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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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@JustineM congratulations and make sure your smile goes from ear to ear. ?

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The interview went OK. He was concerned that I had very little dealership experience. I got to thinking on my mind clearing ride to the VA. That I deal with the same type of people commercial  and retail. With a dealership I would deal with mechanics and retail. same darn thing.

Anyway, Got the formed signed by my GYN. No problems now I need to go over to driver services and get it changed.



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Jackie C.
12 hours ago, KymmieL said:

The interview went OK. He was concerned that I had very little dealership experience. I got to thinking on my mind clearing ride to the VA. That I deal with the same type of people commercial  and retail. With a dealership I would deal with mechanics and retail. same darn thing.

Anyway, Got the formed signed by my GYN. No problems now I need to go over to driver services and get it changed.




Sounds like the interviewer was making excuses. Sorry to hear that. Maybe he'll come around anyway.


Getting your license straightened out is good news though! I'm still waiting until the last week of September (because we're appointment-only due to plague), then 2 to 4 weeks for the new license to come through the mail. I hope I take a good picture.



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You will 

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Jackie C.
1 hour ago, Shay said:

You will 


Two word stories?



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You bet!

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barista flair

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Two cups



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You girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good morning all you coffee lovers, and caffeine addicted lovelies.

@Ms Maddie, My coffee is always brewed to share.


As for the rest of you two poets, Muhammad Ali is credited with the shortest, and most inclusive two word poem. He stood at the microphone with his arms stretched out, he brought them to his chest and said: "Me We" as he opened his arms back up.


Love you all,



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And don't forget the official poem in the English language called Fleas...."Adam Had'em"

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27 minutes ago, Shay said:

And don't forget the official poem in the English language called Fleas...."Adam Had'em"


I think they snubbed The Greatest Boxer of all time, because "Me We" is clearly shorter with fewer letters, yet inclusive. 

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@Mmindy you are right - history doesn't play fair....

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lol.  Now that we got that out of the way @KymmieL.   if the person you interviewed with was really concerned with you dealing with a dealership he doesn’t know anything about parts.  

going back a long time and a comedic reference to Chicken nuggets, “Parts is Parts”!  Ok I’m dating myself.  

Talk about not knowing parts, I called a local chain parts store.  Asked if they had 8 volt golf cart batteries.  Answer, I have 75 amp batteries.  Me but are they 8 volt.  Yeah.

I go to pick them up, he brings them out.  I instantly see they are 6volt.  Parts guy, “how do you know they are 6 volt and not 8?”  Me “Because they only have three cells!”  Oh by the way, the store has 8volt batteries sitting right there but no way I’m dealing with this guy anymore.


I agree with Jackie, it was either a reaction test or a I don’t want you.  I’ve interviewed a lot of people over the years and I’ve used a lot of techniques to weed out the ones I don’t think will work.  As the candidate you never really know where the interviewer is going.


hope you get a positive call.



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Not only does history not play fair, but often it isn’t  even true.  We think history is history.  But clearly it is slanted to the writers view of what happened or who won.

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Sadly the winners or those with the money power - control the history. I run a monthlyfirst person living history series where people dress and become people from history. I've done some and in researching as thoroughly as possible you have to sort through all the noise. As you say each writer seems to have an agenda in writing biographies and even the autobiographies are colored by what the author wants told.


A girl did Lucille Ball - and would only go up to the end of I LOVE LUCY - after that the girl said Lucy became someone she really disliked.


I once did Jesse James and wanted to dislike him so bad but knowing he saw neighbors gunned down because of their beliefs and being beaten at the age of 13 and then being shown his step dad being hanged to the point of dying and being revived 4 times and his mother losing an arm to a bomb made by the Pinkerton's and on and on.... I concluded I think I would have most likelt turned out the same way.


We find that people we thought were totally great had BIG flaws - Teddy Roosevelt thought Asian really inferior, Henry Ford and Limburgh were very racist and again on and on.


I like the series (called Chautauqua's) because the people who bring thwe person to life researchs from all angles - what they said, what others said, the world in which they lived, and try to give as well rounded presentation of the person as they possibly can.


I find it deeply rewarding and well worth my 800 hours volunteering each year to bring these people to our community.



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One of the other reasons is that he asked me why I was looking to move to OR. So, I told him the truth. Was straight forward with him. I didn't want to sugar coat it then walk in my first day as a female. Have him ask who the Heck are you?  Oh, I am your new parts manager.


There are plenty of other dealerships. I asked my very good friend google what states are the most trans safe. Washington, Oregon, Cali(sorry not going there) and ILL. SO back to my searching.


Now back to the point, Coffee. Just waiting for the pot to warm up some more again. shut off about an hour & 1/2 ago.  auto shut off is nice most of the time.


Well my Sunday. heading down to the  DMV and hope to get the gender change going.


Have a great day everyone. Stay safe and healthy.



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Sunday? wow didn't know DMV worked on Sunday's but - great news and good luck.

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The coffee is tasting especially good today. I just feel really good. I hope all of you are having a great day today!

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@KymmieL There was a time where every day was my Monday. I do not miss that. I think it was a good idea to be up front with a job prospect. That isn't something someone should be just thrown into all of a sudden. Giving a bit of time to work through some of that will most likely create a friendlier environment. Good for you!  :coffee:

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I DID IT. I DID IT. ( insert happy:groupwavereversed: dance here) I am officially a female in the eyes of the Wyoming DMV.  I just got back from getting it changed. Another step in my journey.



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    • VickySGV
      My GCS came out of my pocket because it was 8 years ago, a year before my HMO covered it after finding it was cheaper to provide it than to cover the care of failed suicides, and two years before my state mandated that insurance carriers in the state provide the surgery.  I am still paying it off since it took a home mortgage re-finance to get the cash, but it worked and while not the usual way I actually came out ahead for a number of years since the re-finance was less than the property value at the time and an affordable increase in the monthly payments.  As far as the tax people go, I darn well did use the money for my "home improvements".  I also got a new kitchen, roof and driveway out of the deal, so no loss really, but I did wait on the kitchen until after I was down to a single dilation per day since I had a construction gang in the house to do it.  The waiting is the worst, and if it needs medication to help the anxiety from making you want to hurt yourself, by all means get it.  The virus deal has played hell with my Depression tendencies but mine is the type that gets worse when people try to "cheer me up" and just needs for me to live it our, but I have a deal with myself on it.  The depression will not kill me if I do not try to kill me.  That is the deal and each day I seem to live through that poop.  One day at a time.
    • CallMeKeira
      Welcome. Rest easy. These folks are good souls. 😊
    • CallMeKeira
      Finally having drug myself from bed, I have put coffee on to brew. I suppose it's a quiet morning of playing with my aussie and boxer before I head to work. I'm feeling a green tank dress.   Cheers to all, and good morning!
    • Shay
      I agree with @Charlize about therapy. Finding a warm and understanding therapist is vital. HRT without therapy is not a wise decision. I went through therapy with several therapist over the years who treated depression and panic attacks but didn't treat gender dysphoria. Finding someone who does understand GD is the most important thing I have done besides finding this forum with so many others who have a commonality. we are all different with different needs but common goals and it is so reassuring to have the ladies and gents here to lend an unconditional ear and give advice from experience.
    • MaryEllen
      He talks the talk. Now if he walks the walk all will be good.
    • Jandi
      Yeah.   I lived in this world for years.  I tried to conform myself to what was expected.  Eventually I began to accept reality.  It was very liberating.  I wouldn't say I am an atheist now, but my view of "God" has been drastically altered.  But that would belong in a different thread.   I don't have a problem with Christianity really.  A lot of Christians I know are fine people.  I guess it was just having spent so much of my life in a toxic conservative-christian environment I had to let it go. It is encouraging to see more Christians becoming more accepting of people like us.
    • JustineM
      You ladies all look absolutely fabulous.   Today I am wearing the luxury edition of head to toe dark navy blue provided by Garda CL. With fashionably heavy accessories by Bulletsafe and Galls. Lol  
    • Charlize
      Welcome Drake.  Finding this site was a lifesaver for me.  As an addict in recovery i found that a problem shared is a problem halved.  Simply knowing others understood what a was going through, because they were going through or had gone through the same things,  has been so comforting.  You are amongst friends even though we might be virtual we are here!   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jani
      This is me too.  But if it makes you happy, thats all that matters.   Jani
    • Charlize
      I was annoyed that i was required to have therapy and a letter from my therapist before HRT.  It had been recommended here and i listened.  Today i'm glad i did.  I learned a great deal and over time when the inevitable doubts come up i remember events and understanding i found in therapy and know it was time and money well spent.  There have always been some who regret transition.  HRT creates permanent differences. We are all different, with different paths but i am glad that i followed the recommendations of those who guided me to therapy.   Hugs,   Charlize
    • Jani
      Greetings Vivienne Claire.  I'm another late bloomer who started at 61, five years ago.  Its been a wild ride at times but I am happier with my new life and I trust you will be too.  Hang in there and keep moving forward.  You'll ride out the bumpy days and be stronger.   Cheers, Jani
    • Shay
      I did not need therapist approval for HRT. I talked to my family doctor and found out about a wonderful LGBTQ+ health care network. They aligned me with a NP and had a consult and when I had baseline blood tests and shared records from my doctor I started HRT and have 3 month checks. It is so important to be monitored. 5 years ago I self Grated with gray market E and Spiro and it did cause prostate issues that took years to correct after biopsies and a bunch of tests and treatments. Having your doctor and if your doctor isn't conversant in HRT (as my doctor wasnt) he was willing to share medical info so I can have a SAFE and monitored transition. I don't know how things are in different states or countries but I lucked out and found a therapist who specializes in gender identity and she recommended Equitas in our state and they have been amazing.
    • Vivienne Claire
      Completely agree and hugs back.
    • Charlize
      The fact that he thought of us in an positive way means a great deal!     Hugs,   Charlize
    • Charlize
      Welcome dear.  I'm glad you are here to share your journey.  I know my typing has improved immensely since i poked my head nervously into this site and found a safe place.  Sharing fears and accomplishments has made a big difference.  Somehow the rough spots were smoother and the joys were stronger when shared with folks who understand.   Hugs,   Charlize
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