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Research Study: Suicide Prevention

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Morning everyone!


Kelly vetted a study being performed by researchers at the University of Mississippi.  It has to do with suicide prevention, so the questions asked may bring up memories of unpleasant times, but helping them get a better understanding of what puts the topic of suicide on the table for our community is very worthwhile.  Below is a description of the study from the principal researcher, who has invited people to reach out with questions.  A link to participate in the survey is also included.



Hi folks -


I am an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi whose research focuses on suicide prevention. Some colleagues and I are looking to collect some preliminary data to help us understand in what ways risk is similar (and different) across a range of diverse populations with elevated suicide rates. Some of these groups overlap with one another quite a bit (e.g. gun owners, law enforcement, active duty military) and some are quite different (e.g. veterinarians, first time new mothers). Our goal is to recruit enough folks to consider groups in isolation or in comparison to one another so that we can understand better how risk shifts in nature from one group to another (and within broader groups that have substantial diversity within them).


One group that has been getting very little attention and whose perspective has been underrepresented in suicide research is the transgender community and I am hoping that individuals who identify as transgender may be willing to take part in this anonymous survey. If you do, some of the items you answer will be ones asked of everyone and some will be unique to the group you indicate that you most identify with. Some of the items are repetitive (sorry...that's an unfortunate reality of scientific research), but we did out best to make the survey both comprehensive and short.


Keep in mind that, although this post is specifically seeking individuals who identify as transgender, we would be thrilled to have anyone take part. Eligibility simply depends upon whether you currently identify with one of the specific groups we are considering in this particular study.


I myself am not an expert on the perspective of the transgender community, but my colleague at Louisiana State University is and he developed this section of the survey. That being said, I would be more than happy to receive and pass along feedback (michael.anestis@usm.edu) and hope that we are able to contribute something of value through our efforts.  I will be going out of town with my family for Labor Day weekend, so I might be a little slow to respond by email for a few days, but trust that I will reply as quickly as possible.


The survey has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of USM. If you are interested in taking part, here is the link.



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I did take the survey.  Hopefully it will help.

I had a feeling that the trans based questions were a bit of an after thought.





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Yes I did the survey too. I did not see anything obvious as regards locality and there was the right place to put 'country' so it may be Ok, but it will be obvious if my submission is invalid. I must admit it would have been easier if I were somewhat younger. The 'numbers of times' questions were difficult to answer.



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    • ShawnaLeigh
      I believe you need to use what ever your legal name and designation are on record.  More so for payroll, taxes, retirement saving, etc.  It would be perfectly fine to include your chosen name as long as it is explained as well.  You don’t want to appear like your hiding anything either.   jmo
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      Breathe life into this topic of poetry I think it was in September of 2018 when i first submitted my poems here... I have been away for a while I would like to see more poetry and will make my contributions💗
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      I just made a deal with him...   since I didn't give him his "Birthday kiss" I said he sould kiss me on my birthday and he made me shake his hand! Lowkey excited and nervous at the same time. I think he is just gonna keep dropping hints, because today on the bus he kept complaining about how he was single haha. He wanted to see who had bigger hands and turns out he did >:0 He put his head on my shoulder again and my heart is going to explode AAA He was really close to my face the whole bus ride so I put my hands on the sides of his face and we both turned away in awkwardness. AAAA
    • Aidan5
      I will be your friend!! I aa a 16 yr trans guy
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      Ooooooooo...  I like this!   ”In Red I Wait”   In the mirror She stares back In-recognition, searching   In red I wait Beneath swelling clouds Ominous, foreboding She arrives We ride   In familiar rhythmic silence We glide  By field and wood Fauna disturbed momentarily   Interstate In streaks of red and blue Corpulent silence I am alone   “Are you angry?” Aberrant, pensive Issues parturient As vultures to a kill..   “No.” My only reply.   - Jennifer T, May 9, 2003
      14 yr old trans dude looking for some friends!
    • Jennifer T
      Then the effects of the poison will slowly and certainly wane.  Embrace the beauty that resides in the heart. 
    • Jennifer T
      You are welcome @Miseria. The greatest hope that is ever have through the words I write is that another will feel.    Thank you you for expressing this.  And I pray that you find the beauty in life to feel all that is good and lovely as well as the sorrow.    Peace
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      I usually stick with a hoodie and pants to be safe (hoodies always have been my safe space), but I find that layers usually can balance things out if I'm feeling dysphoric, so jackets and flannels over shirts, or short sleeve shirts over long sleeve shirts (very e-boy style). To be honest, men's pants don't really fit me (the damned female body) so I found jeans called "Levi Strauss Signature", which give me hip room while avoiding the tightness that women's jeans have. Of course they are black jeans, because I live almost entirely in black/monochrome clothing, but they come in normal jean colors as well. For shirts, I legit went to the Target or Walmart men's section and found shirts there, they come in some cool, generic prints, but fit really well. My favorite hoodies are a size or two larger than I am, from Champion, Under Armor, and other brands that make hoodies. I've sorta built up a collection, and I don't think that any of my friends have seen me wear anything else. For shoes, I'd go with vans, even though they are expensive, because the men's shoes fit my tiny feet without making them look feminine. But just like Dillon said, I'd also go to goodwill to find affordable things.
    • Jackie C.
      We actually have one on the main page. It's a bit out of date though.   Hugs!
    • Laura76
      Will there be a page with a glossary of terms?  With terms and meanings changing, it is a challenge to keep up on the latest jargon.
    • Jackie C.
      A lot of that depends on where you live. Some states have protections for trans people (mine does not). Some cities might also have specific ordinances to prevent discrimination (again, none of that here). In the rest of the US, it's totally OK to discriminate against us in jobs, housing, etc...   Personally, I'd wait until the interview instead of putting it on my resume. A sort of, "Hey, my legal name is X, but I'd prefer if you called me Michelle. I'm trans and will be transitioning on the job."   Hugs!
    • Rowan
      Hi Michelle! Welcome! Around here, you'll find that there are tons of us with similar stories as yours. You aren't alone. My therapist was absolutely essential to my journey, and coming out. Hopefully, yours will be just as helpful. I hope to see you around more. Once again, welcome.😊😊😊
    • Jackie C.
      Salutations Michelle! It's good to meet you.   Congratulations on the superficially kind and loving family! Mine is spiders all the way down. A lot of us hit a wall where we can't hold down the need to be our true selves anymore. Coming out to your family, especially when you think one or more members might be hostile, is one of the biggest hurdles we get to face early on. Usually. We still haven't told my father in law. I've been myself in front of him, gone shopping with him, slept on his couch and made him breakfast for Father's Day, but we haven't told him. I have no idea what he thinks. Sorry about the hair. I got alopecia for my 39th birthday. If nothing else we cal talk about wigs. 😁   Welcome to the site! We're a friendly bunch. Poke around and don't be afraid to ask questions. Mind the rules of the site. You'll find us to be accepting and supportive community.   Hugs!
    • secondlook
      I don't know that my employer is anti-trans, but I know that management is right-of-center. I don't believe they'd be foolish enough to fire me once I reveal that I am transitioning, but I also can't see how I can have any future in a company that is never going to be comfortable with me. So I'm going to apply to some LGBT-friendly companies now, in the hopes that I can find a welcoming work environment. Most of my waking hours are spent at work, after all!   My question is, do I use my current professional name on my application materials, even knowing these are LGBT-friendly jobs I'm applying for, or do I use my soon-to-be-real-name? All of my work history is publicly available under the old name. I'm applying for the kinds of jobs where employers are going to look me up, and if they can't find me, that's a problem.   I had one idea, which is to offhandedly mention that I'm transitioning in the cover letter, not making a big deal of it, and then sign at the bottom with my old name, followed by "(aka Michelle)." Or is that too weird and convoluted?
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