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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Speaking of Mopile. I had my interview with the parts manager for a DJCR dealership in OR. Went really good I think. Even with him knowing my reasoning for looking to move. All three of the candidates have about the same qualifications.

Not feeling so good today. sore throat and headache. no temp though, even running low. 98.2


no word on my wig. other than it usually takes about 8 weeks for the manufacturer to

make a custom piece.


Hugs, to all


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Morning everyone,


Coffee's hot. It's my Saturday and I'm up way too early.


I got a call from my brother yesterday evening that one of my uncles took his own life. He had been in a really bad car accident a year ago and was in a lot of pain and had been in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. due to random complications.


I'm torn about how I feel. This was my mother's brother and although they have been very close for the last ten years since their parents and brothers have all passed but he always gave me side-eyed looks and made under-his-breath comments about the paths I've chosen in life.


My mother was the one who found him. I haven't talked to her yet. I'm giving her some space to sorts things out and wrap her head around it. I'm sure she'll call me within the next couple days to give me more details.


 I'm sure the family will be getting together at some point, it will be interesting to say the least. I haven't seen any of that side of my family, except my mother, in over 3 years and they have no idea what's been going on with me. I've grown too much over the last year and cannot/will not hide myself when I see them again. I'm sure someone will ask me to "tone it down", "be your old self" or say "this is not the right time". I've come to realize there is never a "right time" and there is no "old me", only Elizabeth.




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@ElizabethStar my condolences and I feel so sad about your mom finding him. That will be a real shock to her and I know you will comfort her as best you can. I am glad you have grown in confidence and can feel ready to face your family you haven't seen in 3 years as your true self. This is a tough way to face them but I have confidence in you but realize it's still going to be hard on you. Good luck and you are in my thoughts.

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This morning I am really scared with the news of RBG dying. Packing the Supreme?Court will further erode LGBTQ rights and I am afraid of healthcare being taken and not being able to fully transition when I meet all the requirements of WPATH and not having ability to have the surgery.

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1 hour ago, Shay said:

This morning I am really scared with the news of RBG dying. Packing the Supreme?Court will further erode LGBTQ rights and I am afraid of healthcare being taken and not being able to fully transition when I meet all the requirements of WPATH and not having ability to have the surgery.

I feel the same way.

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So sad about RBG.  And don't even get me started on the race to appoint a replacement before the election!


Our cats had a bit of an adventure last night.  In the evening, we lock their cat door for entry-only until they are home (the live in a guesthouse), and then lock the door both ways once they are in.  Last night, my wife forgot to lock the door both ways.  Something got in in the middle of the night, ate all their kibble, went out in the catio and pooped there, and then exited the building by breaking the cat door!


Unfortunately, the downstairs webcam doesn't record, but we got a good recording of the kitties' reaction as they stayed upstairs in their loft.  This is them going WTH? as the intruder broke out:



No one was hurt, and the kitties must have realized that they were safer indoors, because the didn't try to leave through the broken cat door until they had had their breakfast.

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You have a "Catio" I love it 🙂


Glad no one was hurt in the encounter...





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A catio. Love the word play

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Thankfully there was minimal damage to clean up.  Better get that latch looked at! 


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OMG I can't believe RBG is gone. I'm shaking at the thought of wrong person being put on the court. I know it's important to have someone that follows the constitution, but it's just as important to have someone that works for the people, ALL the people including our community. I'm praying for the US because RBG's passing could mean an unsure future for all of us. Please let her replacement be someone who is caring and understanding to everyone's needs, INCLUDING our communities needs.


OMG KathyLauren. I'm glad everyone's OK. I once had a racoon get in my house and it scared me. Yeah I know I was a guy at the time, but racoon's can give you rabies and not to forget they have been known to have killed people. My dad hunted racoons when I was around 6, I heard the stories. Anyway, I'm glad you and all of your fur-kids are OK. 

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Elizabeth, I'm so sorry. I understand he may not have approved of you but he was family and family is so important now days. I offer both my thoughts a prayers. I am so sorry for your loss.


Hugs Holly! 😭

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Bobbie Scott

I've been working in autobody shops since I was a kid.  Always been on the body and paint side. Did alot of restoration work.  Had alot of neat old cars. 70 Torino GT convertible,paid 50.00 for it when I was 15. 71 Mustang Grande,was 6months old,hit in the rear end 500.00.   71 Buick Centurion convertible, had a 454 in it. 67 Ford Galaxie 500 fastback. 67 Ford F150.Fully loaded. Like Emiy, burned out on working on them. Still like to reminisce about them. Only thing I was good at ,and could make friends doing.   Congratulations Kylie, hope you enjoy your new life.🥰

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10 hours ago, ElizabethStar said:

I'm sure someone will ask me to "tone it down", "be your old self" or say "this is not the right time".


I just got back from one of my daughter's wedding.  It was her 2nd (1st guy was a jerk)   She did want me to "tone it down" as you say.    I took some time to think it over.  It wasn't a particularly formal affair, with covid and all.  I finally agreed not to wear a dress, although I still had my nails and it was obvious that what boobettes there are were present.

I have really mixed feelings about it.  I told myself I did it for her.

I still don't know though…

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9 hours ago, Shay said:

This morning I am really scared with the news of RBG dying. Packing the Supreme?Court will further erode LGBTQ rights and I am afraid of healthcare being taken and not being able to fully transition when I meet all the requirements of WPATH and not having ability to have the surgery.


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@Jandi tank you for the boobettes comment... Made me smile even through the sadness and loss of RBG

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9 hours ago, Shay said:

This morning I am really scared with the news of RBG dying. Packing the Supreme?Court will further erode LGBTQ rights and I am afraid of healthcare being taken and not being able to fully transition when I meet all the requirements of WPATH and not having ability to have the surgery.

I have been avoiding the news as much as possible and when my wife mentioned she passed this morning, I took a big gulp. My first thought was... How is this going to affect us all? I’m very concerned. I know picking a new supreme court justice takes forever so I‘m hoping it won’t hurt our trans community but it’s still upsetting to think about. Is there any chance we’ll see someone who supports our community replacing her?


Susan R🌷

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2 hours ago, Susan R said:

Is there any chance we’ll see someone who supports our community replacing her?

McConnell has already said he'll have a vote ASAP on the new candidate.  And Trump already has a pre-vetted list of even more reliably conservative nominee candidates than the two vile choices most recently confirmed.  I am convinced that, behind the scenes, there will be checking to make sure that this nominee is totally in line with "family values", won't be willing to recognize gender (and thus, your sex assigned at birth is immutable), and will bend over backwards to continue the insanity that "religious freedom" allows people to discriminate freely, with malice aforethought.


It's getting to the point where I am really, really beginning to feel fear. I'm beginning to understand how minorities felt in 1930s Germany as fascism took over the country, bit by bit.  And as November 3rd arrives, I also fear a very contentious battle over ballots, with efforts to discredit millions of mail-in votes.  


Sorry to be so pessimistic.  I'm feeling very down right now...



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5 hours ago, Astrid said:

Sorry to be so pessimistic.  I'm feeling very down right now...

Same here

I find it really difficult to see a bright side to any of this 

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I think the last thing RBG would have wanted is for us to all throw the towel in just because she is gone. This great woman has earned her time to rest. Now, we must all pick up these pieces of what has been started and see them finished, together. We must not allow ourselves to be torn down and separated. It is more important than ever to strengthen our unity. We must become our own light and the light for other's or darkness will surely consume us all.

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@Abi you are right. RBG was amazing and wants us to carry on and carry forward no matter what these modern day pharisees do.. We are better than that and we of all know the struggles women face with the added discrimination of not being cis,    something none of us asked for but are blessed to have others here who understand and. Support. She left a legacy and we need to pay it forward. The stages of grief apply to us to and the shock and disbelief of her passing although she tried her hardest to hold out, she deserves her rest and her reward beyond these earthly bonds and chains.

Stay strong we will survive...together.  

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Good morning everyone, the coffee ️ is hot black and strong. The Fall air is cool, and my favorite season. My relationship with my Suzie, as most of you know is on a roller coaster of emotions. Well yesterday she went grocery shopping and bought food for two... That was encouraging, but best of all she restocked my Chocolate Chip Stash. Yeah, she still loves me.




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@Mmindy I am happy for you. Love will win out if you keep nurturing it. Enjoy the Autumn not the fall.

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Morning everyone. Already on my second cup of coffee.


The passing of RBG is very saddening but not unexpected. We don't live forever. Maybe it's time for more of us to show our faces and let it be known we are here, we exist. Regardless of what the future holds I will NOT hide in the shadows or return myself to those dark corners. I know where that will take me.


I caught myself looking down a woman's shirt the other day while in a restroom washing my hands, looking at the reflection in the mirror. I felt a little ashamed of myself for doing it until I realized I was alone and it was my shirt. More new things to learn about and be aware of.


I've been starting to see glimpses of a woman when I walk past mirrors or reflections in windows. I've known her my whole life but until now I had never seen her. It's hard for me to see a woman since I have spent a lifetime staring at a man. Now my perception of myself is finally changing.


I won't be go up North to see family as I had expected. They're waiting until spring to have a get together for the passing of my uncle. That's fine by me as I fully expect to have my name and marker changed by then and I won't have to navigate the "This is the name and pronouns I want you to use" BS. vs. this is my legal name and gender.


hope everyone has a good day.


@Mmindyhappy to hear things are turning around a little. Baby steps.



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@ElizabethStar you have an amazingly healthy attitude and I am glad the way it looks like a possible harder than it needed to be situation has worked it's way out. I am glad you are seeing your true self physically more and more. My female side is taking its own sweet time coming but I'm happy you are benefiting for all your hard work.

RBG will be greatly missed but she showed us how to be and what we can be. Now we must be the best US we can learning from her example.

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Woo Hoo! It's Sunday and that means FOOTBALL!  My women's Miami Dolphins apparel has arrived so this season the new me gets to cheer my team the way I always wanted to.  Fins Up everyone.


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    • Sarahnr1
      Im glad youre starting  to come back my friend . trying to hide or suppress  youre inner  feelings   dont work  i can tell you that  my friend  . it only comes  back and  bite you in youre  ... when you least espect  it  . You have to deal with it  right away.  
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://goqnotes.com/68261/medicaid-lawsuit-filed-in-w-va-on-transgender-healthcare-coverage/     Carolyn Marie
    • Carolyn Marie
      https://www.forbes.com/sites/mollysprayregen/2020/11/25/trans-can-works-vp-of-programming-on-fostering-an-inclusive-workplace/?sh=666027ce6c83     I'm proud to call Drian Juarez a friend and former colleague.  She has done extremely well for herself and for our community, and is making a difference.   Carolyn Marie
    • BreM
      Coming out 22 years was a relief for me,I was crossdressing part time at the time and was at a crossroads if I was happy being part time or fulltime as Bre.Also was weighing out things too,realized I liked dressing as Bre more.It included realizing wearing the male wardrobe was getting boring to wear.I always liked the feminine wardrobe more including the shoes.Then one day before thanksgiving came over and asked my real parents whom took me in when I was 10 years old.Told me the ball is in my court,make the right choice.It was two days later I came back finally came out I am going fulltime.Took it well and knew I was going to be much happier.It was great with my 2 younger sisters too,they have looked up to me as a big sister to this day.Best part was bringing some boxes over and dumped my male clothes and shoes in them finally getting rid of them.To this day,zero regrets and never going back dressing in guy mode ever again
    • Jandi
      This sounds hard.  I hope you can find peace soon.
    • Jennifer T
      I have no words. 😞 I can only offer prayers for your peace. 
    • Jani
      Is it worth it?  I've got a ton of money invested in myself and I think I received a good value.  As to the grief, the hard part passes and you move forward.  I can't say I've lost anyone.  I will say I've met some amazing people though.  Going with the flow is an option, albeit painful at times.  The choice is ours to make.  
    • Lyla
      I knew I could transition when Christine Jorgensen was news.  I just never felt strongly about it and there was always the internal question of if i may.  Over the years I didn't learn how to fit in but how to play a role.  I've been playing that role for so long I've grown into the part.  Is it worth all the time and money and grief to leave that role behind?  It's so much easier to just go with the flow.
    • BreM
      It is going to like my new job.New boss,she is glad I work with the transgender and crossdresser community very well including the genetic women
    • Jani
      Ahhh, life is a mystery isn't it?   Until I realized I could!  As to hobbies and such I can be like that.  If you tried to put all these thoughts aside, could you?  Quite possibly not, at least at this point.  The question really is how far do you need to go to feel happy?   Answer that and you'll be golden.   Jani
    • Shay
      I want to apologise to @Rosalina101011 and EVERYONE on this site for not reading her posting and misgendered her. I am absolutely ashamed and embarrassed. She is a very beautiful woman and I will never be anywhere near as beautiful. How she can be misgendered is totally beyond me (unless like me you misread the post which I did as I was being interrupted at the time I read the post.  Believe me Rosalina that I meant to?assure you not make fun and I pray I haven't done any more damage. I have suffered with GD my entire life of 68 years and I never want to make it worse. I know how it feels. I am not even to a point where I might even not get clocked and I can't imagine your suffering. Please please please accept my apology.  
    • Lyla
      I'm beginning to feel like I'm trying to solve a mystery.  Looking for clues in my memory.  Looking up information to try to put those clues together.  Possibly even following false leads or red herrings. I am not someone who has always felt that I was misgendered.  I have never felt that I was really female.  I have never felt that I had to transition.  This questioning is something new in my life that I'm unsure is real.  I can look back and see clues pointing towards being transgender but is that enough. The way I've always handled new interests such as hobbies and skill was to find as much information as I could about it, then find other peoples writing about it.  Basically do a lot of research until I felt I had a good handle on what I was getting into.  Then I would go at it whole hog jumping in feet first.  Usually after being involved in whatever the interest was for three years or so I would lose interest and move on to something else. Is that what I'm doing here?  Am I just obsessing about something that interests me?  If I make a decision will I change my mind a few years down the road? Lyla
    • Jackie C.
      Sure, but that only works if you have actual cleavage. Show off. 😜   Hugs!
    • Jandi
      Yes.  My experience has been better than expected as well.
    • Astrid
      I'm happy to report that Jani is spot on.  Our imagination conjurs up all sorts of obstacles that rarely appear.    Best of luck and hugs,    Astrid 
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