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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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Yeah I sure wish I’d known what transgenders were or know that I had all the traits they now look for to determine if you are transgender.  But when I first started to realize maybe I was different I was just a teen and never knew anything about it in 1962.  As I got older I thought it was some sort of perverse idea that had to be kept hidden and was shameful only now do I get to understand what was going on all my life.  Too late to enjoy all the things I missed.

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Don't I know that we need an up grade to the CO computer systems. We are still using a green screen. But supposed to be switching it over.



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Heather Nicole
12 hours ago, Jackie C. said:
12 hours ago, KymmieL said:

* point of sale, get your minds out of the gutter.


I refuse. Also a computer can be two things.




As a former programmer from my past life, I can confirm: a POS can also be a POS. ;)

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Good morning everyone 


coffee is good today. My wife made it, usually I do.  

It’s A gloomy start to the day.  It must have rained earlier, the roads were wet.  Nothing much happening here today, it’s laundry and trash day.  Always something to do and there is always tomorrow to do it.





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@Willow sometimes the simple things are the best things.

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Gloomy morning here as well.   Coffee on the porch with my kitty.

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Remembered a band I really liked in the early seventies from Cleveland - Phil Keaggy - kind of the first Christian rock star came from the band and Hendrix invited them to record at Electric Ladyland as he loved Phil's playing. Phil was one of the guit guitaris to do the strike a note or chord with volume off then playing with the volume to bring the note/chord in and out. Nice to listen to on a dreary morning with a steaming cup of tea or coffee.



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Morning everyone, hope you're all enjoying your coffee time~! Planning on having some green tea and eating after a fairly long fast window again (not coffee I know lol!) It's gotten quite cold here compared to a temperate/warm normal so not planning on going out for too long a walk later, before then finishing some laundry and weekly academic assignments. Mostly hanging around the house and talking with my boyfriend over a nice voice call for a while is the plan. Hope everyone enjoys their cup, and relaxes a bit today! :)

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I got up to pee about 3:30 this morning.  Normally, I go right back to sleep within 5 minutes, but one of our cats decided that that wasn't happening.  Between kneading my pillow and sitting on my face, he kept me awake until 5:30.  (Pushing him off the bed only works for a minute or two, and our house doesn't have doors.)  I had to get up at 5:30 this morning to drive a friend into the city for her chemo appointment.  So coming home, I knew I needed coffee if I was going to stay on the road.


By law, there is supposed to be a Tim Horton's at every highway exit in Canada, but I picked the one exit that didn't have one.  I had to make do with a cup of truck-stop coffee.  Blyech!!  Its only virtue was that it had caffeine in it.


There's no excuse for bad coffee in Nova Scotia.  There are at least half a dozen gourmet coffee roasters in the province.

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6 hours ago, KathyLauren said:

By law, there is supposed to be a Tim Horton's at every highway exit in Canada, but I picked the one exit that didn't have one.  I had to make do with a cup of truck-stop coffee.  Blyech!!  Its only virtue was that it had caffeine in it.

@KathyLaurenas a one time truck driver, I'm here to tell you the best truckstop coffee ️ is Blyech!!!


My favorite coffee on the road is McCafe Coffee followed by Duncan Donuts Coffee. 


I'm so proud to hear that you're helping a friend to and from Cancer Treatments.


God bless the Caregiver,



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@KathyLauren my grandmother’s family was from Pictou NS. My family was from PEI.  My grandfather’s family moved to NS for a while before moving to Massachusetts.  They got married in NS in 1888.  I still have cousins there.  But I’ve never managed to get there.



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1 hour ago, Willow said:

@KathyLauren my grandmother’s family was from Pictou NS. My family was from PEI.  My grandfather’s family moved to NS for a while before moving to Massachusetts.  They got married in NS in 1888.  I still have cousins there.  But I’ve never managed to get there.




Well, once covid is over and the border re-opens, you'll have to come for a visit!

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7 hours ago, KathyLauren said:

I had to make do with a cup of truck-stop coffee.  Blyech!!  Its only virtue was that it had caffeine in it.

I drove a truck for this city for years.  I learned which convenience stores had the best coffee.  It was usually the ones where the clerk drank it themselves, rather than Sundrop.

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Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to pop on here to let anyone, that may have been wondering, know that I am ok. It has been a rough time for me lately. It was one year since my divorce this last week and I get rather depressed about it all. I don't tend to want to spread my hurt upon others and that's about all I've got in me right now. I will check in from time to time but, I need time to get things straight in my head for a while. I am sad to hear about your loss @Shay. I never had siblings but I know it can't be easy. I am sure you will get through it. You are strong. I'm glad to read of so much happy things for all of you. Stay safe.



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9 hours ago, Shay said:

Remembered a band I really liked in the early seventies from Cleveland - Phil Keaggy

Thanks for that.  Love my Glass Harp records.  Don't have that one, but Phil is definitely one of my favorite guitarists.  Great singer too!

(that Decca label brings back some early memories)

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@AbiI've missed you but take care of yourself. We're always here if you need us.

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@KathyLauren That is great that you are able to help out a friend in their time of need. I don't understand why some truck stops don't have good coffee either, it doesn't make sense to me either.


Today was the first day starting on a new team, and right now for next couple of weeks it is going to be self paced training for the most part. It was kind of funny, I was at a fireside chat with a group of people including one of the VP and they were asking for something interesting about yourself ... I didn't say anything, just was like, if only you knew.

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Heather Nicole
5 hours ago, QuestioningAmber said:

I was at a fireside chat with a group of people including one of the VP and they were asking for something interesting about yourself ... I didn't say anything, just was like, if only you knew.


Ha ha!


That reminds me, I actually had a moment like that recently, too. But, only a bit more embarrassing and with some backstory behind it...


After a week of getting by on not really enough sleep (my own fault, I'm too much of a night owl), come Friday morning, I drag myself in to work, barely functional, and see in the papers news of the local counties taking another record step up on the COVID warning scale. So that really sets the stage. Then, I see the whole organization (not super-huge, probably around 100 people) all got an email from our assistant director. I wasn't happy with this message.


So...very unclear head...plus...trigger...equals, apparently, a full organization-wide direct email response. (No aggression-reducing, calm-inducing HRT for me, just quite yet!!!). Naturally, the email software chooses this particular message, for some fun unknown reason, to duplicate into two separate identical messages for everyone...


Thank goodness I managed to keep it civil (and thank goodness, for my own sake, we happen to be union), but my message was definitely disapproving, and had maaayybe the teensiest hint of sarcasm. Of course, knowing I just did that, and that everyone knew...or was currently discovering at that very moment...well, as you can imagine, that made the rest of an already bad shift all the more...umm...ffuuuunn...for me...???


Part of me was thinking, "Oh my...if this is how I'm feeling about this, how could I ever be able to handle actually coming out at work?" (Once again, kudos, to @ElizabethStar! That is SUCH a huge step to make! So glad it's worked out so well!!)


In any case, luckily, it turns out the "we have awesome people here" fairies must have been looking out for me, because literally all the comments and responses I got were positive and supportive. Even from one of the managers above me in my dept!! At least one or two of the responses I got mentioned something like "bravery" or "guts". Bravery??? Oh no, more like "sleep-deprived head fog" followed by a day of panic! 


"But", as I was thinking, "If you think that's 'brave', ha ha, well, just you wait...!"

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Good morning!


It wasn't a fireside chat, but my ex stood up at our kid's wedding and said my current marriage is virtually "Ozzie and Harriet", which may look ironic to everyone in retrospect.

When I started back in the summer I thought I'd be physically back at work sooner than I think I will be and there'd be some gradual evolution in how I look to ease into the whole coming out deal. Oh well. 

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 Small wins of the week.


I got my knee high boots. I love them, they are so comfy and go with so many outfits.


My wife offered and without question picked up my lady-meds . I thought the world was gonna end, but no she did it just like an everyday type of thing. As much as I wanted to, I didn't ask why all of a sudden she was OK with it.


I finally ended several long term friendships. One was a extremely hard but had been one-sided for many years. The others they weren't as good of friends as I though, they never were. I was just holding on to the past. I've made new friends that like me for who I really am.


Spent Sunday cleaning the house. I managed to walk 5 miles, in my own house. Our place looks amazing considering it's been raining and the dogs track mud in all the time.


Bought a pair of computer glasses. I had no idea where to look so I asked for help. The young lady didn't seem to think twice and lead me straight into the woman's dept. I was wearing my new boots and lucky flannel so I'm sure it helped me pass.










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8 hours ago, Heather Nicole said:

Part of me was thinking, "Oh my...if this is how I'm feeling about this, how could I ever be able to handle actually coming out at work?"

Just my viewpoint. Maybe the stress about coming out at work is making everything harder on the front-side. I did for me. I still can't believe the stuff that used to set me off.

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Emily michelle

I just ordered a pair of knee high boots I cannot wait to get them.

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I love those type of boots.....enjoy......

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Good morning 


knee high boots look cute but not for me.  I had a hard time getting Wellington motorcycle boots I could wear. I need a women’s 12w which is difficult to find then my calves aren’t tiny. At least I found some nice over the ankle. 

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I caNT BREATHE HAHAHAH MY little sister was playing on the recliner and I am doing school work so I can't really see her, but my stepmom is also sitting on the recliner. SO all I hear, is "Weeeee!" and then a crash (She knocked over her little toy icecream stand) (She is okay) Just the "Weeeee!" followed by a crashed made me laugh so hard xDD

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    • Kiara
      There's the Pride Center of NJ not too far away. I know they hosted support groups pre-pandemic, but I've always been hesitant to go. I know pass as cis/het and very much give off that vibe. It's served me well as protection against additional discrimination in my life, but I worry that I won't be welcomed into LGBTQIA+ spaces because they'll see me as just another straight ciswoman invading their safe space. I realize that they're probably doing virtual meetings with the pandemic, but that's difficult with my husband being home all the time. Our apartment is on the smaller side and we're usually always together even when he's working. I'd rather not have him know what's going on. He's had some ongoing health problems and he finally has a doctor that will listen to him. It's been very stressful and things are possibly worse than we thought. I really do not want to add to his worry or stress right now.
    • Niamh
      Earlier this morning, just before I started work (at home as usual)
    • KayC
      Hi Suzy!  nice to meet you, and Welcome! I don't like labels either.  I lived my whole life confined to being AMAB .. and so I hesitate to conform to only one new label.  I even had a hard time deciding what to "label" myself as for this Forum profile, but I settled (as it appears you have) on Transfeminine.  Seemed closest. My 3d gender therapy sessions (just a few months ago) I fully came to terms with myself, and the biggest discovery was not the "label" but Self-Acceptance.  I know who I am now (the what I am is not as important). Happy you found yourself Here, Suzy❣️  This Forum IS a Community of unique humans, but on similar journeys.  Hope you feel you can share more, and also gain something from the experiences of others.   Deep breaths ... one step at a time  
    • KayC
      Hi Ellie!  nice to meet you, and Welcome!  Yep!  You found the "Secret".  I am certain cis-gender humans have no clue about our feelings, and why would they?  I think this is the first step from going from "Questioning" to self-acceptance and affirmation of your true gender identity. Gender therapy was the next step for me, something recommended by the experience of many on this Forum, and that I can attest to as essential in my personal growth and confidence I am on the right path. I am sure you are still getting settled in.  I hope you can find something in your area, and specially a Community you can connect with.  In the meantime, this is a great place to share, and learn from the experiences of others.   Deep breaths ... one step at a time
    • KayC
      Hi Audrey!  Nice to meet you, and Welcome!  YES!  me too!  I had been crossdressing (at home) and Questioning for several years, and the only good thing to come out of Covid for me was the down time to finally explore my feelings ... Fortunately (after many Google attempts) I found this wonderful Forum which jump-started my journey, got me to seek and start gender therapy ... and allowed me the confidence to accept myself as I truly am. I have other obstacles (work, relationship) that will limit how fast I can go, but the goal is clear now.  Hope to hear more from you and I hope you have the same experience here on the Forum I have had with all these wonderful human beings❣️ Deep breaths ... one step at a time
    • KayC
      Hi Kiara.  For me, going through different levels of dysphoria, questioning, and doubts has been something I have come to understand as just part of the journey.  A painful part, but we have to start somewhere. I cannot and should not give you any specific advice, because its impossible for me to know the intimate details of your life and situation. But, even if you previously had bad therapy experiences, maybe it was just the wrong time in your life and/or the wrong therapists. I just know how much therapy has helped me.  It cannot "solve" all my issues, but it definitely helps me deal with them in a more positive, productive way... and in the process I have learned a LOT more about myself that has little to do with my gender identity.  A good therapist can do that for you. Also, do you have any connections to LGBTQIA+ in your area?  I am sure that would be a great help to be able to connect with others. In the meantime, we are all here on the Forum as a Community to support each other.  So, I am happy you have a secure place to share your feelings.  Wishing you the best❣️
    • CallMeKeira
      Pepsi and green tea, breakfast of champions. I am engaging my brain with some Stellaris. The doggos are happy to see me.   @KymmieL Your patience is inspiring. Waiting out a rough situation until an ideal time takes grace. I know it's not easy, so good on you.   @Heather Nicole Bob Evans is delicious! I actually interviewed at their main restaurant a few months back. No dice, though.   I'm still going about seeking a proper gender therapist, but so far my mom has been my biggest supporter. I'm not sure if she quite understands, but she is unequivocally in my corner no matter what I decide. (Lucky for me, she's also a natural on the sewing machine, and is even willing to fix a strap on one of my dresses. Big shoulders. Oops. 🙄)
    • Willow
      Good morning    For everyone that mad3 personal comments, thank you.   It’s quite windy this morning but the storms we were supposed to get over night missed us.   I as going to go do some work on the boat but I think I’ll put that off unti tomorrow.  No need to be on a sailboat in this wind.  Yes I get the irony of that.  lol   ive got plenty of house work and it’s housekeeping at the boat so no big deal.   enjoy your day everyone.   Willow
    • Petra Jane
      Thank you @Shay for your words, we all know that your comments were made in mistake, just glad you realised quickly and resolved things.
    • KayC
      Love that outfit, @Charlize!  great style! @Mmindy and @Astrid you both look great also!  Mindy that's awesome you can shop with your wife!  and feel free to express yourself at home.  Have FUN❣️
    • Petra Jane
      Topic updated to include an explaination and clarify which email is used to receive donations. For which we thank you for your generosity very much!
    • Heather Nicole
      Oooh, yeah! Just recently, I was getting my car's regular eCheck. My hair is just past shoulder-length and I have brand-new still-healing cubic zircon studs in my earlobes, but, aside from that, I was totally still in my usual public "guy mode" when I stopped into the local eCheck just after getting out of work.   Facemask, sure. Will Riker beard and stubble just under and around that, check. Clothes and everything, basic generic "guy" stuff. My voice (according to "Voice Pitch Analyzer") right at the bottom of the "male" range (drat ). Stature, 6 foot. But the older guy who was working there that day...there were a couple points where I could've sworn he nonchalantly, and respectfully, referred to me as "ma'am". And I never detected the slightest hint of contempt or sarcasm. It was just, a very below-the-radar, super-subtle, easily-overlooked "ma'am". Wasn't even sure he was saying "ma'am" instead of "man" (although the "man" colloquialism did seem a bit modern for him).   I still find myself puzzling over that one, but I do know I certainly didn't have any objection to being "ma'am"'d. I just found it odd and happy in a "just how badly does he need glasses?" kind of a way  
    • Red_Lauren.
      We live in a small area. So its not really surprising. The first time I saw her in march. She asked why I wanted a leg wax, and this was before I came out fully. I told her I was a cd, and she said that's ok. I have a friend who dose it also.    As we have gotten to know eachother over the last seven or so months. She definitely has gotten more comfortable with me, and judging by were she waxes now. Compared to at first. She's gotten a lot more comfortable around my binkni area, and she suggested underarm waxing a few months ago. Then in October. She suggested a back wax, and I told her in the summer. As its colder, and I won't be showing more skin till then.    She really started treating me like a woman in September. When I showed up as fem as I could get, and loved what I was wearing, and complements me every time since.    As for her friend. I have no doubts on she's real. She has talked about her from time to time, and on her Instagram page. She has a picture I believe of her all glamed up.  At first the picture didn't catch my eye. Till i viewed it later, and could tell wasn't a cis woman. She looks good, but had a few things that stood out.    Then as we were wrapping things up the other day. She mentioned shes been talking to "Nichole" about me. I asked who's that, and she said her friend. Then kind went in to more details on how they met, and she wants us to meet some time. I told her to pass my number on to her.        
    • Susan R
      Great resources @VickySGV. This first book mentioned sounds like an especially good read.   Initial reactions can change over time but it sounds like she’s genuinely interested in the topic. I’m a little surprised given her profession she hasn’t met more in our community. It’s optimistic that she has a ‘friend’ who crossdresses though....there’s a good chance she will be an ally. Looks like you have a new place to share experiences regarding your journey every now and again.   Susan R🌷
    • Susan R
      Hello @BreM, It’s a pleasure to meet you...welcome! I wish everyone that found this site had this kind of support in place even though you had a rocky start. I feel for you and can relate to not having support early when you were younger and had little understanding of what was wrong. It was a different time back then but this does not excuse the lack of support from your birth parents. I’m glad you’re now flourishing in your new life and family. I think you’ll do great things with allies like that in your corner. I look forward reading more about your continuing journey and learning more about who you are.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷
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