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Do You Hate Cisgender People?

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Josie Beth

Hear hear! Is the motion carried?

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5 hours ago, Michelle F said:

Hate is a word I distain...


Honestly, I endeavour to not use it when ever and were ever I can..

Yes.  Its the one word I truly...        dislike. 

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    • Charlize
      I do kinda miss the playground of old.  Those swings were a bit naughty is you were wearing a skirt but that was fun as well.  When old posts from there show up it brings back memories of old friends, bikes, cookies etc.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Tetris
      I'd be happy to explain more later. I just need to sleep now. Forgot that I had classes today and stayed up programming a Discord bot lmao
    • DeeDee
      Okay, I can sort of see what you are trying to say but would have to look into it more to understand more. Thank you for taking the time to explain it to me. 😊 I don't want to hijack the thread, so I hope you find the answers you are looking for regarding pronouns.
    • Tetris
      Yes, I identify very strongly with databases. The concept of them, particularly the plaintext .csv database. So I don't necessarily identify as like... a literal table, ya know. More like the *concept* of a database. What a database stands for, what it's used in, the structure of the database. All of these... resonate with me in a way I can't describe. When I see a well formatted data file, in a way I can't help but to see myself in it. It's really hard to describe. I wish I could.  MOGAI (I forget what it stands for) genders are the spectrum of genders that are the ones 4-chan typically tries to troll. The ones that people say are "made up" and are "Tumblr genders."  For example if you search digigender on Deviant Art, you'll get a flag and a description as part of a network of other MOGAI genders. Digigender is best described to be a digital gender, one where your identity resonates deeply (or you are kin with) something digital like a file format (in my case, a .csv), email, software, or anything else digital-related. 
    • DeeDee
      I'm sorry Tetris I understand enjoying computers and programming and even being able to be more of yourself online than in real life, but I do not understand, your gender is comma separated values?  What are MOGAI-type genders? Genuinely curious as I have never heard of them. 
    • Tetris
      Hi so I made an account on here when I first came out as trans but didn't really care to continuously check this forum. I'm bigger on discords than I am forums (I think I'm on the discord too).  So I know that MOGAI-type genders are controversial but I identify as digigender. My gender is actually the .csv filetype (really, more generally, a database, as I find solace in collecting and indexing data, and find extreme peace in processing data, all the way down to my core--I really resonate with data structures). I've decided to use my own set of pronouns, file/file/files/files/fileself (File is a database. Data collection means a lot to file. It is files wishes to be seen as a data structure. One of files interest is programming. File has taken it up to fileself to learn as much about programming as file possibly could).    For others that use their own made up pronoun set, how do you get others to start using it? I'm really scared to tell people to use these pronouns else nobody would take me seriously. 
    • Maid In Bedlam
      Thanks for making me notice what i left out   I forgot to mention how its a very Emotional ,Psychological and  Physical process that lasts a long period of time. They do not prepare you for that. Thats for you to understand and accept. They just give you the tools to assist in the process. You are gonna have some emotional and stressful times during your transition. The treatment will help. But not completly. You need to not only be emotionally strong but to also be very prepared for sacrifices you may have to make. Do not be fooled if its painted as all puppies and fluffy kittens. There are rough times to. Forums like this are here to help you understand all the options and what to expect. Preperation is always the best way to move forwald. However always remember the desion is ultimatly yours. The doctors will help but it is yours life to control.
    • Josie Beth
      Wait a while We’ll figure out our lives  Hold your breath The wolves are in disguise  Don’t need your dirty hands  Don’t need to take a chance  Go stand in behind the fence  Can you feel that bleeding neck  Can you feel that now    Close the door  Take a walk around  Hold your breath  In these rivers you might drown  All alone you live inside  It’s alone you came and went  In the shadows the bounty rides A love that makes no sense  It makes no sense...   You could beat a cat in the rain  Losing all that you gain Working hard but you know  All things will change    The world it’ll spin and stand trial  While they spit and draw blood  from your smile  We’ll all make it back to the stars  But it’s ours for a little while    Oo oo ooo ooo ooooo Oo oo ooo ooo ooooo   Brace your heart  In this rich and colored plinth  Hold your breath  It’s a key and a killer in your hands All I want is bells and whistles  All I want is fancy dreams  And you live and learn  And soon discern Nothing’s ever what it seems  Never what it seems    Beat a cat in the rain  Losing all that you gain Working hard but you know  All things will change    The world it’ll spin and stand trial  While they spit and draw blood  from your smile  We’ll all make it back to the stars  But it’s ours for a little while    Oo oo ooo ooo ooooo Oo oo ooo ooo ooooo  
    • Josie Beth
      somewhat enigmatic but really striking lyrics. It speaks about futility of trying to keep things the same. 
    • Ellora
      Belated good morning. The fall weather has been simply delightful all day. No rain in sight, but plenty of nice weather. I’ve been extra busy helping the parents lately. My dad is being more foolish than usual, turning down help after asking for help, I can only do so much. My mom can be even worse at times, but I guess that goes with being old. The problem is, they have been this way their entire life, and now it’s reared it’s ugly head. They didn’t make plans and didn’t listen to me decades ago, and now they are paying the price.   my kids are doing well, we played a good round of D&D Sunday, and hopefully we can play more really soon. My son is becoming a really good DM, and it’s fun playing with them and their girlfriends.
    • Ellora
      WThe trick or treating part of Halloween will be enjoyed with two 5 year olds and their mommie. There is a neighborhood across the way that is a goo area for kids to enjoy the celebration.    I dont know what’s going on in my apartment building. I’m hoping the neighbors have something cool planned. There are a lot of parties going on in Hillcrest of course. There is always Balboa Park and downtown, and the haunted houses.    Since i I haven’t presented in public yet, I’m excited, cause I might finally have enough courage to muster to venture out in the neighborhood.     
    • Steph1982
      Lots of good information here and I appreciate all of you sharing your journey. Right now I think I'm at that questioning stage and perhaps trying to find ways to show myself I'm not ttans. I do agree that I'm not cis gender but just exploring and reading all your journies to ultimately find out where I fall on the gender scale. Thanks everyone:)
    • VickySGV
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw5vyJ30djM&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0RfP_mw_e7q4cV7O6kRqn6JDjvgV1H5jJWFjGl-XGqpn4WVkLvah4HaDM   Not much to say, Sarah is one of our true leaders for the upcoming years.
    • Jani
      Hello Gabby!  (is that a new name?)  As you have read the recent thread concerning porn, etc. you can see that it is a diversion and "red herring" related to gender issues.   Also don't be drawn in by the "I like women or I like men" thing.  Gender and Sexuality are two different things.  Flip flopping is normal.  Our feelings on any given issue will change regularly given enough time involved in it.      Ok you know self medicating is bad.  Even getting regular check ups is not enough as I don't imagine you know what to look for, and there can be complications from certain levels in your body that you don't understand.  Start to get clean!  See your doctor and tell them what is happening.  They won't bite.  Ask them to legally prescribe and monitor your lab work.     As to not seeing the woman in the mirror?  This takes time.  I was two years into this journey before I consistently saw her.  There is certainly a mental element to this.  Once I started thinking like a woman it was easier to see me.  You are still on the outside looking in.  Faceapp and the like are fun but can drive you crazy.    Jani 
    • Nivegnal
      So after reading a ton I find that I’m not not ok with where I am.  Like most I have no clue why I feel like I do and do I understand what I am. Neither physically mentally or sexually.   The community is so vast and has so many descriptors that it’s hard to pick just one you may fit in.  Just trying to understand them all is a chore.   I have read of those who want to be a women. I do too.  Badly. If given enough money and time I have little doubt I would be there.  I know what I want but not what I am.  Why I am the way I am.  Feel sexuality towards a variety of women.  Sometimes men.   I’ve read of those who question this being a fetish or a dysphoria    I too have questioned this.  I have had strong desires to be nothing but a women then after “release” I feel dirty ashamed.  I say this on cue from another forum member being brave enough to mention her attraction to certain porn.  I am too.  All sorts.   I find myself extremely attracted to women and more so to trans women pre surgery.  I don’t feel gay still being in a male body living mostly as a male but sometimes I am more then curious.   ive been labeled bisexual in the stupid little online tests.  Maybe I am.  I don’t know.   I flip flop from day to day.  One day I’m ok with being a male.  Living as a husband and a man with all my male straight friends.   The next Day I cry all day not being the women I know I am.  I hate to say the women inside but I don’t know how else to say it.  It’s me either way.   im lucky that I have not gone through depression or worse. Hurting myself.  I have always just dealt with it.  It is what it is attitude.  The deep desires still inside aching to get out but the fear keeping them in.The fear. It’s the worse.   I will admit for the first time ever,to anyone, to self medicating HRT over the years.  Stopping and starting over and over.  Admittedly due to lack of money.  Secretly seeking doctors appointments, as a guy, but “checking” on my health and blood work for any signs of danger.  I know.  I know.  It’s not safe or right.  I’ve read so much on the dangers that I’m afraid to cross the street or eat sugar.   But it’s my only release to be myself.  I feel better knowing I am doing something,anything, for “her”.  Maybe subconsciously I hope to be caught or questioned. Having no choice but to admit my inner self is there.  I both dread and look forward to being given no choice.  Though I’m so careful to not screw up.  I have small breasts, definitely an A but pushing a strong B in certain bras.  However easily hidden with compression tanks to look more like pecks then breast. Also luckily small genitalia so hiding my bit n pieces is very easy.   My biggest depressor if I was to name just one is I just don’t see the women in the mirror.   That is the one thing that hits me hard.  I can’t find myself when I stare into the mirror.  Cry?  Definitely.   However, just today I tried a fun little app that can convert a selfie to many things.  Older different hair etc.  Of coarse my goal was to see a gender conversion.  I was blown away.  I even tried it with several pics.  The amazing thing was I looked exactly like older versions of two of my natural daughters.  I’d post a pic of the app conversation but don’t know how yet.   but these pics gave me a glimpse of the women inside.  She is beautiful and I look forward to her being out one day.   ok. I’ve run on n on.  Sorry.   im so gabby.  
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