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I'm surprised to hear your official documents like DL say "Jack" rather than your legal name.  You need to think this out to the point you are comfortable with a name that fits your personality.  If you are attached to your birth name, for good reason,  you might consider feminizing it.  Ex: Donald to Donna.  


Don't worry about writing too much!  We're here to support each other and this is a safe place to put down your thoughts.  Substituting "alternate, not real" names is a good idea.  



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Honestly I have no idea how my driver's license has that nickname on it, but it has, ever since I got my learner's permit as a teenager. And then the bank accounts and everything else just followed the DL, I guess.


I have been hoping that since the license already has my old preferred name "Jack" rather than the name on my birth certificate, that putting my new preferred name, Jay, shouldn't be a problem. I doubt it will be as easy as all that, but it would be nice.


Since I'm dreaming, though, I might as well go all out! In my dream world, they would let me 1) keep my birth name, 2) add an official Preferred Name that goes on all my IDs, and 3) officially change my gender marker from M to X, N, or O.


But I live in Arkansas, and I'm pretty sure at the moment they won't even let me change my gender marker until I have had actual surgeries. Which I'm not planning on doing.


Oh well.

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  • 1 month later...

I went out in public dressed in full lady mode for the first time a few days ago. Just to run a couple of errands.


It was surprisingly natural and comfortable. I noticed a couple of second glances from people, but mostly it just felt normal.


Seems like progress.

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 That is fantastic news !  Just living our daily lives is the best way to be ourselves, giving no concern to others and going about our business while smiling and being content with ourselves is the most important thing we can achieve for ourselves. I encourage you to just continue onward, worry about nothing and have a good time, soon enough the second glances will stop, and even if they were there you wouldn’t bother to notice them, same result if you ask me. I’m really happy to hear that you’re enjoying yourself out in the world, and I bet it has you smiling from ear to ear?



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Yes great news Jay.  Continue getting out.  Be yourself.  The side glances are sometimes because we are taller than a lot of women.  I know I catch myself looking at tall women when I'm out shopping.  The world will open to you as you get out and get more comfortable.  Hugs! 


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Thank you both!


I don't feel any great joy about this, to be honest. Intellectually I understand it is a milestone, but emotionally it seems like a nonevent. I got some coffee with a friend, went to the store, took my friend to work, and got some lunch. I just happened to be wearing heels, a skirt, and a sweater set.


I have been both ill and overworked lately, so I might just be too exhausted for a full emotional response.

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It really is great once you get out into the world as yourself. Enjoy it. Like Jani says it isn’t necessarily that you’re trans when you get looks. It could just be the shirt you’re wearing looks cute to them! 

Jani I think of the tall girl thing like having a new car. You never see one until you buy one. I think I notice every girl over 5’ 10” now. ?

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8 hours ago, Kirsten said:

I think I notice every girl over 5’ 10” now. ?


8 hours ago, Robin said:

People may also look at you because they find you attractive.  



And certainly YES! 


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In two days, the CEO of my company is making a visit to this office for the first time EVER. We've all been cleaning and organizing and generally gussying up the place. Looks nice.


But also, on the day of his visit we are expected to dress about two notches fancier than our everyday dress code. Men who wear polo shirts are expected to wear shirts and ties.


My wardrobe as it currently exists simply doesn't include any clothes that fit that description that fit my body. The only nice clothes I own right now that fit? Is my only outfit of women's clothes.


I don't have the money to go out and buy new clothes between now and his visit.




This will be interesting.

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Go Jay!  Be who you are.  

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I can't imagine the stress that this may be causing you if you weren't ready to go to work dressed.  But maybe this is a sign that you should embrace who you are now.  



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It's definitely a surprise, and a milestone I wasn't expecting to hit quite this soon! But compared to the actual stressors in my life, this barely registers. Just a quirk of the timeline, I guess.


But I agree with you entirely. I accept these things as signs that I am meant to keep moving forward.

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Never mind, it's not happening. They relaxed the dress code to just one notch fancier than usual, so I don't have to resort to extremes.


I'll be able to choose my moment on my own terms now. Still think it might be soon.

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OK take a deep breath and relax.  But know the time when you dress up for work is coming!  Big Hug!!



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It could still be your moment! If you wanted it to be at least. ?

i thought you seemed pretty ready from your first post. Nervous sure, but ready. ??‍♀️?


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lol. I was feeling resigned to it, I think. Nervous but accepting.


But today is the day, and because I didn't have to dress quite as fancy as expected, I pulled something decent together from my menswear wardrobe.


It was definitely the path of least resistance, but I might feel a little disappointed in myself for not just going for it anyway -- and that's why I suspect it won't be long before I start incorporating more womenswear into my work clothes.

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I can tell you it was difficult those first few days for me at least, but the sense of accomplishment satisfaction and eventual comfort and relief are well worth it.  I’m sure you’ll be there soon. ?

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 I certainly think that adding more womenswear into your work wardrobe is a great idea, I was quite nervous as well when I started presenting female at work, but the uncomfortable part of that came and went so quickly that I never really had time to think about having anxiety over it.  What I wear now is just accepted as normal, and honestly I can’t even think about presenting as male without it feeling weird. I think it’s good that the situation did not force you to do something that you didn’t want to do on your own, everything needs to be in your time, when you decide it’s time you will know and it will work just fine...  don’t forget that Halloween is coming up, always good opportunities with Halloween costumes ?



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I'll be on vacation with my chosen family from Oct 30 to Nov 5 -- which means during that time there's no reason or excuse needed for me to dress as I please. It's going to be a great time.


I can't recall if I've mentioned this, but the company I work for has an LGBTQ+ employee group at each of our locations, and I'm one of the leaders. I managed to convince my company to be a sponsor of Central Arkansas Pride this year, so I've spent a lot of time over the last few months organizing our sponsorship, festival booth, and presence at the parade.


Anyway, Pride was this past Saturday, and it went FANTASTIC. I'm really proud of my company and coworkers, and of myself!


On Sunday, there was a 'recovery brunch' for VIPs (I have never been a VIP before, so this was pretty cool), and after the brunch there was a private concert -- by JENNIFER HOLLIDAY. She sang to a group of maybe 50 people including myself and my best friend. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. She is amazing. Phenomenal.


She made me cry twice -- once during "I Am Changing" from Dreamgirls which resonated with me as a trans person, and later on there were some technical difficulties so she sang "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" a capella while the sound people fixed the issue, which was seriously the highlight of the whole performance, and wasn't even planned.


Anyway, it was a heck of a weekend. I'm exhausted and am still hoarse from yelling and cheering all weekend. And I'm glad I don't have to do this again any time soon.

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A great update Jay!  Thanks for your involvement in the local Pride event as I'm sure it was a great event.  You are certainly a VIP!   I'm sure you deserve a good rest!   


Have a wonderful time on your vacation!   



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I am particularly overwhelmed with emotion right now.


I'm terrified of what the current incarnation of my government might do to me, and to my trans brothers, sisters, and siblings. Of where my country might be headed. Of where the compassionless might drag us. I'm deeply sad that such a large percentage of the country hates us that a leader who doesn't care either way would do this just to please them. And I'm scared it might work.


There's hope there, too, and a confidence that, given time, we will get where we need to go. The wheels of justice are slow, but grind exceedingly fine. And I'm proud that my LGBTQ family is holding strong, fighting back, speaking up.


And I'm relieved that I work for a company that makes protecting its employees a real priority. The executives of my company released an internal statement that no matter what the government does, trans employees will be respected and medical benefits will continue to support us.


And of course I'm SO EXCITED that I get to spend a week with my chosen family. The hype is real!


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all i can say is donald trump is a abhorrent fool blame your own people for voting in this fool all i can say stick with it or upsticks to another country where they have a better system of dealing with things i believe canada is a shining example of a wonderful lead country


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I welcome advice and conversation, as long as it doesn’t involve placing blame on my loved ones for other people’s bigotry. 

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Today I am FEELING GOOD! My vacation starts tomorrow, and in addition to having a week away from work, I'll be with my beloved chosen family! And you can be sure I will dress however I feel like dressing, with nothing but support from them, and hearing nothing but my real name and pronouns. I'm super blessed to have them in my life, regardless of how very seldom I get to see most of them.


Also I think I might get my nails done tomorrow morning. Some nice pretty acrylics with a French manicure. ELEGANT. Yes, I think I might do that.


Hope everyone's doing well!

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    • JustineM
      Top o’ the morning everyone! Got to sleep in today and now enjoying a nice cup of the good stuff. Got an appointment with a personal trainer this afternoon and thinking of getting my ears pierced today. Hope everyone has a great day. 
    • QuestioningAmber
      Good morning everyone. I am feeling tired his morning and it is another slow day at work, so that isn't helping. I am looking forward to having tomorrow off and the wife and I are going to go for a drive in the country which will be nice. I am going to be seeing my mom for the first time since coming out on Saturday, so that will be interesting. I am wondering what she is expecting, which I probably shouldn't be worrying about, but yet here I am. I am not sure what I am expecting myself to be honest.
    •  Kylie
      Good Morning!   Elizabeth that is wonderful news! I remember that moment I received my new work badge, was like a young child getting the toy they wanted so badly for Christmas!    Waking up this morning to my regular and tiresome routine. Hate to say this, but I’m ready to go back to work in about 4 weeks. While dilating and such keeps me busy, I’m getting more and more stir crazy in the house. As flu season approaches, I know my ICU I work in will be hit hard with the combination of the sick CoVID patients. I’m ready to return to being a Nurse!    So, about to shower and get myself together for another Doctors appointment and to get my nails done.    Hope everyone has a fantastic day!
    • Bri2020
      Good Morning Ladies! I'm sensing lots of good vibes here this morning. I'm loving all the positive changes I'm seeing in everyone's lives. Keep it up girls. Emily, good luck with the consult. I'm probably going that route in a year once eligible from a time of hormones perspective.  I would love to just do SRS instead but that's going to be a much longer wait time and I would rather get off the spiro faster and reduce the E needed since I'm older.   Today's adventure: Consult for laser tattoo removal.  I've got a big celtic knotwork tat on each deltoid area that looks terribly male and I don't do sleeveless because of it.  The big back piece I might live with for a while since I don't see it and most clothes cover it anyways.     I feel like I need more coffee . I rushed my two cups this morning since I over slept and didn't get to enjoy them. I don't need the added caffeine though.  Tomorrow I'm gonna set an alarm.  
    • Willow
      Great morning everyone    the birds are singing their happy songs, the sky is a beautiful blue and the sun is smiling down at us!  What a great day.   And what a good news day for Emily and Liz and several of my local friends too.  Even for me, my wife and I are starting  to recover.  I guess having our kids (who are middle age which in it self is hard to imagine) sit down with us and force some difficult answers has pushed us along.  I think we were stuck on a plateau falling back but never moving forward. now we are climbing up again. It’s great for me and brings tears to my eyes.   Charlize, I haven’t seen you on here in a while.  I trust all is ok?     well, time to enjoy this great day.   hugs   Willow
    • Mmindy
      Good morning everyone, the temp outside is 44° and 64° inside. Welcome to Fall, the coffee is still hot, black, and strong. #GoPink #OctoberCacerAwarnessMonth #BreastCancerAwarnessMonth #SusanGKomen #SafeTheTaTas   Hugs for all,   Mindy🐛🌈🦋
    • Shay
      I am happy this topic seems to be resonating.  @Berni I will see if I can find a more extensions feelings list but be assured any feeling you or others wish to express is completely welcome.   I am ecstatic that we can and all of you so far have been so open and honest. It helps me me and I hope it helps you.   Heather Shay
    • Heathick
      Yup, fifty-something! The nightie i mentioned is..I think a 4XL..? Maybe 5? The male puberty fairy hit me pretty hard! (Didn't bother me at the time, I saw it as "rite of passage" and much-desired "growing up", but now I envy the transwomen who started early and avoided it.)   I think that size will go down a little bit when I lose the weight I need to, but even before I ever started considering transitioning, I'd already been thinking "Yea, I really should get a good sewing machine and learn how to make alterations and make my own clothes." At least I'm not totally a novice at it, I have sewn before, just not often enough to remember how to do it...and I never could keep a straight line!   I heard about a documentary series called "My Giant Life" about a few very large-frame women, probably even bigger than me from the sound of it. I should watch it, hopefully they'll talk about how they deal with clothing.
    • Timber Wolf
      Good morning everyone,🐀   Happy birthday Arya!🎂 Happy birthday AJ!🎂 Hope you have a wonderful day!   And happy birthday to my sweet little Gizmo!🎂   Lots of love, Timber Wolf 🐾🛷  
    • Victoria_
      The Italian Medicine Agency (AIFA), today, established that HRT will be free for people with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Until yesterday only in Tuscany the drugs were provided by the National healt service.  From now on trans people can buy all the medicine they need in hospital pharmacies for free.  I’m very happy, such great news! 😊     Link (Italian https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ilpost.it/2020/10/01/terapia-ormonale-transgender-gratuiti/amp/)
    • Reverie_Star
      Thank you @Jacqui and @Jackie C.. Ive been kind low this last 2 weeks as I just came out to my wife, and she spends lots of time crying. I have to give her credit she is trying, but im just besting myself up a lot for it. Luckily I see my therapist today. I really hope some day I can finally like myself because a lifetime of not has been tough as I am sure you are familiar. But just encouragement and solidarity from wonderful women and guys in places like this help. So thank you.
    • Charlize
      Why do confusers always demand change when you are happy and have finally gotten things to work?  Perverse!  
    • Charlize
      Finishing my first cuppa now.  Then out to trim hooves and care for 15 full sized goats.  With any luck they are going off in a couple of weeks to work at producing antibodies for covid therapy.  I am getting a bit old to deal with these horned animals who are often quite difficult.   After letting the pastures rest we are looking at establishing a herd of sheep.  Meanwhile the maple syrup season keeps me busy in the woods.  I'll be patching and rehanging tubbing soon.   Eizabeth, i remember floating with every thing that had my real name on it.  Getting something in the mail was bliss.  It is a big deal somehow to see that kind of confirmation!  Enjoy!   Berni, i feel your love of scarves.  A lovely accessory. In the summer here i wear bandanas or have them hanging from my waist.  Scarves are great in cooler weather or floating in the wind riding a scooter or motorcycle.   Emily, Good luck with your doctor.  Surgery is a big step.  I remember the excitement, doubt and fear i faced as i approached mine.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • KathyLauren
      I am feeling hopeful and pleased.    Hopeful that the pain from my surgery six months ago might finally be starting to get better.  Not that it's all gone yet, far from it, and I am still somewhat disabled, but I am better than I was a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe I won't need a revision after all.   And I am pleased that my paperwork saga is drawing to a close with the arrival of my updated birth certificate this week. 
    • Abi
      Early to rise again. Good thing I stock up on coffee essentials. I have a very long day ahead of me. Remote learning with the kids. Both of them are keeping very good grades so far. Then doctor's for me. I strongly dislike public adventures of all sorts, this kind especially. Today will be quite intrusive. I guess it's just going to have to be that way. At least I can race home afterwards and watch a movie with my kids. They calm me down a lot. Have a lovely day all.
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