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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Good afternoon,


It's a little late for coffee for me, but still nice to sit and gab for a minute. Fairly productive weekend, my mom played middle man between her side of the family that we weren't sure about and came out for me. It turned out well, they said they would still love and try to respect me, they may fumble with some things they did say, which I don't expect perfection. I still need to take care of two of my aunts on my dad's side and then I think I am done for the family that is going to be told directly at least.


I just got done scheduling my support groups and decided I am going to try to do a socially distanced Monopoly game. It is going to be done via Zoom, and I think it will be interesting if nothing else (I already gave full disclosure to anybody who signs up this is an experiment). I also think I found a cute outfit I am going to wear tomorrow to my trans support meeting, though it is still digitally held, I like to feel cute and look cute. I guess today just has been a nice day.

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@Heather Nicole thanks. Funny thing about that picture, I as trying to post it with the caption getting ready to go to the beach.  I had changed out of my church dress and I changed my iv because of the wind.


for some reason. Am concentrating so much on getting the picture framed I forget to smile when taking a selfie.  

Well, today was Monday.  I had blood work done for my endocrinologist.  The tech got a good vessel, filled the first of three quickly.  I made the mistake of saying she got a good one.  When she switched to the second vial nothing!


she had to switch arms and get three more.  At least that’s done.



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Bobbie Scott

Good morning ladies, Hope everyone has a great day. 🥰

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Good morning,


I have coffee again. I made it most of a  full day with nothing but 1 cup of tea. My head hurt so bad by early evening I caved and bought a cup of the dark goodness.


I have a little time to write this morning. It's going to be an interesting week. We're really, really busy so I'll be going out on a lot of service calls this week. It's a little intimidating to be out in the world like this. Usually when I go places it's on my terms. But for work who knows where they'll send me. I'm starting off this morning by heading North over the Wisconsin state line to repair an alarm at a manufacturing plant. It feels like I'll be walking into a boys club but who knows.




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@ElizabethStar stay safe out there. I considered coffee my last vice and used to drink it All day and still went right to sleep but have decided to cut back because I used to get headaches without it so I decided that as I take control of who I am with HRT I also don't want something besides me controlling me. Something to consider..

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I am drinking my 1 cup of daily coffee and I am feeling somewhat numb with the weather and having lost my first sibling on Sunday. I was able to say goodbye via FaceTime and he passed shortly after that. He has been in rest home for 5 years with Lewy body disease - the same thing Robin Williams had so his death doesn't unexpected but it did come quickly and I will always remember the look in his face. Hours later he passed. Anyway I hope your day is starting well and you are ready to face another day becoming the you you were always meant to be.


Heather Shay

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  • Forum Moderator

Oh Shay i am sorry for your loss!  Time has helped me heal from pain i never thought i could survive.  Our losses are always with us but we can move forward.


Big Hugs,



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@Charlize thank you. You are a wonderful comfort and your words mean a lot to me.

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  • Forum Moderator

@Shay I know we've spoken but it bears saying again, I'm sorry for the loss of your brother.  I'm glad you could see him before he passed. 


Hugs, Jani

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@Jani and I hope you know it goes beyond saying how much you and your friendship means to me.


Heather Shay

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Emily michelle

I’m sorry for your loss Shay!

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Emily michelle

I’m just sitting in my truck watching it rain. I have to wait for a call from my boss. My wife tested positive so now I believe I’m quarantined.

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7 hours ago, Shay said:

I hope your day is starting well and you are ready to face another day becoming the you you were always meant to be.


Heather Shay

Shay, I'm sorry for your family's loss with the passing of your brother. Your heart is huge because as you are grieving you still wish us the best. >HUGS<


Even though he struggled with a debilitating disease, and his passing is a comfort for him. The family still grieves. Here's what I learned from my father's passing.


"The pain of grief is equal to, but not grater than the love you have for your brother. It hurts so hard because we love so hard." -Mmoore

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3 hours ago, Emily michelle said:

My wife tested positive so now I believe I’m quarantined.

I hope you and your wife have a quick turn around to recovery from COVID.


Best wishes,



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rough day today. @shay I too am sorry for your loss.  I think losing my sister was harder than losing my parents.  

@Emily michelle I wish both you and your wife the best.  Is your wife at home or In The hospital?  When will you be tested?  I got tested in July, it wasn’t as bad as people were saying but then I am kind of used to doctors and nurses sticking things up my nose.  


To everyone else, wear a mask, stay distanced and avoid crowds, wash your hands and use sanitizer.  We keep both liquid and sanitizing cloths in our cars and use them all the time.  And since I’m being an advertisement for health and safety, get a flu shot! Pneumonia and shingles too if you are old enough.


I want all my friends to be safe.


long distance hugs




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Emily michelle

Hi willow My wife is at home.  And I will be staying at a motel for a bit. I can’t go to work and I was told I can’t get tested until Saturday because if I get tested now it will be a false negative. Hopefully I test negative on Saturday and then I can go sleep on someone’s couch.

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@Emily michelle I hope your wife recovers soon and you are negative on Saturday. I know several who have had it - some light cases some life threatening and neither is good - stay safe and take care of your wife when you are able.

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@Shay my condolences on your loss. 


@Emily michelle I really hope both you and your wife are okay. Wishing you a negative test and her a speedy and full recovery.



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@ShayI am sorry to hear of the loss of your brother.


@Emily MicheleI hope your wife has a speedy recovery, and that you stay healthy.

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@Shay My condolences on your loss, I know losing a loved on is hard, and the closer you are the harder it is.


@Emily michelle Hopefully you come up negative and your wife bounces back quickly and well.


@Willow I concur on the remembering the guidelines and getting your vaccinations.


Today has been strange, I have felt good and kind of cute with the outfit I am wearing. I am still feeling calm since starting HRT, which my therapist was kind of surprised by because she said too much can cause anxiety, so I don't know. I have two remaining family members to come out to, then I have come out to everyone that I will do until I socially transition and go full time. My mom is already trying to talk about what my plans are for Thanksgiving, and we aren't at Halloween, lol.

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I don't visit for a day and things happen. @Shay sorry for the loss of your older brother.


@Emily michelleLike everyone else. Hope your wife gets through this soon.



Well as I said earlier, yesterday was my 35th wedding anniversary also the 14th anniversary of my father passing. I think he passed on that day to spite us.

everything was nice. We both worked and went for a beautiful dinner. I do believe that my wife may have alzhimers She said something last evening that I knew was totally wrong. Of course, I cannot remember what.


So today the FNG got Chinese delivered. He tosses me a fortune cookie. It is totally correct for me. "A great pleasure in life is doing what others say you can't"


Hugs, to all.



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@QuestioningAmber glad you look cute in the outfit.   Sadly that's a feeling I will never experience but I sure am glad for you. 👍 thank you for your kind words about my brother. I wasn't that close but mortality is something that hits closer when one losses a sibling.

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@Shay I am sure you will find outfits that you will look cute in, it will take time and finding what fits your style :)

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Last night was great,met some new girlfriends last night.They are like me,have lived their lives as happy males that enjoy living and dressing as women fulltime.Did get to know me more and went very well.Meet up every Monday night.They are also married with supportive wives.Wife is coming next week with me to meet them and they want to meet her

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    • KayC
      Hi Ellie!  nice to meet you, and Welcome!  Yep!  You found the "Secret".  I am certain cis-gender humans have no clue about our feelings, and why would they?  I think this is the first step from going from "Questioning" to self-acceptance and affirmation of your true gender identity. Gender therapy was the next step for me, something recommended by the experience of many on this Forum, and that I can attest to as essential in my personal growth and confidence I am on the right path. I am sure you are still getting settled in.  I hope you can find something in your area, and specially a Community you can connect with.  In the meantime, this is a great place to share, and learn from the experiences of others.   Deep breaths ... one step at a time
    • KayC
      Hi Audrey!  Nice to meet you, and Welcome!  YES!  me too!  I had been crossdressing (at home) and Questioning for several years, and the only good thing to come out of Covid for me was the down time to finally explore my feelings ... Fortunately (after many Google attempts) I found this wonderful Forum which jump-started my journey, got me to seek and start gender therapy ... and allowed me the confidence to accept myself as I truly am. I have other obstacles (work, relationship) that will limit how fast I can go, but the goal is clear now.  Hope to hear more from you and I hope you have the same experience here on the Forum I have had with all these wonderful human beings❣️ Deep breaths ... one step at a time
    • KayC
      Hi Kiara.  For me, going through different levels of dysphoria, questioning, and doubts has been something I have come to understand as just part of the journey.  A painful part, but we have to start somewhere. I cannot and should not give you any specific advice, because its impossible for me to know the intimate details of your life and situation. But, even if you previously had bad therapy experiences, maybe it was just the wrong time in your life and/or the wrong therapists. I just know how much therapy has helped me.  It cannot "solve" all my issues, but it definitely helps me deal with them in a more positive, productive way... and in the process I have learned a LOT more about myself that has little to do with my gender identity.  A good therapist can do that for you. Also, do you have any connections to LGBTQIA+ in your area?  I am sure that would be a great help to be able to connect with others. In the meantime, we are all here on the Forum as a Community to support each other.  So, I am happy you have a secure place to share your feelings.  Wishing you the best❣️
    • CallMeKeira
      Pepsi and green tea, breakfast of champions. I am engaging my brain with some Stellaris. The doggos are happy to see me.   @KymmieL Your patience is inspiring. Waiting out a rough situation until an ideal time takes grace. I know it's not easy, so good on you.   @Heather Nicole Bob Evans is delicious! I actually interviewed at their main restaurant a few months back. No dice, though.   I'm still going about seeking a proper gender therapist, but so far my mom has been my biggest supporter. I'm not sure if she quite understands, but she is unequivocally in my corner no matter what I decide. (Lucky for me, she's also a natural on the sewing machine, and is even willing to fix a strap on one of my dresses. Big shoulders. Oops. 🙄)
    • Willow
      Good morning    For everyone that mad3 personal comments, thank you.   It’s quite windy this morning but the storms we were supposed to get over night missed us.   I as going to go do some work on the boat but I think I’ll put that off unti tomorrow.  No need to be on a sailboat in this wind.  Yes I get the irony of that.  lol   ive got plenty of house work and it’s housekeeping at the boat so no big deal.   enjoy your day everyone.   Willow
    • Petra Jane
      Thank you @Shay for your words, we all know that your comments were made in mistake, just glad you realised quickly and resolved things.
    • KayC
      Love that outfit, @Charlize!  great style! @Mmindy and @Astrid you both look great also!  Mindy that's awesome you can shop with your wife!  and feel free to express yourself at home.  Have FUN❣️
    • Petra Jane
      Topic updated to include an explaination and clarify which email is used to receive donations. For which we thank you for your generosity very much!
    • Heather Nicole
      Oooh, yeah! Just recently, I was getting my car's regular eCheck. My hair is just past shoulder-length and I have brand-new still-healing cubic zircon studs in my earlobes, but, aside from that, I was totally still in my usual public "guy mode" when I stopped into the local eCheck just after getting out of work.   Facemask, sure. Will Riker beard and stubble just under and around that, check. Clothes and everything, basic generic "guy" stuff. My voice (according to "Voice Pitch Analyzer") right at the bottom of the "male" range (drat ). Stature, 6 foot. But the older guy who was working there that day...there were a couple points where I could've sworn he nonchalantly, and respectfully, referred to me as "ma'am". And I never detected the slightest hint of contempt or sarcasm. It was just, a very below-the-radar, super-subtle, easily-overlooked "ma'am". Wasn't even sure he was saying "ma'am" instead of "man" (although the "man" colloquialism did seem a bit modern for him).   I still find myself puzzling over that one, but I do know I certainly didn't have any objection to being "ma'am"'d. I just found it odd and happy in a "just how badly does he need glasses?" kind of a way  
    • Red_Lauren.
      We live in a small area. So its not really surprising. The first time I saw her in march. She asked why I wanted a leg wax, and this was before I came out fully. I told her I was a cd, and she said that's ok. I have a friend who dose it also.    As we have gotten to know eachother over the last seven or so months. She definitely has gotten more comfortable with me, and judging by were she waxes now. Compared to at first. She's gotten a lot more comfortable around my binkni area, and she suggested underarm waxing a few months ago. Then in October. She suggested a back wax, and I told her in the summer. As its colder, and I won't be showing more skin till then.    She really started treating me like a woman in September. When I showed up as fem as I could get, and loved what I was wearing, and complements me every time since.    As for her friend. I have no doubts on she's real. She has talked about her from time to time, and on her Instagram page. She has a picture I believe of her all glamed up.  At first the picture didn't catch my eye. Till i viewed it later, and could tell wasn't a cis woman. She looks good, but had a few things that stood out.    Then as we were wrapping things up the other day. She mentioned shes been talking to "Nichole" about me. I asked who's that, and she said her friend. Then kind went in to more details on how they met, and she wants us to meet some time. I told her to pass my number on to her.        
    • Susan R
      Great resources @VickySGV. This first book mentioned sounds like an especially good read.   Initial reactions can change over time but it sounds like she’s genuinely interested in the topic. I’m a little surprised given her profession she hasn’t met more in our community. It’s optimistic that she has a ‘friend’ who crossdresses though....there’s a good chance she will be an ally. Looks like you have a new place to share experiences regarding your journey every now and again.   Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Hello @BreM, It’s a pleasure to meet you...welcome! I wish everyone that found this site had this kind of support in place even though you had a rocky start. I feel for you and can relate to not having support early when you were younger and had little understanding of what was wrong. It was a different time back then but this does not excuse the lack of support from your birth parents. I’m glad you’re now flourishing in your new life and family. I think you’ll do great things with allies like that in your corner. I look forward reading more about your continuing journey and learning more about who you are.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Welcome to our forums, Kellianne, You are not at all too old by a long stretch to transition with great results both physically and emotionally. It’s so much more than all physical changes that can make your life better. The most important thing is your happiness. Many who are looking for the physical changes prior to transition find this out in time. We have so many threads here expounding on the pleasures of becoming true to yourself at all ages. It’s difficult but it helps to keep an open and positive mind going into it and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your overall progress.   I will add that for me it was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made for myself. I can’t imagine where I’d be right now if I was still living my old persona.    Here’s to your upcoming journey😊, Susan R🌷
    • VickySGV
      Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Trans, But Were Afraid To Ask, by Brynn Tannehill  is a pretty recent book that is super complete, but Brynn whom I do know IRL is a bit of a science geek and the book goes that way, but it is complete.  True Selves by Dr. MIldred Brown is a bit older, but a good read as well.  If you bring those up on Amazon, there will be several other books along with these that are probably worth it.  She's Not There is the autobiography of English Professor and Editorialist Jennifer Finney Boylan which tells a story of self realization and adventure.  There is a lot of good stuff out there.
    • Red_Lauren.
      I came out to my waxing lady about me getting on hormones the other day. she didn't really know what I was talking about, as we really never went in to trans related chats, and being truthful here. I don't think she's ever delt with a trans person. So she thought I was going on male hormones. I corrected her, and said hormones to give me a female body. Even then she really didn't fully understand. I kind of told her it was like when she was going through puberty, and she said sign me up. I laughed because she is all ready gifted in both areas. i told her it wont work on you, as you are all ready making the hormones. She seemed bummed, and intrigued by what's going to happen to me.      She is very welcoming, and open. She has a friend who crossdresses, but I'm her first trans person. I don't think she needs to know every thing, but a little education couldn't help. Just so she could understand me more. Im just not sure how to go about it. Any ideas ladies. 
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