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Good morning All. Coffees on.


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I’m starting to stand up for myself in public. 
I have Starbucks near my house I go to on a semi-regular basis. I’ve been going there for about 10 years so they know me by my drink and never ask my name. Today turned out a little different. After I ordered they asked for a name. I said Elizabeth, the voice from the box replies see you sound the corner Jose. 😡😡😡..Jose?!?.not even close, not even remotely close to my dead name. I usually let this stuff go but not today. When I got to the window it was one of the regular cashiers. I asked her, did they just call me Jose? She said yes, sorry I’ll talk to her, she’s new. But because I had to push a little further I told her they need to listen better to their customers and showed her my work ID and said my name is Elizabeth and I would appreciate them getting it right from now on. 

my work ID is my first line of defense in these situations. It has my correct name, no address and always in easy reach. 

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Emily michelle

It’s ashame people act like that it is completely rude. That’s great you stood up for yourself. Hopefully someone explains to that person how rude that was and they change their tune.

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Good afternoon. I would have posted earlier. I stayed in bed to long this morning cuddling with momma. She and our youngest had a heck of a time getting home from Lincoln,NE.


First, They were on I-80 east of York. Hit a piece of Ice and took out the pass rear tire. And luckily put them in the median. They were passing a truck when it happened. They were able to get over on the shoulder. Had progressive come out and replace it. the service guy was awesome, he actually took the better tire from the front and put it on the rear. and the spare on the front. Problem solved. for now.


They ran into closed roads, so they hit the hwy. They decided to head to our middle sons. They hit a patch of ice and put them in the ditch. A local sheriff came by. they told him that they were getting a tow. Of course progressive kept hanging up on them. The sheriff came back around about 2 hours later. He gave them a ride to Oshkosh NE.


They got the last room available at the only motel in town. They called me. I had to put in the service call. They were told that no tow truck can be dispatched tonight because the roads where closed. (Total BS) so the cal was put on hold.  Yesterday morning they got a hold of t progressive and finally got the tow dispatched. But they needed a ride back to the car. They were able to call the sheriffs office and they were nice enough to take them back to the car. It took all of 5 min to get the car out.


Another problem solved. So they got back on I-80 at Sidney, NE. no problems so far. until they got past Cheyenne. They ran into some traffic. it took them 4 hours to get about 20 miles then sat for another hour and a half. before being able to get going home. Oh, then in the mean time. We lost power at about 7:45 and didn't come back on until a little after midnight.


So last night was cuddle time. plus it was -17 when I went into work at 5:30 this am.

I actually had a co-worker ask the origin of my name, Kymmbrill. I told him it was the more formal name for Kymmie. As of right now. I have worked with everybody. no problems. So working on my next step.



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Jackie C.

Wow @KymmieL, that sounds harrowing. I'm glad everyone is alright.



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Sheesh.   It's things like this that make me glad to be in NC.

Glad they got home okay.

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On my fourth cup of coffee so far, but I've been busy writing emails to potential therapists.  One small step for womankind...one giant leap for Ann W.


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@Ann W that's how I found my current therapist because I wanted to make sure she had gender issues experience... Unlike every?therapist I ever had. The others dealt with depression and panic attacks and anxiety but never wanted to talk gender. This time I found a woman who has and is REALLY helping. I wish you good fortune. A good therapist is so important.


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3 hours ago, Shay said:

A good therapist is so important.

Ain't that the truth. Mine is great. She has helped me so much.



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Oh thank you both.  I now have an initial phone consultation with a transgender specialist tomorrow at high noon.  Yikes!  Getting my notes all ready tonight.  Your right @Shay, I've had the other kind too.  She meant well, but wasn't equipped to handle me.


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@Ann W it is interesting that my last psychologist would treat depression and anxiety over 15 years and when I was self HRTing 5 years ago said it was ok to fantasize but on real. So when my GD roared back again and I searched for new therapist I found her in the same office. She is a recent associate and so I am going to same office. The good thing being I need 2 reference letters from therapists I get 2 for one in the same office.

I hope you like your new therapist. I interviewed 4 before finding a wonderful one right in my own backyard... Well not exactly in my backyard but a 5 minute drive. She used to work with students at Kenyon College near me and she also got me with Equitas health care for my HRT.

Good Luck and writing down your questions is a wise thing to do.


Heather Shay

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Heather Nicole
10 hours ago, Ann W said:

Oh thank you both.  I now have an initial phone consultation with a transgender specialist tomorrow at high noon.  Yikes!  Getting my notes all ready tonight.  Your right @Shay, I've had the other kind too.  She meant well, but wasn't equipped to handle me.



Wow! Congrats, Ann!


My initial consultation isn't until monday :( So glad to have it though...and patience is a virtue I've always needed to work on anyway ;)

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@KymmieL wow what a harrowing experience for your wife and son.  At least know one was hurt in any of this. Losing power with those kind of temperatures is never a good thing. How’d your son stay warm?  Our dog trends to cuddle when she’s cold.  A 60 pound lab can put out a lot of heat.


@shay can’t say I had the luxury of interviewing therapist.  But I got lucky.  I hit it off with the first one I went to.  That is so important.  I’m seeing a psychologist via the internet right now.  She’s not as good in my opinion even though she has better credentials.


se la vi 



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Emily michelle

I’m not very exiting haha. Nothing happens when you quarantined.

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Emily michelle
1 hour ago, ElizabethStar said:

@Emily michelleHow is quarantine going? Are you able to keep mentally occupied?

It’s very boring lol. The weather has been cold and raining so I can’t go outside either. I have been doing a bunch of cleaning around the house. Also I managed to pick out my thanksgiving outfit. I have also been working on my hair and makeup. I was quite happy, I use a bb cream instead of foundation. So I was putting way too much on apparently. And it bothered me on how it looked. So i tried to do it with hardly any and it turned out great. 

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I decided to print up a cat ear headband for spooky season.  


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@ElizabethStar is that a laser cutter?  Cute ears.


@Emily michelle generally less is more but you do have to color correct to hide the blueish grey that can show through from any facial hair.  Blend blend blend! Using a foundation brush.  And top it all off with a setting powder.





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Emily michelle

That’s really cool Elizabeth!


Hi Willow I don’t really use much concealer now mainly under my eyes. Once I started getting laser i stopped using orange concealer. I should try setting powder. I would also like to learn contouring. 

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I never got into laser cutting, it's 3d printing and not my design. My designs are usually a little more complex. Last summer I designed and built an exoskeleton (my 3rd version). It's powered or anything. More like a costume. The tricky parts were: every part had to fit within a 6inch cube (it made for quit the puzzle), all the joints are supported with metal BB's (for bearings) and some Velcro straps. No glue, no screws or any other foreign materials. I loved the engineering challenge.


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Does setting powder make that much of a difference?

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Emily michelle
4 hours ago, ElizabethStar said:

I never got into laser cutting, it's 3d printing and not my design. My designs are usually a little more complex. Last summer I designed and built an exoskeleton (my 3rd version). It's powered or anything. More like a costume. The tricky parts were: every part had to fit within a 6inch cube (it made for quit the puzzle), all the joints are supported with metal BB's (for bearings) and some Velcro straps. No glue, no screws or any other foreign materials. I loved the engineering challenge.


Wow Elizabeth you have a lot of talent 

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@ElizabethStar that’s amazing.  You are very talented.


setting powder takes away the shine or wet look.  I don’t know much about blending but that’s what you use the soft dry brush for.  You can put on the setting powder and add highlights then use the brush to blend. I put a pink on my cheek bones the blend it up and out or out and up.  Just adds a little color and draws further attention to the eyes.  

you have to experiment and be willing to wash it off and start over.  



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5 hours ago, ElizabethStar said:

I loved the engineering challenge.

Wow! @ElizabethStarthat's cool. How did the Cat Ears headband turn out?


Oh by the way we're transitioning from drought to saturated flooding all in one day today. The coffee is from Black Rifle Coffee Co. and it's HOT, BLACK, and STRONG. I may even brew another pot for the wet afternoon.


Hugs for y'all,



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I agree,Liz you have some talent there.


Willow my son just covered up with blankets.


Well first day off. just going to relax. maybe tomorrow I will head to Cheyenne and hit up Ulta beauty. and see about some makeup.

Also today I have a phone interview with the Toyota dealer in Grants pass,OR.  I am not really sure what to do if a position is offered.


Things have been smooth with my wife and son. Do I want to flush 35yrs with my wife. I know that she is hypocritical and I have yet to call her on it.  I may do it Sat when my son goes to poker. I don't want him sticking his nose in.


I almost can anticipate what she is going to say, 'It is not the same.' Oh I think it is. In those cases, it was me accepting her as an alcoholic. and me staying with her. Please let me know if I maybe on the right track.


A balmy 20 degrees on the thermometer, right now. Better than the -17 a couple days ago.


Have a great day guy and girls.



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    • Kellianne
      So, since this is my first wig, I know little about maintaining hair/wigs. I have been shaving my head for 20 years now and never had long hair. I am assuming the style it comes in will not maintain through a washing, which is critical to maintenance just like real hair. Anyone have any tips/advice?
    • KayC
      Hi @Motormouth95!  first time meeting I believe but I want to Congratulate you on your tremendous achievement🎉 You proved to yourself and others that with a clear vector and positive effort you can achieve great things.  Perfect experience for the next steps in you Life!    Thank you for sharing, and hope to hear more from you in the future❣️
    • squish
      And why I can't do it anymore....   So lets start of about 8 years ago. I was watching TV and I was like "wow that girl is pretty" (I'm pretty sure it was like Zendaya or some Disney channel star.) Over the next year I would watch TV or go to school and develop these mini 7-yr old crushes on girls.   So I told my mom. I said something like "mom I dont think i like boys anymore, i mean they are cute but girls are cuter" And she was so confused so I told her how I was watching TV and all that stuff happened and she was like just like "oh" My mom's a lesbian and I came out to her as bi before she came out to me.    Time-skip to 5th grade I told her I was only into girls and she was supportive and about it (why wouldn't she be right? But that didn't last long...  When I got into the 6th grade, I realized I was non-binary. My sister who was in 7th grade at the time came out as genderfluid and pan. My mom tried to be accepting but she kept calling them by her birthname after being told their preferred name many times.    The bad part starts this past winter when I came out as ace and she said to me "you know you're going to get cheated on right?"  And then started making fun of me for being ace When I've been in situations with my gf that could have turned sexual and I felt uncomfortable and she knows Who tells their daughter who's in middle school that your going to be cheated on because you don't want sex?????   Right now I'm in 9th grade and I planned on coming out to my mom as NB but that's not happening  Her and my stepmom say the worst things about people who identify as they Literally yesterday they were talking about Elliot Page and Sam Smith and the part of their convo I heard went a little like this "So now every confused person is trans?" "Her career was flopping that's why she said that, she just needs more money" "Calling people they is wrong! It's grammatically incorrect!" "No babe it's about the personality" "So they are crazy? Like BPD or MPD?" "..." "So I'll call someone they if I see an doctors diagnosis"   Over the summer my sibling called my mom transphobic and she got all defensive saying that she wasn't but they have conversations like this all the time.  If they can't be comfortable/understand people who want to transition or pronouns are they/them I don't feel comfortable coming out to them as someone who identifies as she/he/them    Any thoughts? -squish
    • KayC
      Hi Sarah!  nice to meet you, and Welcome!  as you can see, we share some geographical (and emotional) commonality.  I know how hard it is to find Community here in Japan, but this Forum has been a great help to me and I hope it is for you also.  I think you will find many of us here who are unique individuals but also carry very common feelings and experiences.  Happy you found a gender therapist too!  I know how difficult that is here.  I was fortunate to also find a great therapist and it has been immensely beneficial.   Welcome again❣️  Deep breaths ... one step at a time    
    • QuestioningAmber
      So I am off for the next two days because I had a trip planned that was cancelled and thought I should still keep the days off. I am not quite sure what I am going to do with that time, because too much free time has proven in the past to be a dangerous thing for me. Work has been slow over the past week still, and I have a feeling won't pick up again until the new year which is giving my mind a lot of time to wander, which again, typically not a great thing for my mental health. It's amazing how right now, things are kind of stacked against mental health:     1.) Quarantine/COVID Restrictions     2.) Slow Work     3.) Time Off (Our company is use it or lose it)   I honestly haven't even been in the mood to mess with makeup, hair, or really get out of PJ's, which probably isn't the best thing. I've gotten dressed a few days to pick up food or coffee, but that is about it. I know I shouldn't be doing these kind of behaviors, I just can't seem to get myself motivated.   Today is therapy day, so we'll see what my therapist thinks of all this, I just know I am going to hear it that I am not doing enough to fight the mood driven behavior. Le sigh ... depression sucks.
    • KayC
      Ahhh..  that's so sweet, Gabriel.  I don't think I've ever been quoted before.    I'm happy that mantra means something to you.  Even the smallest of efforts in the right direction will create tremendous changes over time, just like the wind and water can carve away mountains.  When we look back we will see how far we have traveled. Wishing you a wonderful day🙏❣️
    • Willow
      Good morning everyone    nice day again although a chilly start. Sitting here drinking our morning coffee.  Third day in a row for doctors appointments then off until Monday then another one.  Yesterday’s doctor wanted me to come to Charleston to take an esophagram. After it was set up for Next Wednesday I told her I’d had one in 2018.  I sent her the results and she canceled the new one. The old one showed her what she was wanted to see apparently.   our dog came in to bed a couple times last night. The first time she figured out I was awake so she insisted on being rubbed.  The second time she decided she would leave me alone.  Laid with us a little then left.   y’all talk about cats, well our daughter brought one home once.  I was a nice cat.  Decided that I was it’s friend. It would come sleep with us and particularly on my face.  Unfortunately, I’m allergic to cat dander.  Wife and daughter both no your not you just don’t like cats.  I had to go to an allergist to prove it to them before they believed me.  She kept the cat, but not in our house anymore.     years later it ran off during a thunderstorm and they never saw it again.   Willow
    • KathyLauren
      Vulvoplasty, a.k.a. zero-depth vaginoplasty.
    • Robin.C
      Congratulations, studying is hard enough without all that this year has thrown our way.   Hugs Robin
    • Jackie C.
      Congratulations! Today you are a werewolf man. Definitely a man. Probably.   Buckle up and enjoy the ride!   Hugs!
    • Gabriel
      Morning all!   On my second cup of tea. Today a bit overwhelmed with stress at work, a very interesting prospect at my second job, trying to figure out what the heck I want on my gender identity journey and some health issues.   Well, as @KayC says, deep breath and one step at a time. Wishing you all a lovely day
    • Gabriel
      Hi @Motormouth95. I'm quite new here so I didn't know you from before. Nice to meet you. Yours is an inspiring story. Keep us posted when you can  
    • Gabriel
      Hey, congrats Mason! That's great. Keep us posted how it goes!
    • Gabriel
      Hello @sarahmetal, welcome!   You are definitely not alone. Not in being confused, not in needing deep introspection to figure out what is what, and not in feeling alone and isolated for a long time. I totally relate to all of those.   Gender is never cut and dry and we are all scattered through that line of the gender spectrum, o even out of it. I found really helpful to draw that line  Male-------MidPoint-------Female and put my finger on the place I feel intuitively is my place.    As @Susan R said, a gender therapist was (and is) a huge help for me to sort things out and almost dissolve confusion and anxiety.   There are lovely people around here that identify as NB, bigender, and others. So, welcome  
    • Susan R
      Hello Sarah and welcome to our forums. I think you’ll get the hang of these forums really fast. The information available on the forum is abundant and I’m sure with a little effort you’ll find answers to many of your questions. I know without much doubt, you’ll find you’re not alone and that many have the same questions you do..    I sounds like your starting to figure out a little about your gender identity. If you haven’t found a therapist that’s deals with gender identity issues, That would be another “next step” you may want to research. IMHO, It will help tremendously. If they’re any good, they’ll help you look honestly and inwardly at yourself. You may start to see life in a different frame of mind and perspective. The mental journey is just as valuable as the physical journey. In the end, you hope both arrive at the same destination. Therapy helped me and many others here understand and accept ourselves ...something that is hard to do if you feel different or an outcast of society. Thanks for reaching out tonight. I hope our forum can be of some help to you.   Warmest Regards, Susan R🌷    
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