/10/2018 at 6:32 PM, Dakota16 said:

I do have boyshorts as well, but I'm not as big a fan...

Until you get a "reduction" these don't do a good job of holding...

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I find cotton to be the best for keeping things in line. It’s like they have some give or stretch so your extra parts get snugged in there. But they don’t hide well for the same reason. I have similar luck with all styles I’ve used. But I prefer a thong myself. After the first few weeks you forget they’re wedged up your rear end and it’s just free and comfy to me. 

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I prefer bikinis or hipsters too. With a little research it is possible to find those with wider gusset. I think cotton is better than synthetic for hygene etc.Although I have not worn them to the beach yet (unusually I have not been at all this year), I have made some high waist bikini bottoms. I used the gusset dimensions from male trunks and the rest from female bikini bottoms, and look normal female, but have wide gusset. I also, apart from the normal lining, made the lower area with two layers of swimsuit material so that the holding power is higher than normal.They should work well!




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I have some boyshorts that I have started with and still go back to a few times.  But I love my hipsters from VS.


Thanks for the idea Kirsten.  I have wanted to try a thong, especially when I wear my leggings.  


I have also been in VS and have actually done the measure and fit for the bras and found the correct way to wear a bra and how the fit is.  I was told that I am a 38B at VS.  I have picked up 4x T-Shirt style bras by VS in my size and they are so comfortable.  I do not even realize that I am wearing a bra.


Lots of Love



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Watch out for that “bulge” issue in tight pants Amy. I find the thong hides less than a brief in my experience.  Maybe a long top with the leggings.  ?

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Just now, Kirsten said:

Watch out for that “bulge” issue in tight pants Amy. I find the thong hides less than a brief in my experience.  Maybe a long top with the leggings.  ?

Thank You very much.  I am lucky that I have already had 1 Oreacmitatoy.  I am missing 1 since my Cancer so I only have 1 and not 2 and the hormones have made it smaller so between having it small and only 1, it is very easy to hide, even under the tightest clothes and underware

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I have lots of cotton cheeky panties  from VS. I was born with a single teste yet have a small peanut size 2nd teste from surgery when i was 7. Tucking is really easy for me with the VS cheeky panties, and the fact i think i have the taping figured out for comfort. They are a great choice,  at least for me.

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Hi! The best Thong in my opinion is “Iris & Lilly Women's Cotton Thong with Lace, Pack of 5.” 

The do a really good job holding the furniture in place. The trick is the lace trim. It both looks sexy and creates enough of a gaff for the parts. 



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Maid In Bedlam

I prefer Cotton High leg or Full Breifs.  Nothing better than comftable underwear. 


It would appear im an undies outcast  From  a strange place. A weirdo


Dont get me wrong there was a time that I sacrificed myself to living on an undercarriage knife edge so to speak. But no more :nope:

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    • Timber Wolf
      Good day everyone,🐀   Happy birthday Briezy!🎂 Hope you have a great day!   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾
    • Berni
      Tracheal shave in 3 hours. This is my third attempt. Previous two were cancelled due to covid.   Wish me luck!   Heres my last picture ... fresh from the shower.
    • QuestioningAmber
      Rowan   I would do a search for Transgender Clinics in Oregon and look for non-profit ones. You may be able to find a specialized clinic in your neck of the woods. I know here in Central Ohio for example has a specialty LGBTQ+ Clinic that has a sliding scale. In doing a quick search, a few came up out of Portland at least (you could even call them if that isn't close for you).
    • DonkeySocks
      If he's on T for a while yet this might be relevant: "When undergoing cervical cancer screening, be sure to share that you're on testosterone therapy and make sure that the gender designation on your sample is disregarded. This kind of therapy can cause your cervical tissues to thin (cervical atrophy), which might mimic a condition in which abnormal cells are found on the surface of the cervix (cervical dysplasia)."--Mayo Clinic website   This is about making sure that a doctor performing the screening doesn't get a false positive for problem cells. However, note that T may cause cervical atrophy, so if your boyfriend is concerned about that, it might be in his best interest to stop T sooner rather than later, depending on what his doctor says about the effects so far and what's expected for his body if he stays on T.
    •  Kylie
      That is good news @Susan R. Hope she continues to recover. CoVID has been doing some long term damage to those that have been surviving from the severe illness.    Well wishes. 
    • Carolyn Marie
      Excellent, Rhonda!  Congrats on a good interview.  Very interesting article, too.   HUGS   Carolyn Marie
    • DonkeySocks
      He should ask his doctor before making any decision, but here's what I was able to find:   Here's a link to a pdf about the hormone process for ftm. On the left is a table of contents; click on "Are these changes permanent?" https://d31kydh6n6r5j5.cloudfront.net/uploads/sites/161/2019/08/hormones_FTM.pdf   Also I found the following list on the ftm hormone page on Wikipedia: Reversible changes     Increased libido     Redistribution of body fat     Cessation of ovulation and menstruation     Increased musculature     Increased sweat and changes in body odor     Prominence of veins and coarser skin     Acne (especially in the first few years of therapy)     Alterations in blood lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides)     Increased red blood cell count Irreversible changes     Deepening of the voice     Growth of facial and body hair     Male-pattern baldness (in some individuals)     Enlargement of the clitoris     Growth spurt and closure of growth plates if given before the end of puberty     Breast atrophy – possible shrinking and/or softening of breasts   Hope that helps!
    • Cyndee
      That's really good news to read Susan, and may the improvements continue with your sister Lisa, enjoy the rest of your trip and safe travels home   It's pouring rain here today (so welcomed), think i'll grab another cuppa,   Hugs   Cyndi
    • Susan R
      Thought I’d pop in to say hi to you all. I miss being on here much this week. I’m still down in Boise visiting my sister Lisa who had severe lung damage earlier this year from that dreaded Covid. She just got a call from her doctor yesterday and got her test results back. They said she is actually improving and her oxygen levels are increasing so much she can now be removed from oxygen when she is not walking. Her breathing also sounds so improved from when I last talked to her on the phone a month or so ago.   My wife and I are enjoying our visit with them very much..it feels like old times. Even though I’ve been sleeping well here, I’ll be home next week and the thought of sleeping in my own bed sounds so nice!   Take care all, Susan R🌷
    • RhondaS
      Used so many tissues today reading Love Lives Here today. Brought the whole box out onto the porch. 
    • RhondaS
      And bits of the interview I did made it in there!   Trans Twitter and the beauty of online anonymity
    • ElizabethStar
      I don’t feel as alone now. My wife thinks my therapist put ideas in my head. 
    • HollyNoel
      @KymmieL I'm so sorry you can't get your wife to go with you to your therapist appointment. I've tried to get my mom to go to my therapist appointment so my therapist can talk to my mom. We both think it would be goof for my mom to sit in and listen to me when I talk about how I feel. But just like your wife, She thinks my therapist is part of my transgender problem and not the solution. Anyway, I'm so sorry and I can't fully understand what your going through, but I can sympathize with you at the moment. I pray that your wife finally comes around to understanding how you feel. Because having someone close to you that understands you is the best thing you could ever hope for. My mom doesn't understand me right now, but she is there for me in case I need her. I hope your wife comes around. If for nothing else for your piece of mind. Hugs Honey!
    • Jandi
      Yeah, taking that first step to start the process was important to me.   Still have a long way to go.
    •  Kylie
      I don’t know why my comment duplicated! Someone can take care of that for me I hope!    but @Jackie C. haha, I didn’t even realize that 😂   I wasn’t aware that was also an option! But I think my bleeding is such an issue that it needs to be treated immediately. Per what I’ve heard, silver nitrate isn’t too painful, compared to what I’m experiencing now, I’ll welcome it as long as it resolves my issue. I am nervous though for this appointment, seeing it is my first time seeing a GYN and I’ll be here first trans post-op patient. She is excited though, so makes one of us. 
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